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About Weglot

Weglot is a versatile translation solution trusted by thousands of users worldwide for both WordPress and Shopify platforms. In under 5 minutes, you can transform your website or store into a multilingual powerhouse.

Whether you’re a WordPress enthusiast or an ecommerce entrepreneur using Shopify, Weglot is your go-to choice for seamless, instant translations.

Key Features of Weglot

  • Effortless Setup: With Weglot, achieving a multilingual website or store is remarkably simple and doesn’t require any coding. Say “Bonjour” to global audiences within minutes.
  • Quality Control: Weglot combines the power of machine translation for speed and automation with post-editing features. This allows you to fine-tune translations for accuracy or even opt for professional translations to maintain your brand’s voice.
  • SEO Optimized: Weglot follows best practices for multilingual SEO, ensuring your translated content is search-engine friendly. This optimization is a critical element in expanding your customer base.
  • Unified Platform: Weglot simplifies translation management by offering a one-stop platform for all your needs, whether you’re an individual blogger, business owner, or part of a larger team.
  • Compatibility: Weglot works seamlessly with WordPress themes and plugins or Shopify’s ecommerce environment, ensuring that nothing stands in your way when creating a truly global presence.

Weglot is the key to expanding your reach, engaging with new audiences, and transforming your website or store into an international success story. Say “Hello” to Weglot and “Hello” to the world.

Supported Tech Stack

HubSpot, Zendesk, Thinkific, JavaScript, and flexible API for custom integrations.
Supported Platforms
Shopify Plus

Weglot Pricing Plans



What's included in the plan
  • Translate up to 2,000 Words
  • 1 Translated Language
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What's included in the plan
  • Translate up to 10,000 Words
  • 1 Translated Language
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What's included in the plan
  • Translate up to 50,000 Words
  • 3 Translated Languages
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What's included in the plan
  • Translate up to 200,000 Words
  • 5 Translated Languages
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What's included in the plan
  • Translate up to 1,000,000 Words
  • 10 Translated Languages
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