What do I need to start selling on Shopify?

For some eCommerce business models, you’ll just need a Shopify plan and products to start selling on Shopify. For instance, in dropshipping, manufacturers usually manage the inventory, warehousing, and shipping on your behalf. So, you don’t need anything else.

However, if you want to sell your own products on Shopify, you will need at least the following things –

  1. A domain name
  2. A Shopify plan
  3. A Shopify Theme
  4. Shopify Apps
  5. Shipping partners
  6. Warehousing partners
  7. Payment Processor

+ Products, obviously.

Although Shopify can help you with most of these services, some might not be available in your country. So, make sure to check by signing up for a free trial.

For example, Shopify Shipping can be a great option for connecting with courier service providers in the USA, UK, Australia, and a few other countries. But it is not available in India, Japan, etc., where you will need to find a third-party shipping service provider.

Ready to start your Shopify store? Follow our Shopify beginner’s guide to get started now.

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