Where can I sell with Shopify?

With Shopify, you can sell your products and services anywhere your customers are available. It includes online stores, offline stores, social media, and other sales channels.

Shopify is one of the few eCommerce platforms that allow you to sell across multiple platforms to generate more sales for your store. With Shopify, you are not limited to your own online stores to sell products – you can connect your store to different platforms with a real-time data sync to avoid overselling.

Here are the platforms where you can sell with Shopify –

  1. Online store
  2. Other websites (By embedding products and buttons)
  3. Brick-and-mortar stores (via Shopify POS)
  4. Social Media (Facebook & Instagram)
  5. Online Marketplaces (like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc.)

If you want to expand your store’s reach to multiple sales channels, Shopify should be the perfect platform to start an eCommerce business.

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