10 Best OpenCart Themes for Ecommerce [2024]

Best OpenCart Themes
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OpenCart is one of the best open-source eCommerce platforms. It is entirely free to use and offers robust features to build a fantastic eCommerce store. However, to build a store, you either have to design the store pages from scratch or use a pre-designed one and customize it per your needs.

If you not a professional designer, you should consider using a theme that provide all the essential design and functionalities you want in your online store. You also want to ensure that it is easy to customize and allows you to additional features, if needed.

There are plenty of OpenCart themes that you can choose from. However, to make it easier for you. I have compiled some of the best OpenCart themes and reviewed them so that you can pick the one to that matches your business needs.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. eMarket


If you are an eCommerce retailer looking to launch your marketplace in OpenCart, then eMarket will be my best choice for you. It is highly responsive, SEO-friendly, and offers broad customization features that let you launch an impressive eCommerce site of your choice.

It offers multiple product listings and layout variations such that you can display your products in a beautiful, eye-catchy manner. An added advantage is that it lets you convert your visitors into customers as you can embed Facebook messenger chat that helps you close more deals and achieve high engagement. 

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers 28+ homepage layouts, and it is compatible with many powerful extensions.
  • It offers a one-page checkout feature that lets your customers proceed to cart conversion without any hassle.
  • It allows your customers to type just three letters in the search, and the relevant results will be popped immediately.
  • It lets you create a robust mega menu to add products, text links, static blocks, banners, video clips, etc.

2. Journal


By generating more than 27,000 sales, Journal is an advanced OpenCart theme that lets your eCommerce store shine brightly amidst your competitors.

Journal is packed with more than 30 powerful modules in a single framework, making it the best-selling OpenCart theme on Themeforest.

It offers an advanced page builder that allows you to build incredible layouts with more rows, columns, etc., on the desired page of your choice. It also has special modules and advanced performance tools that are exclusively catered to fuel up your eCommerce store to the next level.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers a built-in blogging system with best-in-class styling and typography options.
  • It enables you to build a complete customizable quick checkout page to garner more conversions.
  • It lets you add image banners and sliders with layers for any type of design purpose.
  • It allows you to choose from multiple pre-designed demos and is responsive to all devices.

3. Grocery & Shopping


Grocery & Shopping is a multipurpose and responsive OpenCart theme that lets you build different types of stores like vegetables, grocery, megastore, organic shops, etc. It offers a neat and elegant design that helps you to deliver a luxurious shopping experience for your customers.

This powerful theme offers a shipping module so that you can update your customers with relevant shipping details. Also, thanks to its guest checkout feature that enables your first-time shoppers to complete the cart checkout process without creating an account.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It enables you to add testimonials, image sliders and supports different types of currencies for quicker checkout.
  • It allows your customers to pay the bill amount via cash on delivery method, which will be helpful if they do not have an online banking facility.
  • It offers highly responsive mobile layouts, a built-in mega menu, and featured products tab sections.
  • It facilitates in grabbing more conversions as you can display limited offer deals and helps your customers to shop easily by switching to multiple categories.

4. Poco


Poco is an advanced OpenCart theme that offers unbounded possibilities to build and launch your eCommerce store without even writing a piece of code. It provides an advanced drag-and-drop builder that lets you customize your store by accessing 15+ widgets, 12+ designs, and 10+ modules.

This multipurpose theme guarantees high speed as it offers a full-page cache that improves response time and reduces the load on the server. Besides, it lets you sell products at a special price for a limited time by alerting your customers with countdown timers and sold quantity progress bar.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers an advanced product filter that lets you filter products by manufacturers, price, rating, discount, etc., and also, you can create custom filter attributes.
  • It enables you to create blog posts, categorize them and permit people to post comments on them.
  • It has a pre-built color palette with which you can choose and change the color of the entire theme.
  • It offers an advanced menu that lets you build different types of links, enabling customers easy and quick navigation.

5. Styleway


Styleway is a multipurpose OpenCart theme that is highly suitable for building any type of online eCommerce store. This theme offers a clean and minimalistic design approach and is applicable for small to medium-sized business retailers who want to earn a living by selling their products online.

Styleway allows you to embed video popups that deliver a seismic shift in your store’s engagement level. Also, it is search engine friendly and offers a smart product layout that loads swiftly without any delay. 

