Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is defined as the process of optimizing your site and various related elements to increase the chances of visitors getting into customers by performing the desired action.

CRO involves a series of marketing strategies that persuade customers to move through the bottom of the conversion funnel. Ecommerce websites employ creative CRO strategies to turn first-time visitors into potential customers by providing them with an excellent user experience.

Why CRO is important?

  • You can acquire more customers, which in turn increases your revenue potential.
  • It allows you to compare the performance of multiple channels to understand which channels are highly preferred by your customers and optimize them for better results.
  • It helps increase your site traffic rates which lets you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • It readily removes the frictional points and ensures that your customer’s buying journey is made smooth.

CRO is not just a synonym for revenue making; instead, it involves a series of steps that helps in delivering the best for enriching the customer journey. 

If you can understand how customers move through your site, their type of actions, and their pain points, you’re surely on the right path to optimizing your business goals.

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