Can I migrate existing website to Shopify?

Yes, you can migrate your existing website to Shopify. However, how easy it would be to migrate depends on several factors –

  1. Website size: If you have a large no. of products, images, and content, it can be challenging for site migration.
  2. Website platform: Do your platform support data export and seamless migration to another platform? If not, you will have to re-create the store on Shopify from scratch.
  3. Store features: Do you have complex features on your existing website? Then, you may need the help of developer(s) to re-create those features on Shopify (if possible).

Going ahead, irrespective of your current eCommerce platform, you can migrate to Shopify in two ways –

  • By manually importing your data using the CSV import feature.
  • By using store migration tools for automated migration.

One of the advantages of using Shopify is it lets you migrate eCommerce websites from almost any platform, including Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. And, if you have a large website with a lot of data and advanced features, you can use its Shopify Plus plan to customize it as you wish.

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