Cookies are small text files stored on your visitor’s browser to track their activities to provide a fantastic customer experience.

Cookies are practical and play an essential role in eCommerce marketing. The cookies help you identify a visitor who lands on your site for the first time, build up a persona based on how they interact, and act as a winning ticket to enable a luxurious shopping experience.

For example, if you search for branded Levis T-shirts for the first time in an eCommerce store, the browser saves this search. When you revisit the same store, it displays the Levis T-shirts you searched for before. In this way, cookies help in enhancing the customer experience.

With the help of cookies, you can deliver personalized shopping experiences, send relevant offers, recommend products and retarget them on different platforms. Also, you need to ensure that you follow the data collection and security policies while accessing your visitor’s cookies.

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