Important Ecommerce Statistics

25 Important Ecommerce Statistics You Need to Know

Whether you are starting a new eCommerce business or looking for opportunities to grow the existing one, you must keep eye on reliable eCommerce statistics reports provided by recognized institutes and companies. There are tons

Best Shopify Analytics Apps

6 Best Shopify Analytics Apps

If you want to grow your Shopify store, you can’t rely on your guts to make business decisions for marketing, product development, and other aspects of it. You need a robust Shopify analytics app that

Important Ecommerce KPIs

20+ Important Ecommerce KPIs You Should Track

If you’re running an eCommerce business, you can’t rely on guesses and gut feelings to grow your business. Instead, you need to track important KPIs to analyze the performance of your eCommerce business and make

website heatmap

What are Website Heatmaps & How to Use it?

Whether you are redesigning your website, creating a new landing page, or optimizing your website to boost conversion rate, you need to make calculated and data-backed decisions. You can make random changes and run A/B

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