6 Best Amazon Price Trackers for Sellers in 2024

Best Amazon Price Tracker Tools
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Unlocking the full potential of online selling demands a strategic approach, and for Amazon sellers, staying ahead of the pricing game is paramount.

Given the fierce competition among vendors in this expansive marketplace, where prices fluctuate frequently, having a reliable Amazon price tracker can be the secret weapon for sellers seeking a competitive edge. From real-time monitoring to insightful analytics, these tools offer a comprehensive suite of features in navigating the changing product pricing in the marketplace.

In this guide, we have consolidated some of the best Amazon price tracker tools that can be game-changer for you in pricing your products strategically to outsmart your competitors. Additionally, we’ll explore how you can use these trackers effectively to grow your Amazon store.

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1. Camelcamelcamel


Camelcamelcamel, a popular Amazon price tracking tool, presents a goldmine of benefits for sellers aiming to optimize their pricing strategies. This tool acts as a pivotal asset by providing comprehensive insights into price history, enabling sellers to grasp market trends and anticipate optimal price points for their products. 

With its user-friendly interface and unlimited statistics, sellers can set alerts for price fluctuations, staying ahead of market changes to make timely adjustments. Additionally, its support across various Amazon marketplaces worldwide equips sellers with the data necessary to fine-tune their pricing strategies on a global scale.

Key Features –

  • Users can set email alerts based on price thresholds for real-time notifications when price conditions are met.
  • Comprehensive graphs displaying price variations over time for different price types, ensuring users have a clear understanding of high/low/average prices.
  • A search function providing tabulated results displaying Amazon, New, and Used prices along with links to price history RSS feeds for each price type.
  • Browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari enable users to view price history charts directly on retailer product pages, simplifying the creation of price watches.
  • Supports multiple Amazon locales including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States for broader market coverage.
  • Users have the choice to register or track products without providing personal information. Registration offers access to additional tools like Camel Management and Wishlist Importer.

Pricing Plans – Absolutely free to use.

2. Keepa


Keepa emerges as a game-changer for Amazon sellers seeking a competitive edge in the marketplace. Its detailed pricing charts covering millions of Amazon products across multiple global marketplaces empower sellers with actionable insights. 

Sellers can harness Keepa’s capabilities to actively monitor market rates, gain a deeper understanding of price trends, and optimize their pricing strategies for success. Its availability in countries where other trackers may not operate expands sellers’ reach, allowing for strategic adjustments and enhanced competitiveness in diverse markets.

Key Features –

  • Detailed graphical representations of price histories enable users to visualize price trends for informed decision-making.
  • Users can set alerts based on price fluctuations and product availability, receiving timely notifications for actionable insights.
  • Keepa’s browser extensions seamlessly integrate the price history graph directly onto each Amazon product page, providing instant access to historical pricing data.
  • Enables users to compare prices across multiple international Amazon sites, offering a global perspective on product pricing.
  • Keepa supports a wide range of Amazon locales including .com, .co.uk, .de, .co.jp, .fr, .ca, .it, .es, .in, .com.mx, and .com.br, ensuring comprehensive market coverage.
  • Users have the flexibility to utilize Keepa’s features without mandatory registration, providing a hassle-free experience.
  • Provides users with a snapshot of recent price drops, enabling quick access to ongoing deals and discounts for potential savings.

Pricing Plans – Keepa is available for free but offers some limited functionalities only and the premium plan starts at €49/month.

3. Glass It

Glass It - Amazon Price Tracker

Glass It provides Amazon sellers with a robust platform for tracking price changes and gaining insights into product pricing dynamics. By enabling custom monitoring and offering alerts for price drops, sellers can leverage this tool to optimize their pricing strategies and seize opportunities for increased sales.

Its ability to import Amazon Wishlists and provide instant notifications for price drops empowers sellers to stay ahead in the competitive marketplace.

Key Features –

  • Gathers price history data from various online stores, ensuring precise and current information for users seeking accurate insights.
  • Notifies users promptly about price reductions and restocked items, allowing timely actions to capitalize on favorable price changes.
  • Offers diverse monitoring avenues including a website, browser extension, mobile application, and integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce, catering to various user preferences and requirements for flexible price tracking.
  • Presents an intuitive and easily navigable interface designed to accommodate users of all proficiency levels, ensuring a seamless experience for both novices and experienced users alike.

