How to cancel your Shopify subscription?

For whatever reason, if you don’t want to continue using Shopify for your store, you must cancel your subscription to avoid future charges. However, canceling the Shopify plan directly is not sufficient; you must follow the proper step to ensure you will not be charged unnecessarily in the future.

And here’s the perfect way to do it –

Step 1: Create a backup of your store

If you are canceling your Shopify subscription to migrate your Shopify store to another platform, you must first create a back of all your products, pages, and blog posts. Shopify allows you to export data into CSV format.

To export your products, navigate to Products from your Admin and click Export, as shown below.

Export to pause Shopify store

Next, a popup will appear. Select All products, select your preferred format and click the “Export Products” button.

Shopify All products export

The exported file will be sent to your registered email in the selected format. You can use this file to import data to other platforms to keep it save for later use.

Step 2: Cancel Subscription of Apps

Some Shopify apps may continue charging subscription fees even after your Shopify store is closed. So, for precaution, you should delete all the installed apps and cancel the subscription of apps that you have not subscribed to via Shopify.

For instance, if you have installed apps like Omnisend, Klaviyo, Easyship, etc., you may have to visit your account on their website to cancel plans.

Step 3: Transfer your domains

If you bought domains from Shopify, you should transfer them to other domain registrars like GoDaddy or Namecheap. You can follow this guide on domain transfer from Shopify.

If you have connected domains from other platforms to Shopify, you can just go to Settings > Domains and click Remove to disconnect domains from your store.

Step 4: Deactivate your Store

Finally, once you have created a backup, deleted apps, and transferred domains, you can cancel your Shopify subscription by going to Settings > Plan from your admin dashboard.

Under your plan details, click the Deactivate store button, enter your admin password to confirm, and click on Deactivate now.

That’s it – your Shopify subscription plan is canceled, and your store will be unpublished and inaccessible to customers.

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