website heatmap

What are Website Heatmaps & How to Use it?

Whether you are redesigning your website, creating a new landing page, or optimizing your website to boost conversion rate, you need to make calculated and data-backed decisions. You can make random changes and run A/B

Best Heatmap Tools

5 Best Heatmap Tools for Websites & Apps

Do you want to get better insights into how people interact on your website and apps? As a marketer, one thing that we love the most is getting to know our target audience better. So,

Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

7 Best WordPress Analytics Plugins

Are you looking for the best analytics plugin for your WordPress site? A WordPress analytics plugin enables you to track and collect website traffic and user behavior data of your site. It provides detailed insights

Best Ecommerce Analytics Tools

Best Analytics Tools for Ecommerce Sites

Analytics is an important aspect of every business to make data-backed decisions for their growth. Whether it is to introduce a new product in the market or determining the most potential market to target for

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