How to backup your Shopify store?

With the risk of a ransomware attack, data leak, or human error, it’s important to backup your Shopify store so that you can restore the data in time of need. So, how do you create a backup of your Shopify store data?

Although Shopify doesn’t create a backup of stores, it makes it very simple and basic to create one – you don’t need to be a tech wizard to do that.

Shopify enables you to create a backup in two ways: manually or automated using a Shopify app. Let’s look at both ways to backup the Shopify store in this video –

1. Create a manual Shopify backup

To backup your Shopify store manually, you’ll need to export your products, customers, orders, and other data from your Shopify admin in CSV format.

Here’s how you can export your products –

1. Go to Admin > Products from your Shopify admin

2. Click the “Export” button

Manually Export Shopify products

3. Select “All products” and choose a preferred format from the pop-up.

Shopify All products export

4. Click “Export product” button to export the data.

Once you complete this, the export data will be delivered to your registered email. Similarly, you can export the following data –

  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Gift cards
  • Discount codes

To create a backup copy of your Shopify theme, you just have to go to Online store > Themes from your admin dashboard. Click the Options button ( 3 dots) beside the theme you want to back up and select “Download theme files” from the dropdown menu.

Here’s how I export by Debutify theme

backup Shopify themes

Follow the steps to download other theme files you want, and you should receive the files in your email.

Finally, download all your export files and save them in a secure location like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., from where you can easily access them.

2. Automate Shopify backup

Creating manual backups is an ideal option, but with a minor error in the files, you can lose all your data. Moreover, you may not be able to manually create backups regularly.

So, you can automate daily/weekly backups of your Shopify store using one of the Shopify backup apps. Rewind Backups is a reliable and widely popular backup app for the Shopify store. Using this app, you can automatically create a backup of your entire store, including images, collections, themes, and more.

Once you sign up, you’ll need to follow the instructions for the specific app you will use for your store. Generally speaking, most apps will create a full backup of your shop automatically and send it to you via email or another secure method.

Ready to backup your Shopify store?

In today’s digital world, creating a backup of all your data is a must – you can’t rely entirely on platform security to protect your business. Even Shopify can crash or be hacked, and they can lose your store data. So, rather than relying on others for your data safety, create a backup copy of your store and store it in multiple locations.

Whichever method you choose to backup your store, make sure to test them regularly to ensure that they are working properly and that you can restore your store when needed.

Need help with creating a backup for your store? Drop a message from the contact page, and our experts will get in touch with your soon.

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