111+ Best Ecommerce Email Subject Lines (Examples & Ideas)

Best eCommerce email subject lines
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Email marketing is one of the effective marketing channels for eCommerce brands. It lets you communicate with your customers or subscribers directly without needing any intermediary such as Facebook Ads. 

Moreover, with the growing internet usage and smartphones, email users are growing every day. So, you don’t want to leave the opportunity to grow your email list and keep control of the data in your hands. 

Having said that, it could be easier to build an email list than to use it to create a significant impact on the sales and revenue of your eCommerce business. 

I have seen many brands with a huge email list of subscribers and customers, but email marketing never worked for them. And like many, they also considered “email is dead.”

But, you know, that’s far from the truth! 

There are several reasons why your email marketing doesn’t work. And one of them could be the subject lines. Subject lines are the first thing people see in their mailbox or phone notifications, which makes them decide whether to open the email or not. 

You do the same, right? In fact, more than 33% of email recipients decide to open or ignore an email based on the subject line. 

So, if you are also struggling with low open rates or looking for inspiration to create catch email subject lines, this article is for you. 

Best Ecommerce Email Subject Line Examples

Here, we’ve collated some of the best email subject line examples from top eCommerce brands that you can steal for your email campaigns too.

We categorized the subject lines into the following categories based on the campaign types –

  1. Welcome emails
  2. Cart Abandoned emails
  3. Thank you emails
  4. Shipping update emails
  5. Promotional emails
  6. Product launch/new arrival emails
  7. Re-engagement emails
  8. FOMO emails
  9. Survey and review emails
  10. Referral request emails
  11. Newsletter emails

Ready? Let’s get started.

Welcome Email Subject Lines

These emails are sent when a user subscribes to your newsletter or creates an account. This is an important type of email as it is the first-ever email they receive from you and sets a precedent for your relationship with customers.

Here are some of the best email subject line examples for welcome emails –

  • Welcome to [Brand] get free delivery on your first order
  • Welcome [Name], Here’s a 25% discount for you 🎁
  • Thanks for signing up, get free shipping on your first order
  • Hi [Name]! Welcome to [Brand] 👋🏻
  • So glad you joined us! 😊
  • You’re part of the [Brand] family now
  • Enjoy 15% off your first purchase. Our welcome gift 🎁 to you!
  • Welcome to [brand]. Open for your exclusive offer
  • A Welcome Gift Just For You…🎁
  • You are going to love it. Our surprising welcome offer
  • Thanks for subscribing, we will send you amazing content every week 
  • Welcome to the [Brand] Newsletter 🙏🏼
  • Welcome! Here’s 10% off your next order

Cart Abandoned Email Subject Lines

When a user adds products to their cart but leaves the site without completing the checkout process, that’s cart abandonment. You need to bring such customers back to complete the purchase, and that’s when you can use these subject lines for your emails.

  • Ready to complete your purchase, [Name]?
  • Order Status: Incomplete
  • [Product] is selling fast: Complete your purchase now.
  • Hey [Name]. Was there a problem checking out?
  • Found! An abandoned cart in our store. Is it yours?
  • Hey, is this yours? 🤔
  • Hey, forget something? Here’s 20% off.
  • The price dropped for something in your cart
  • Time to pull the trigger [Name]!
  • [Name], don’t forget to complete your purchase!
  • [Name], looks like you left some stuff in your cart. 🛒
  • Don’t let free shipping go to waste

Thank You Email Subject Lines

When a customer completes the purchase, you should send a thank you email with order confirmation details.

Here are some subject line examples you can try for your thank you emails –

  • Thank you for your order 🙏🏼
  • Thanks, [Name], We will let you know when the order ships
  • Here’s your order confirmation, Thank you for being a part of [brand]
  • Thanks for your purchase! Receipt (and a treat!) inside.
  • Your order is on the way! 🚛

Shipping Update Email Subject Lines

Once the customer places an order, you need to focus on their post-purchase experiences. One of which is the keep them updated with Shipping status.

Here are some of the best subject line examples for Shipping updates –

  • Your [Brand] order has been dispatched. 📦
  • We have shipped your order, now enjoy!
  • Your order is on your way, Track it now📍
  • A shipment from order [Order Number] is on the way.
  • Your order number is: [Order Number]
  • Thank you for your order [Order Number]

Promotional Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is one of the effective ways to keep your customers updated with upcoming or ongoing sales or discount offers.

This type of email works best if the discount offers are personalized. For higher open rates, you should mention the exact discount figure in the subject line. Here are some examples for your inspiration –

  • Flash. Sale. Alert. 🚨
  • 25% off your favorites
  • A little luxury at a great price
  • Two razors for your friends (on us)
  • [Brand] – Black Friday Coupon Code & New Products! 
  • Psst !! Up to 75% OFF happening right now!
  • 25 % OFF + Christmas shopping deals
  • Thank you! 75% OFF for being an awesome customer
  • 🎄Christmas Sale ✨
  • 🎁 Holiday Special
  • 50% OFF or Free Shipping (YOUR CHOICE) ☺️
  • 40% Off & Free Shipping For One Day Only
  • How About 40% OFF?
  • Last day to get our best offer ever!
  • Enjoy 15% off + Free shipping ✈️
  • 10% Storewide – December 1-12

New Arrival Email Subject Lines

God new goodies for the new season or added a new product to your store? Email is the best way to announce it and invite your existing customers to check out the new additions to the store.

