Best Shopify WhatsApp Chat Apps

Best Shopify WhatsApp Chat Apps

Whatsapp is the third most popular messaging app with approximately 2 billion monthly active users. It has grown to such an extent that people of all age groups use it to actively communicate with their peers via messages, voice, and video calls.

And now, with WhatsApp Business, brands can also leverage it to interact with customers and strengthen the relationships to build a loyal customer base.

Fortunately, for Shopify store owners, several apps enable merchants to improve customer support, keep customers updated with products, sales, discounts and order/shipping confirmation, and more. 

So, here are some of the best Shopify Whatsapp chat apps that you can choose from for your store. 

1. WhatsApp chat and support

Reach hundreds of target audiences within a single click via this popular Shopify WhatsApp chat app. It allows you to send unlimited broadcast messages and comes with a chat functionality that proactively solves your customer queries. 

It enables you to bring back your lost customers by sending unlimited automated cart recovery messages. Even if you can’t reach them via WhatsApp, you can send an SMS to their mobile number reminding them to complete their purchase. 

Feature Highlights –

  • It enables you to collect and organize customer’s information via its CRM system.
  • It facilitates sending custom messages to those customers whom you reach after the specified hours.
  • It helps in redirecting the chat to different agents to prevent overloading of support requests to one agent.
  • It allows you to send cart recovery messages manually by reaching via the customer’s preferred medium. 

Pricing and Plans – It offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan that allows unlimited WhatsApp chats, reports, 100 manual cart recovery messages, etc.

The Paid plans start at $9.99/month, including free plan features plus WhatsApp CRM, unlimited manual cart recovery, automated cart recovery, and priority support. The Advanced plan costs $19.99/month that allows for unlimited broadcast messages.

2. WhatsApp Live Chat – WhatSocial

Want to convert your incoming visitors into paid customers? This Shopify WhatsApp chat app does that for you. As soon as the visitors click on the WhatsApp button, it will open, and they can start conversing with you. 

The best part is that even if a customer chats with you and doesn’t end up making a purchase, you can still communicate and persuade them to convert it into sales. You can provide coupons, assist regarding issues and upsell products directly to amplify your overall revenue.

Feature Highlights –

  • It provides multiple CTA options to place the button either horizontal or vertical alignment to grab customer attention.
  • It offers 32+ premium WhatsApp button designs to suit your branding efforts.
  • It lets you see the number of times your Whatsapp number has been clicked to make better decisions.
  • It allows you to add a maximum of 4 numbers to your Whatsapp button.

Pricing and Plans – It offers a 7-day free trial and a free plan that includes unlimited WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp analytics, button customization, etc.

The Plus plan starts at $1.99/month that includes all free plan features plus Multiple WhatsApp numbers, excellent customer support, 32+ premium WhatsApp chat designs, etc.

3. SuperLemon ‑ WhatsApp Support

SuperLemon is a popular Shopify WhatsApp chat app that lets you stay in contact with your customers 24×7. It encompasses a live chat button, share button, and offers automated Whatsapp message templates for abandoned cart recovery, order shipment, COD order confirmation, etc.

In addition to this, you can also send manual WhatsApp messages by creating your own message templates. It also provides a CRM where you can store all your customer’s details, track conversations, identify touchpoints and resolve them to generate happy customers.

Feature Highlights –

  • It doesn’t incur any extra cost for sending manual messages.
  • It provides 50+ premium chat and share button designs.
  • It lets you customize the chat button with CTA and display position.
  • It offers message templates that are pre-approved by Whatsapp and available in multiple languages. 

Pricing and Plans – It offers a 30-day free trial and a free plan that allows unlimited WhatsApp chats, offers greetings widgets, etc.

The Paid plan starts at $9.99/month, including all free plan features plus automated & manual cart recovery messages, COD verification messages, etc. 

4. WhatsApp Chat & Messenger Chat 

WhatsApp chat by Elfsight enables you to actively communicate with customers and generate more sales. You can choose to appear the chat button for specific pages or a selected group of users, set chat-start triggers, and much more to boost customer engagement.