Pricing Plans – It is free to get started with Glass It and the subscription plans are available for $1.9, $18, and $90 per month.

4. PriceBefore


PriceBefore stands as a comprehensive Amazon price-tracking platform catering specifically to sellers, offering insights into product pricing and historical data. With detailed price history information and timely alerts for price drops, sellers can make informed decisions to stay competitive. 

Its versatile nature allows sellers to monitor price fluctuations across diverse product categories, aiding in the strategic adjustment of pricing strategies for enhanced sales and profitability.

Key Features –

  • Price history information, charts, and drop alerts
  • Works across multiple marketplaces beyond Amazon, like Flipkart and Snapdeal
  • Efficient monitoring and analysis of price fluctuations for selected products

Pricing Plan – To get started with PriceBefore you need to sign up and create an account to get started.

5. Honey


Honey’s prowess extends beyond consumer benefits, offering Amazon sellers a platform to track price variations and optimize their product pricing strategies. Its detailed price history displays and alerts for price drops assist sellers in making data-driven decisions, ensuring competitive pricing and increased sales potential.

By utilizing Honey, sellers gain access to a consolidated platform for monitoring prices across different platforms, providing a comprehensive toolkit for strategic pricing decisions.

Key Features –

  • Detailed price history display for up to 120 days
  • Alerts for price drops exceeding 5%
  • Notifications for lower prices from non-Amazon sellers
  • Shipping time differences indicator

Pricing Plans – Honey is a free Amazon price tracker. It’s available as a mobile app or as a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, or Opera.

6. Earny


Earny, while primarily known for its benefits to consumers, also holds immense potential for sellers. Its unique ability to track price drops across various online stores offers sellers a competitive advantage by enabling them to monitor their product pricing and adjust strategies accordingly. 

Additionally, its cashback opportunities on multiple brands and the ability to claim refunds for late deliveries add an extra dimension of value for sellers seeking to optimize their profits and maintain customer satisfaction.

Key Features –

  • Referral and cashback program
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms like Walmart, Zappos, Best Buy, and Amazon
  • 24/7 price tracking and drop alerts

Pricing Plans – Earny is free to get started with. For paid plans please connect with the sales team.

How Amazon Sellers can user Price Tracker Tools?

Although most of the above-listed Amazon Price Tracker tools are designed for consumers to find the best deals on Amazon and other marketplaces, you can also use it as a seller to monitor product prices among other merchants and strategically offer competitive pricing to attract customers.

Here are some of the creative ways to use these price tracker to your advantage –

  • Choose a dependable price tracker, set Price Alerts, and stay updated on market changes to make timely adjustments. Being notified about price fluctuations, whether drops or rises, is invaluable for you as a seller.
  • Actively monitor market rates through price tracking features to gain actionable insights. This knowledge enables you to optimize your prices for success, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • Dive into historical pricing data on Amazon to identify trends and fine-tune your strategies accordingly. This helps you make informed decisions about your product pricing throughout the year.
  • Maximize revenue potential by tracking prices alongside demand. Adjusting prices in response to changes in sales volume or customer availability timings allows you to extract the maximum value from your operations.
  • Advanced price trackers offer automated repricing, ensuring you stay competitive by dynamically adjusting prices based on preset rules on the go.
  • Some price trackers offer predictive analytics, empowering sellers to anticipate changes in demand and proactively adjust their prices accordingly.

They elevate your competitiveness and maximize profits by empowering data-driven decisions that enhance your business prospects on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

If you want to succeed as an Amazon FBA seller, mastering the art of price optimization is crucial. And, Amazon Price Tracker tools can be your indispensable ally in making strategic pricing decisions for your products. From comprehensive price history analysis to real-time price alerts, these apps can help you leverage the dynamic pricing structure to your advantage in booking higher profit margin or attract more customers by offering lower prices.

As you embark on your Amazon selling journey, adding these tools into your arsenal can be the differentiating factor between average performance and substantial success. Remember, the key lies in utilizing these tools to their full potential, leveraging their capabilities to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of Amazon selling.

Further, if you are new to Amazon marketplace, you should checkout our guide on Best Amazon Seller Tools for more useful tools to help you grow your business.

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