Customer Persona

A customer persona is a detailed description of someone representing your target customer. Customer Persona is also known as buyer persona or audience persona.

In simple words, a customer persona depicts who is your target audience, what do they need, and what challenges they face so that you can develop solutions that potentially address their pain points.

Your customer persona will have a name, demographic details like age, gender, location, etc., and behavioral characteristics. To create a customer persona, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Perform in-depth research and identify your target audience base.
  2. Look for the difficulties/challenges that your customers face.
  3. Figure out the positive aspects or the ultimate goals of your customers.
  4. Brainstorm different feasible ways of how you/ your product can readily solve your customer’s problems.
  5. Compile all these details and group them, the typical buyer persona is ready.

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