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About Loox

Loox is your all-in-one solution to elevate your e-commerce brand’s credibility and drive sales through authentic customer reviews, photos, videos, and referrals. Building trust and boosting conversion rates has never been easier.

With Loox, you can automatically collect genuine photo and video product reviews and showcase them through stunning, fully customizable widgets, all while maintaining a lightning-fast site speed.

What Loox Can Do for You?

Loox empowers you to harness the immense potential of social proof marketing through a user-friendly, integrated app designed exclusively for Shopify. Here’s what Loox can do for you:

  • Automated Review Collection: Streamline your review collection process with customized emails and review forms, making it easy for customers to share their experiences.
  • Next-Purchase Discounts: Encourage customers to add photos or videos to their reviews by offering enticing discounts on their future purchases.
  • Customizable Widgets: Create beautiful, on-brand widgets, including carousels, pop-ups, and badges that seamlessly integrate with your website’s design.
  • Expanded Exposure: Sync your reviews with Google Search, Google Shopping, Meta Shops, and more to maximize your brand’s visibility.
  • One-Click Referrals: Drive additional sales effortlessly with a one-click referral system, increasing your reach and revenue.
  • Social Proof Upsells: Boost your sales further with high-converting upsells powered by the persuasive force of social proof.

Unique Loox Features:

  • Review Timing: Discover the best time to request reviews, typically 2-5 days after the package delivery.
  • Customizable Review Management: Tailor the management of on-site photo reviews to your preferences, whether you prefer bulk approvals or auto-publishing. You can also use user review images in your advertisements.
  • Discount Redemption Tracking: Track the value in dollars through discount redemption, showcasing Loox’s direct impact on your revenue.
  • Omnisend Integration: Benefit from Loox’s integration with Omnisend and add Post Purchase and Post Review Referral widgets to your arsenal.

Post Purchase and Post Review Referrals:

  • Post Purchase Referrals: Create a dynamic two-sided referral incentive program that rewards customers for referring friends to your store, fostering growth and customer loyalty.
  • Post Review Referrals: Implement one-sided referral incentives that provide discounts to a customer’s friends after they leave a review, further expanding your brand’s reach.

Loox is more than just a product review app; it’s your trusted partner in building brand credibility, driving conversions, and nurturing a loyal customer base to grow your Shopify store.

Supported Tech Stack

Checkout, Shopify Flow, Klaviyo Email Marketing & SMS, Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS, DSers AliExpress Dropshipping, Loyalty Lion Rewards Referrals, Google Shopping and SEO, Meta Shops Facebook Instagram

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Loox Pricing Plans



What's included in the plan
  • Up to 500 monthly orders
  • 100 monthly review request emails
  • Offer discounts for photo reviews Reviews
  • Carousel & Popup widgets
  • Multilingual support
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What's included in the plan
  • Everything in Beginner, and
  • Unlimited Orders
  • 300 emails + $35 per additional 300 emails
  • Video reviews
  • Full customization
  • Google Shopping
  • All integrations
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What's included in the plan
  • Everything in Scale, and
  • Unlimited review requests
  • Unlimited referrals
  • Full Klaviyo integration
  • Priority support
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