It offers a ton of customization options to make the chat look professional and elegant. With its predefined library of icons, you can choose appropriate text fields with formatting options and types of chat position, like floating bubble, embed bubble, and an embed chat window. 

Feature Highlights –

  • It allows you to edit welcome messages which support formatting options and links.
  • It enables you to view message notifications as a badge or as a title on the tab.
  • It sets up four chat opening trigger options – time on site, time on the page, scroll position, and exit intent.
  • It facilitates either showing or hiding the chat option on mobile. 

Pricing and Plans – It offers a 7-day free trial, and the paid plans start at $5.99/month.

5. WhatsApp Chat + Cart Recovery

This Shopify WhatsApp chat app is packed with all features that help uplift your business to the next level. It allows for automated order tracking, fulfillment, etc., and acts as a means of answering FAQ questions to provide instant solutions.  

You can increase referral sales by enabling customers to share products or pages from your store to their WhatsApp contacts. Besides, it allows you to send pre-configured messages to recover lost sales with discount codes and checkout URLs.

Feature Highlights –

  • It provides a live chat support button that allows for unlimited chats.
  • It gives you the option to set page-wise visibility like enabling/disabling Whatsapp chat for the homepage, product page, collection, blog pages, etc.
  • It allows you to send an automated message with a verification link to your customers regarding their COD order confirmation.
  • It enables you to daywise online or offline hours for Whatsapp chat contacts. 

Pricing and Plans – It offers a 45-day free trial and a free plan that allows unlimited WhatsApp chats, multiple WhatsApp numbers, a share button, etc.

The Paid plans start at $5.99/month, including all free plan features plus manual abandoned cart recovery and order notifications. The Premium plan costs $9.99/month includes both automated and manual WhatsApp messages, COD tracking, order confirmation, and mobile app.

6. WhatShare

Want to acquire more customers via word-of-mouth marketing? Then WhatShare is bundled with all such capabilities. A WhatsApp share button enables the store customers to recommend your products to their known member’s circles, resulting in traffic spikes.

You can easily customize it using the theme editor without any coding knowledge. It displays the price and link to the product when shared, which helps boost visibility and your sales figures. 

Feature Highlights –

  • It generates meaningful reports by tracking what your customers share with their peers to understand product preferences.
  • It enables your customers to share blog articles which improves your site’s organic traffic.
  • It is convenient, easy to use, and the flow of buttons is perfect. 

Pricing and Plans – It is entirely free to install. However, you’ll have to pay to access premium add-ons like reports, share bar, and blog share. The Reports add-on and the Share bar cost $3.99, and the blog share add-on costs $1.99.

7. Whatsapp Chat Button & More

How about starting a conversation with your customers on multiple social platforms? This Shopify app has got you covered as you can instantly start a potential conversation with your customers on WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Line, and Snapchat. 

It is optimized to work well on all devices like desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. Besides, it can be custom configured to match your store’s branding. The chat widget looks neat, simple, lightweight, and super-convenient to use. 

Feature Highlights –

  • It allows you to set up only the messaging apps you need or add all the channels.
  • It enables you to send proactive greeting messages to your incoming visitors to trigger a conversation.
  • It supports multilingual sites and multi-site networks.

Pricing and Plans – It is entirely free to use.

Choose the best Shopify WhatsApp Chat App

With this best list of Shopify WhatsApp chat apps, you can choose the preferred one that matches your marketing goals and objectives. WhatsApp is a powerful chatting app for businesses to engage with customers personally and lets you offer real-time customer support. 

In this digital-paced shopping, customers expect a quick response from brands for their queries. Having a WhatsApp chat app in your Shopify store satisfies these requirements and enables you to improve customer support and generate more sales. 

I hope this article helped you pick the right WhatsApp chat app for your Shopify store. If you are looking for more chat apps, here are few articles that you should read next –

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