How to Use Pop-ups Effectively on eCommerce Websites

Use Popups on eCommerce Websites

Are you looking for the best ways to use pop-ups on your eCommerce site?

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In this article, I am going to walk you through every aspect of website pop-ups and how you can leverage it to improve your online sales.

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What does a pop-up mean for eCommerce sites?

Pop-up is a form of online promotion on websites. It is not like other forms of online advertising in which you have to pay to display your ads on other websites.  

It is free and it is up to you how you use it and what you want to promote.

As the name suggests, the pop-up is a small window that appears suddenly over web pages on a site. It is used to grab the attention of website visitors and drive them toward conversions.

If pop-ups are used strategically and keeping the user experience into consideration, it can serve various functions for eCommerce sites ranging from email list building to promoting relevant offers to the users.

Pop-ups can boost user engagement or drive them away from your site; it all depends on how you use it.

Now, before we dive deeper into how to use pop-ups in the right way, let’s see what types of pop-ups can be used on your site.

Types of pop-ups you should have on your eCommerce store

Unlike the early days of the Web, nowadays, you can create multiple types of pop-ups based on user interactions on your site.

Mainly, there are 4 types of pop-ups that you can create on your site –

1. Entry pop-ups

Entry pop-ups appear as soon as you open a webpage. They usually block the content of the web page unless the visitor has engaged with the pop-up. This might prove a little bit dangerous if you do not know how to leverage the entry pop-up. 

You can run an exclusive discount on the lead form providing a certain percentage of discount for providing their contact information. You can implement an entry pop-up when the visitor tries to look at the price of your product and then play the discount card.

You can also add a specific time limit to avail the discount to catalyze the process of an action. 

2. Exit pop-ups

You could use exit pop-ups as a tracking device to check if your visitor is bouncing or planning a purchase. Exit pop-ups track the motion of your mouse to measure the time spent on the webpage and in case the visitor bounces, a pop-up with a CTA to encourage a conversion.

It is advisable to place your exit pop-ups on product pages or blogs to maximize maximum lead generation. You can use different pop-ups for every page but make sure that you are not spamming your visitors. 

3. Click pop-up

These pop-ups work when your visitor clicks on a specific word, image, or link. This is an action related pop-up and is least intrusive in nature. You could place the click pop up at the blog section and promote any of your products.

When the customer will click on the product name a form could pop-up talking about the details of the product and low key capture the contact information of the customer.

4. Timed pop-ups

They appear on the screen after a customer has spent some time on the website. Being the owner of the website, you can choose after how much time or after how many pages visited you want to display the pop-up.

Advantages of using popups on eCommerce sites

The idea of using pop-ups might seem slightly confusing in the beginning, but that is why we are here. Despite all the complications that are related to pop up on websites, they will benefit your eCommerce business beyond your imagination.

According to Sumo, the average conversion that comes from pop-ups is 3.09% where your top-performing pop-up can give you around 10% conversion. You need to create a strategy that targets the right customers at the right time.

The best part about using pop-ups is that they do not cost you anything.  If you are wondering what benefits you can reap from pop-ups, here goes the list:

1. Product awareness

Being subtle and in calm water will not help you gain customers in cut-throat competition as today. To capture the attention of the relevant people for your band you need to “pop-up”. 

You should always leverage the curiosity of the customers and you can do so by setting up innovative and creative pop-ups of your product on your website along with various offers.

2. Grow your email list

You can build your database by collecting your visitors’ contact details in exchange for lucrative offers. Email marketing has an 80% positive impact on generating leads. Customers now have a small attention span and they do not wish to spend big bucks on the first visit. So why not bank upon the email addresses today and even later for re-marketing purposes!

3. Improve conversion rate

You can target your customers with an exit pop-up when they are about to abandon the page. Imagine a visitor is about to exit the page without making a final purchase and your pop-up comes offering discounts on subscription and purchase, free shipping, or even referral discount.

The Call-to-Action button on the pop-up would help the visitor by taking them to the page where his offer is applicable. This is a clinical save and conversion of a lost lead into a paying customer. 

5 effective ideas to use Popups on an eCommerce site

Pop-ups can be used to create CTA, urgency, and can help you convert bouncing visitors into paying customers. If you wish to create unique and attractive pop-ups, you can head to Wishpond.

They allow you to design and customize pop-ups at a simple click to increase your E-Commerce sales through the website.

Let us now go through a few strategies as to how you can benefit from pop-ups while you also generate leads and increase engagement:

1. Display personalized pop-ups

People love personalized responses from brands. It makes them feel that the brand cares about their customer’s preferences. 

Why use bland and simple pop-up when you can customize and personalize them? You can do this either by getting their contact from before or through a referral source. You can use the referrer detection technology to look out for a specific domain from where a visitor is coming. Your social media channel can also help you customize your audience.

For example, if your audience is coming from Pinterest, you could incorporate an exit pop-up putting up an offer about your product. All you need to do is apply your instincts about your customers as to what they might be looking for.

2. Overcome objections

This is one of the best hacks when it comes to utilizing pop-ups for eCommerce sites. There could be a possibility that a customer is not buying a product due to a certain objection. If you get through with the objection, you can make a sale.

Most of the customers worry about gratification after buying the product which is also the easiest to resolve. You can resolve it by providing a “money-back guarantee” after a certain period of time.

3. Offer a discount

Nothing captures more attention than a discount. You can kill two birds with one stone by providing a discount coupon code on the exit pop-up.  First, you can capture the visitor’s email address even if they buy a product to re-market your product, and secondly, you can convince a buyer to buy a product who has been dicey about the purchase.

4. Offer free-shipping

A lot of customers do not complete a purchase when they see the shipping rate. So, if you are seeing a lot of drop-offs from the payment page, you can convert a visitor into a paying customer by providing them with a free shipping coupon. To make it easier for them, attach a link to the product they were viewing with an instant coupon application.

5. Make your product look scarce

Nobody wants to miss a product they really wish to purchase. Showing your product as scarce on the website can create a sense of urgency amongst the visitors. Can you imagine the impact of this exit pop-up when a customer is about to abandon their cart? It creates an impact on the psychology of the buyer who makes them take an action which results in a sale.    

Wrapping Up

So, now you know how to leverage website pop-ups to improve your website conversion and generate more sales. But remember one mantra while creating a strategy for the same – create popups to help your visitors to achieve their target, not yours!

Do you use website pop-ups on your eCommerce store? What has been the most effective strategy for you to boost sales?

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