What is Shopify POS & how it works?

Shopify POS is a point-of-sale system that enables you to sell products and accept payments in person from your retail store or pop-up stores while keeping inventory and customer data synced with your online store.

The POS system includes a POS app and hardware like a card reader that allows you to process offline payments anywhere on the go. Using it you can also manage your inventory, product variants, discount codes, and gift cards.

How does Shopify POS works?

Shopify POS (point of sale) is an app that works with a Shopify store as a backend to manage inventory, customer data, etc. This means you will have to subscribe to one of the Shopify pricing plans in addition to a Shopify POS plan.

Shopify POS works by connecting the app to the merchant’s Shopify account, which as I said is required to manage the inventory, customer data, and sales information. The app then syncs all the product data and customer data to the POS interface, which you can use to process checkout and payments for offline customers.

It also comes with a card reader that you can use to process credit and debit card payments, and the system also supports other payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay – you just have to connect it to your mobile device when you are ready to accept payments.

You can also use Shopify POS to create and manage customer profiles, track customer purchases, and offer loyalty programs. In fact, using loyalty apps like Growave, you can allow online customers to redeem their rewards from offline stores via POS.

Additionally, Shopify POS also allows you to track sales, inventory, and employee data from multiple locations on one dashboard, which you can leverage to make critical business decisions.

All-in-all, with real-time inventory, staff, and order data synchronization between online and offline sales channels, Shopify POS enables you to provide a unified shopping experience to your customers. Using it, you can offer shopping options like local pickup, local delivery, ship-to-home, email carts, etc.

10 Key Features of Shopify POS

Shopify and its POS system are packed with powerful features to empower you to grow your business in every possible way, using the best tech solution available.

So, before you consider using Shopify POS, here are some of the features that you must know to make the best use of it –

1. Omnichannel Selling

Shopify POS enables you to provide an effortless shopping experience to your customers, no matter whether they buy online, or in-store.

  • Shopify POS offers a service to fulfill and manage local pickup orders.
  • Gives customers the authority to exchange or return unliked items anywhere, no matter whether they bought them online or in-store, thus efficiently updating an inventory of the store instantly.
  • Attach OR codes with the deliverables so that customers can purchase more using their smartphones. 

2. Smart Inventory Synchronization

Shopify POS, a stocky app helps in reducing errors and increasing sales through its smart recommendations. Hence, giving smart inventory management as –

  • It creates purchase orders for suppliers and vendors.
  • Shopify POS offers purchase order suggestions as per the demands or seasonability.
  • It also gives you low stock rate warnings as well as performs inventory analysis to reorder products that are worthwhile.

3. Staff Management

Shopify POS allows you to control permissions and track staff performances across multiple stores from one place by –

  • Specifying when any staff member requires managers’ approval on any actions like when to edit tax and when to apply discounts. 
  • Shopify POS assigns unique pins to staff members to log into POS.
  • It assigns significant roles to staff members making sure they possess correct permissions. 

4. Checkout

Shopify POS completes every order with a smooth experience for the customers as well as the staff by –

  • Enabling any exchange purchases, no matter it is a retail or online purchase,s and synchronizing your inventory automatically.
  • Also by managing, saving, and retrieving shopping carts for a better checkout process.
  • Also offers speedy checkout with its customizable smart grid feature that creates cues for staff on the basis of regular actions.
  • It automatically determines taxes as per the store’s set location. However, Shopify POS gives you an opportunity to customize taxes for any specific orders or products. 
  • Also, enable cash payments from the customers to complete consistent checkout.

5. Product Management

Shopify POS lets you stay organized, thus spending minimal time on admin activities by –

  • Inculcating unlimited products to your store.
  • It helps you in adding variants of the products like color, size, and material. You can also assign your price to each product.
  • Shopify POS tracks the status of your inventory when any product is transferred, received, or any order is completed.
  • If you have multiple sales channels, warehouses, or retail stores, Shopify POS creates inventory for wherever your store is.

6. Reporting and Analytics

Shopify POS offers actionable analytic reports to make any informed business decisions by –

  • Offering a report containing detailed insights into the products, sales, and staff performance.
  • Give an overview of your business that is online or in-store.
  • Shopify POS also gives you a detailed report about the sales that staff members made in which location, at what time, and to which customers. 
  • It also estimates which products are not worthwhile and are not selling.

7. Customer Data Management 

Shopify POS can play a significant role in increasing customer retention rates for your store by –

  • Creating customer profiles whether customer checkout online or in-store.
  • It keeps track of customer profiles, contact details, shipping addresses, taxes, purchase history, marketing preferences, and many more.
  • Shopify POS reaches out to customers through emails, SMS, or phones whenever any offers are released in your store.
  • Helps in building everlasting relations with your customer by offering rewards in terms of discounts, exclusive events, or discounts. 
  • Shopify POS also generates a cashflow report for you which tell how much amount you’ll receive from online or in-person sales.

8. Shopify Payments

Shopify POS lets you take advantage of the smooth payment aspects inculcated in all Shopify plans, which are as follows –

  • Accepting prominent payment methods through Shopify Tap & Chip Card Reader like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  • Shopify POS gives you the facility to pay a low rate for all credit cards aligned with the fees of Shopify plans. 
  • It keeps transaction transparency by letting you just pay low transaction fees for operating card transactions.

9. Additional Payments

Shopify POS also lets you accept various payment methods so that your customers don’t face any problem in completing the purchase and you also don’t miss a sale.

  • Shopify POS allows you to sell and accept physical, digital, or email gift cards that can easily be redeemed online or in-store by customers.
  • It also lets you create custom payment options like checks, external terminals, gold coins, or IOUs.
  • It also lets you accept two or more types of payments in a single transaction.

10. Marketing

Shopify POS offers marketing tools to build your brand’s reputation and bring customers back to your retail as well as an online store. Here’s how –

  • It motivates customers to give product reviews which can be used as a content marketing strategy.
  • Keep track of customer emails during checkout and keep conveying promotions and marketing emails.
  • Shopify POS frequently synchronizes your products and information automatically using Google Merchant Center.

Wrapping Up

If you are already running a successful Shopify store across multiple sales channels and want to expand to offline stores as well, Shopify POS would be the perfect point-of-sale system for your business. On the other hand, if you are just starting your retain venture with an offline store, you may want to consider using Shopify POS to offer an on-the-go checkout system and collect customer data, which you can use for marketing & sales campaigns.

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