12 Best OpenCart Extensions for Ecommerce Sites

Best OpenCart Extensions
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Are you looking for the best OpenCart extensions for your online store?

As OpenCart is an open-source eCommerce platform, you can customize by adding reliable extensions that add value to your customer’s shopping behavior. Extensions are add-on programs that let you enhance your existing feature set without incurring any complications. And, choosing the right extensions is crucial for store growth and conversions.

However, there are tons of Opencart extensions, and choosing the ideal one can be tiring. So, to help you save time and resources, we have collated some of the best OpenCart extensions that you can use to improve the consumer experience and generate more sales.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.   

1. Abandoned Cart Reminder

Do you know that eCommerce brands lose $18 billion in sales revenue each year because of cart abandonment? 

This is seriously an alarming insight, and you as a store owner must implement creative strategies to make customers complete their purchases.  

This is where you need this abandoned cart reminder extension in your OpenCart store. It tracks your customer’s cart and sends email reminders if they have items still waiting in their order basket. 

You can send unlimited emails, support guest customers, and let you insert unique coupon codes in the emails to trigger their buying intent. Also, this OpenCart extension is compatible with multi-language stores and multi-domain solutions.  

2. Display Specials with Discounts

Are you looking for an OpenCart extension to boost your average order value? Then Display Specials has got you covered with everything. 

With this extension, you can apply exclusive discount offers based on your cart value. 

For example, consider that you purchased a branded laptop for 100 dollars. This is considered as a special price. 

Next, a discount fee of 10 dollars has been issued when your laptop is in the cart. So ultimately, the displayed price shall be 100 dollars – 10 dollars = 90 dollars.

Note that if the discount price increases as the customer add more products, the special price will change to add to the cart.

3. Auto Shipping module

If your shipping rates are considerably high, your customers will easily switch to your competitors seeking reliable rates. To attain fulfilling purchases, you need to show clear and precise shipping rates during the checkout process. 

To combat this, OpenCart offers an auto shipping module that automatically adds flat rate shipping directly on the cart. 

As a result, there is no need to estimate the shipping rates. Customers can immediately proceed to enter their payment details without wasting much time. Overall, this OpenCart module contributes to increasing cart conversions as it simplifies the checkout process. 

4. Custom Shipping Methods

When you rely on integrated carriers, the shipping rates might surge as they include multiple factors for shipping the orders. If the shipping rates alone take up a considerable portion in online purchasing, your customer shall feel dissatisfied and end up not buying the product. 

To avoid this and improve the purchasing rates, you can set up your own shipping costs using this OpenCart extension.

The Custom Shipping Methods extension lets you create shipping costs based on different parameters like weight, zones, quantity, etc.

In addition to this, factors like cost per item, cost per weight unit, and order subtotal (min, max) can also be included while calculating your customer’s shipping costs. 

5. Square Payments

Square is the official OpenCart payment integration. You can accept payments, track online/offline sales and enable customers to save their payment details that facilitate faster checkout. 

Your complete changes in the Opencart products automatically sync with the Square item library and inventory. An added plus is applying the refund to individual items and automatically restocking them in the stock. 

It doesn’t incur any monthly fees and lets you receive payments within 1-2 business days. Besides, it allows for automatic currency conversion based on your OpenCart currency values. 

6. Whatsapp Share

If you want to convert your store customers into brand ambassadors, installing this OpenCart extension is the best choice. You can set the icon dimensions, width, and height. The Whatsapp button is visible only on mobile devices.  

The Whatsapp share button can be added to your eCommerce store. It supports multiple languages, which means you can enhance customer experience by connecting across diverse demographics. 

In addition to this, it enables you to either enable/disable the module on your site. Also, the share message text can be readily customized as per your branding requirements.

7. Category and Product based Shipping 

As it is evident from the name, this OpenCart extension lets you create shipping charges based on category, manufacturer, and products. It provides an intuitive rules system to determine when your shipping charges appear for streamlining the checkout process.

The following are the different rule types available for setting up shipping charges:

  • Adjustments – Charge adjustments such as min/max/flat/percentage adjustments to cart, apply tax classes, and much more.
  • Cart/Item criteria – Includes length, width, height, price, total, volume, stock, and weight.
  • Date and time criteria – Based on date, time, any day of the week.
  • Location criteria – Includes city, country, zone, distance, postcode, etc.
  • Order criteria – Includes currency, customer group, language, and store.
  • Product criteria – Based on category, manufacturer, or build your group. 

Apart from these rule types, you can combine charges for different products, categories, or manufacturers into a single payment and display it to the customer. 

8. Countdown Timer 

For every clock’s ticking sound an extra sense of urgency strikes the customer’s mind. This explicitly shows the true power in driving huge sales, and this OpenCart extension is packed with stunning features. 

Whether it be any sales or discount offer, you can use a countdown timer to push shoppers into making a quick decision to buy your products. It provides an option to create a CTA button that directs visitors to the desired page to complete the checkout process. 

One of my favorite aspects is that it lets you create a personal countdown timer for each visitor. With this, you can display the remaining time till the end of their offer, discount, bonus, etc., to stimulate massive sales. 

9. Instagram feed for OpenCart 

With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram stands tall amidst other social platforms in terms of customer engagement. ECommerce merchants shall leverage this and build a solid online presence using this best OpenCart extension for curating Instagram feeds on your site.

It provides complete control in the design of UI elements to showcase in your gallery. It comes with ten predefined color schemes and two types of filters to craft your Instagram feed.

You can design Instagram carousels with multiple images in them. The best part is that it enables you to create a popup that displays the Instagram image and its description and comments to boost traffic. 

10. Bulk coupon generator 

Coupons are one of the most vital ingredients for considerably boosting sales. By taking advantage of this OpenCart extension, you can generate bulk coupons quickly, either automatically or manually, via a CSV sheet. 

In addition to this, you can create coupons based on your desired coupon fields. It also allows you to add extra features to your coupon page to hit the sales target and generate repeat customers. 

11. Youtube Video Gallery

Do you wish to display your Youtube videos in a gallery layout? This OpenCart extension lets you do so by offering tons of customizing options to make it look stylish and professional. 

All you have to do is install, configure the widget, get the code and embed it on your website. It provides complete control as you can decide what information has to be presented to the visitors by choosing different display options.   

It is completely mobile-optimized and offers several navigation elements for visitors to move freely. Also, you can set gallery dimensions to ensure that it fits ideally on your webpage. 

12. Quick checkout

The ultimate goal of any eCommerce merchant is to generate conversions to maximize his revenue. To accomplish this, you need to remove the frictional blocks and optimize the checkout process to be smooth, quick, and convenient. 

Fortunately, with this reliable OpenCart extension, you can design the entire checkout process on a single page. It is highly compatible with all payment modules, shipping modules, and themes that pave the way for a better customer experience. 

The customization options are flexible such that you can display only needed fields and enable/disable specific options. It is optimized for mobile devices and supports multiple languages that make it easy for non-English customers to complete the cart process. 

Wrapping Up

OpenCart is one of the best eCommerce platforms for large businesses. It gives you complete flexibiltiy over designing, customization and functionalities for store. However, to make the best of it, you will need technical knowledge.

OpenCart extensions are saviour for non-developers to easily add features and functionalties to their store with much technical interference. And for developers, pre-made extensions save a lot of time which can be better used at developing other aspects of the store.

I hope this article helpe you pick the best OpenCart extensions for your store. If you are still considering to create a store on OpenCart, you may want to check these articles as well –

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