Such email subject lines should entice curiosity and excitement among the recipients to open the email and click the link to visit your store.

  • A new product you won’t pass on
  • [New Product] is here. Pre-order yours.
  • New Arrivals Under $100! 😍
  • New must-haves for your office
  • Say Hello to [New Product]: You Asked, We Listened
  • New year, NEW FPV goodies!
  • Our newest product launches tonight!
  • Up to 50% OFF Sitewide, including NEW ARRIVALS!
  • The New WINTER Collection is Live! 
  • Autumn/Winter is on the way – See what’s new 👀
  • New products alert! Shop new arrivals
  • New arrivals alert! 🚨

Re-engagement Email Subject Lines

After a customer completes the purchase and the order is delivered, you don’t want to leave them there. Instead, your objective should bring that customer back to your store to shop more. That’s how you improve the customer lifetime value (CLTV).

This is where you need to set up an automated re-engagement email flow based on the shopper’s purchase history and on-site interactions to deliver them personalized shopping recommendations or offer personalized discount coupons.

Such emails are very important to keep your customers engaged and make them feel valued. So, here are a few subject lines that you can try for your re-engagement emails –

  • [Name] check out these hand-picked looks
  • ⚡️ Flash Deals only for you!
  • [Name], you don’t want to miss this…
  • [Name], here’s a personalized lookbook for you!
  • We haven’t seen you in a while, we miss us 🥺
  • Holiday weekend = BIG SAVINGS
  • Don’t forget about us, we’ve special offers for you!
  • [Name], do you remember us?
  • Recommended for you at discounted prices. Check inside 👀
  • Don’t forget about our stylish collection
  • Hey, it’s been a long time we have not seen you

FOMO Email Subject Lines

FOMO emails are meant to create a sense of urgency among customers to encourage them to visit the store right away and place orders to claim offers and discounts.

For such emails, you need to use words like urgent, and limited, and emojis to make users open the email to know more, or they may miss the best deal of their life.

Here are the best subject line examples for FOMO emails –

  • Expires at Midnight – Exclusive Thanksgiving Offer!
  • Last call for early Christmas deals 25% off ☃️
  • Only 2 Days Left! Huge Labor Day 50% OFF SALE!
  • LAST CHANCE for Cyber Monday! Make the most out of it!
  • Reminder: Black Friday 40% OFF! is closing
  • Last Day! Winter Sale ends tonight ⏰
  • Stop EVERYTHING! Up to 50% off ALL Dresses 🚨👗
  • [URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to order this…
  • [LIMITED] Get this NOW before it’s gone…

Survey & Review Request Email Subject Lines

Surveys and product reviews are crucial for any business to know how customers feel about you and how you can improve your services for better experiences.

However, the challenge is not everyone is willing to give you their precious time for your surveys and reviews. So, you need to be polite for such emails and create a win-win situation for both parties.

Here are the best email subject line examples to request a survey and review –

  • [Name], what do you think about [Product Name]?
  • Would you intend to suggest our product to your friend?
  • Earn $30 in 30 seconds. Submit a review!
  • Can you spend 3 minutes filling up the survey form?
  • Tell us what you thought about [Product]
  • Loving [Brand]? Review us!
  • Did you like [Product]?
  • Earn [reward] when you leave a review today
  • Your opinion matters: 3 minutes for your feedback
  • Got 30 seconds? [5-click survey!]
  • Tell us about your experience and get [incentive]
  • Got a minute? [Quick ⚡️poll so we can better serve you.]

Referral Request Email Subject Lines

A referral program is one of the effective marketing tools for eCommerce brands to turn your existing customers into brand advocates to promote your brand and earn rewards in exchange for every new customer they refer.

You can refer to our eCommerce referral marketing guide to learn more. For now, here are some of the crafty email subject lines for referral request emails –

  • Give $10, get $10, in 10. 🤑
  • Refer a friend and get $20!
  • Share the love ❤️ – refer someone and get $50!
  • Double referral bonus – this weekend only!
  • Refer friends. Get up to 100 loyalty points!
  • Refer your friends and save on your next order!
  • Save up to 100% on your orders. Invite your friends!

Newsletter Email Subject Lines

Newsletters are the best way to keep your customers and subscribers updated with the latest trends in the industry, product updates, and other related information.

With Newsletter, the objective is to stay on top of the customers’ minds by sending relevant emails. So, the subject line has to encourage users to open the email to find useful and exciting information.

Here are some email subject lines that you can consider for your newsletters –

  • Top 10 furniture trends this year
  • Fight climate change, save lives.
  • Age-defying beauty tricks
  • Products the celebs are wearing
  • Your beauty issues, solved?!
  • December Newsletter & 25% OFF Coupons
  • Have You Seen Father’s Day Gifts Guide?
  • [Name], Autumn Skincare Tips

Wrapping Up

Creating unique subject lines for every email can be challenging for marketers. However, looking at these email subject lines can help you come up with your own ideas for the subject lines.

And that is what this article is meant for.

No email subject line is fit for all businesses, So you should keep trying different subject line variations to find what is working for your customers and bringing you better results.

Apart from catchy subject lines, you also need to ensure that you have the best email marketing software in your toolkit to deliver personalized email campaigns for better user engagement and high conversion rates.

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