Best Facebook Shopping Carts to sell on Facebook

Best Facebook Shopping Carts
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The sole aim of every business owner is to provide an elated shopping experience for their customers which acts as a powerful hook in bringing them back. 

It’s crucial to leverage all the social platforms as individuals have the habit of using them regularly as a part of their routine. So you’ll have to provide the utmost value to your customers by offering them the ability to purchase your products easily without having to navigate to different sections/pages on your site.

This is where Facebook comes into the picture. With Facebook being one of the most active and dominant platforms, it is very important to accomplish a strong presence so that your customers can reach out to you quickly and you can deliver them a wonderful experience of interacting and purchasing your products.

And by integrating your eCommerce store with Facebook, you can add your store to the platform with just a few clicks. To help you in this, I’ve listed out the best Facebook Shopping carts you can use to add a Shop section on your Facebook business page.

Ready to explore? Let’s get started.         

1. Shopify Facebook & Instagram Shopping Cart

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms where you can sell/promote your products online and leverage its powerful features to generate sales. One of the best features is Shopify offers a fully integrated Facebook shop that automatically syncs with your Shopify account.

With this powerful integration, you can experience a delightful way of selling your products to Facebook users. You can sync your product catalog from the Shopify store to the Facebook shop with just one click.

It also offers messenger chat support so that your customers can directly purchase your products and communicate with you regarding their order details.

Using Shopify Facebook Shop, you can also manage and visualize all your Facebook advertising campaigns allowing you to stay on track and spend less time controlling your dashboards.

Plans & Pricing: You can create your Facebook Shop using Shopify’s basic plan which starts at $29/month.

2. Ecwid Facebook Shopping Cart

Ecwid is the most popular shopping cart application that allows you to create and manage your entire Facebook store directly from Ecwid’s dashboard. 

All the changes you make to your Ecwid store will get synchronized to your Facebook store, so all the modifications are automatically saved immediately.

It also allows you to conduct remarketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram right from the dashboard, allowing you to bring back the visitors and customers to the store and generate more sales. 

You can also use Ecwid’s Facebook Integration to effortlessly connect your FB store to your Instagram Shop as well.

Plans & Pricing: You can create your Facebook store only with Ecwid’s paid plan starting at $9.56/month.

3. StoreYa Facebook Shopping Cart

StoreYa is regarded as one of the most effective platforms to promote your Facebook store. It offers a one-click store import from top eCommerce platforms and the interface is very simple and easy to use that you don’t require any coding knowledge to set up the shop.

It offers a stunning analytics dashboard to track and get insights into your sales and overall business growth. It supports all types of currencies which can be a great feature for stores with an international customer base.

 It also allows you to customize your Facebook Shop in any language, thus giving you the potential to reach a more extensive customer base.

Plans & Pricing: It offers a 14-day free trial which allows you to import up to 20 SKU’s. The paid plans start at $9.99/month when billed annually. However, to access more features you definitely need to use the upgraded version.

4. BigCommerce Facebook Shopping Cart

BigCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms used by many businesses to host and run their stores online. Their integration with Facebook is one of the most significant assets for merchants and retailers to amplify their sales.

You can list your entire catalog on your Facebook Shop, and all the changes made in your BigCommerce store are instantly reflected in your Facebook store too.

It also lets you choose which of your products to be displayed in your Facebook Store, and you can group your similar products like categories, which gives a crystal clear view of your customers to view/buy your products.

Plans & Pricing: Setting up a Facebook store is available in all of its plans; however, the basic price starts at $29.95/month.

5. Facebook for WooCommerce (Free)

WooCommerce is one of the top-listed and most popular eCommerce platforms that allow you to easily integrate your Facebook store and run it effortlessly by providing a ton of powerful features.

All the changes made on the website are automatically updated to the Facebook store. It provides a user-friendly interface on mobile devices so that your customers can shop from anywhere at any time.

It also provides the Facebook messenger plugin, allowing you to interact with your customers directly, thereby offering active customer support

Plans & Pricing: It’s absolutely free with your WooCommerce website.

6. ShopTab Facebook Shopping Cart

ShopTab is one of the most reliable platforms that allows you to quickly set up your Facebook Store and comes with many smart features that accelerate your revenue.

You can also integrate your Facebook store with popular eCommerce payment gateways so that your customers will be easily directed to the checkout process on the same platform. It also offers you to run discounts, promotion codes, etc, which opens doors to accomplish more conversions. 

It also offers analytics reports based on your store performance, and it provides complete support to your inventories, shipping methodologies, and tax compliance.

Plans & Pricing: You can set up your initial Facebook Store using the Shop tab starting at $10/month.

Wrapping Up

eCommerce is rapidly growing nowadays as the expectations of the customers are changing quickly. So there is no other go for businesses to stay on track and keep pushing to the next level to offer a high-quality personalized experience.

You’ll have to leverage all the social platforms in which Facebook is very crucial as it has millions of users logging on every day. So, start magnifying your sales process by choosing the best shopping cart mentioned above and provide a delightful customer experience.  

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