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It lets you add a sticky product filter on the category page and offers ajax based wishlist and product comparison.
  • It offers cloud zoom integration with the product page, a smooth, touch-enabled image zoom plugin.
  • It provides different types of blog modules which let you display your content in an attractive manner.
  • It allows you to add social share buttons and include weekly deals product sliders on your homepage.

6. Shopinia


Shopinia is a multipurpose OpenCart theme that lets you launch a rich-looking eCommerce store with all added functionalities. It is 100% responsive, SEO-friendly, and offers magnanimous product-specific features to make your brand fall under the limelight.

Also, this theme is easy to customize and can be easily installed with a few clicks without any hassle.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers 8+ pre-built homepages and is compatible with almost all browsers.
  • It allows you to build unlimited banners and sliders to deliver a highly interactive experience to your customers.
  • It supports multiple languages and offers integration with Google fonts.
  • It enables your customers to quickly access their cart by adding a shopping cart dropdown in the header section.

7. Monota


Monota is the highly responsive OpenCart theme suitable for building eCommerce stores that sell auto parts, auto equipment, tools, accessories, etc.

The best part is that it effortlessly helps grow your email list as it offers a user-friendly newsletter popup. It also facilitates high conversion rates by letting you create, manage and store deals which eventually motivates your customers to purchase your products.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers an ajax add-to-cart that helps your customers to make as quick transactions as possible.
  • It provides 10+ home layouts, 6+ shop pages, and 5+ stunning product pages to build a beautiful eCommerce store.
  • It has a powerful admin panel that lets you manage your entire store operations in a streamlined manner.
  • It allows you to embed countdown timers to trigger the FOMO effect and enables you to display products in a quick view.

8. Flavero


Flavero is a responsive OpenCart theme specially designed to launch a simple and elegant organic food store. It is completely mobile responsive and lets your eCommerce store optimize for more conversions as it offers Google snippets integration.

This theme is powered by an advanced refined search design that enables your customers to quickly find their favorite products. To gain more sales, you can also feature your best-selling food products, which maximizes the selling process as much as possible.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It supports multiple languages and currencies, which in turn attracts international audiences across the globe.
  • It allows your customers to apply their rewards or discounts at the time of the checkout process to deliver a happy shopping experience.
  • It lets your customers see the product details by simply hovering over the image.
  • It offers dynamic layouts and customized product page designs to add more richness to your eCommerce store.

9. Fastor


Fastor is a beautiful and multipurpose OpenCart theme that is designed for selling anything you want. Whether you want to sell clothes, accessories, jewelry or electronics, you will find demos for almost every type of products. It offers plenty of useful features that lets you craft a magnificent online store with great use experience.

The theme is absolutely responsive, and it comes with several useful extensions that lets you easily customize the store as you want. Even the buttons you embed on the product page are Ajax-powered, guarantees high page speed and enhanced shopping experience for shoppers.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers 75+ multi-purpose layouts with different kinds of effects and transitions.
  • It lets you build unlimited sidebars and allows you to add multi-labels to your products.
  • It allows you to build a standard 5 step checkout process that facilitates a smooth purchasing experience.
  • It enables you to add featured, new, special and best seller products for gaining more traffic and sales.

10. Frizty


Frizty is a flexible and multipurpose OpenCart theme that is exclusively built for selling pet food or launching a pet care store. It offers five unique demos that are attractive and is packed with a plethora of features that readily accelerate your eCommerce store.

It offers advanced product sorting that enables customers to filter products instantly with various options. Also, it provides a unique back-to-top button so that when customers click, they can quickly move to the top without needing to scroll the page.

Theme Design Highlights-

  • It offers 3+ unique header styles in which you can embed different types of menus.
  • It offers a newsletter popup to build your email list and comment module to allow people to write reviews for your products.
  • It offers a product tab that allows customers to quickly search for their products and also enables them to shop by various categories.
  • It lets you compare multiple products so that your purchasing decision is even more made easy.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know some of the best OpenCart themes, it is now your turn to pick the most suitable theme and start building your store.

Rest assured, all the listed themes are mobile-friendly, conversion-optimized, and have a wide variety of customization features that can enable you to build a stunning online store.

We hope that this article helped you pick the perfect theme for your OpenCart store. And, if you are still looking for the best hosting provider to set up your store, you should check this article next.

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