6 Best Podcast Hosting Websites & Platforms

Best Podcast Hosting Platforms
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Starting a podcast is genuinely a great idea. Podcasting is one of the effective ways to reach millions of audiences globally, and it’s one of the most time-efficient forms of communication.

But to become a successful podcaster, you need to choose a podcast hosting platform that enables you to create, manage, and distribute your podcasts to different podcast listening sites like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and more.

A good podcast hosting platform is a home where your podcast lives and allows you to manage it smoothly. Here are some of the best podcast hosting platforms you can choose from to launch your podcast.

1. Buzzsprout

By empowering 1,00,000 podcasters, Buzzsprout is one of the best podcast hosting platforms that enables you to host, promote and track your podcast. What I love about Buzzsprout is that you can reach more listeners as it is truly compatible with all the top directories like Apple, Spotify, Google, etc.

You can easily upload your podcasts, change the title, and it optimizes your episodes automatically. Besides, you can also add chapter markers that make it convenient for the listeners to navigate to the favorite segments or skip to listen to the main content.

Feature Highlights –

  • It offers advanced podcast statistics like total downloads over time, the different apps people use to listen to your podcast, and much more.
  • You can either upload your audio or schedule it for a particular day you want your episode to live.
  • You can monetize your podcasts via affiliate marketing which helps in increasing your revenue source.
  • You can convert your audio into meaningful transcriptions, which makes your content accessible to everyone.

Pricing Plans

It offers a free plan to upload for 2 hours, and episodes will be hosted for 90 days. 

The Basic plan starts at $12/month, in which you can upload for 3 hours and host indefinitely. After that, you can upload for 12 hours to the maximum, hosted indefinitely with unlimited storage for $24/month.

2. Spreaker

Spreaker is an all-in-one podcast hosting solution as it enables you to create, host, distribute and monetize your podcast without any hassle. Whether you want to host one podcast or customize space for monetizing your podcast, it has an entire range of features geared to optimize your content.

It offers easy-to-use editing tools to trim your content, upload files or migrate old content into new episodes. The best of all is that it provides many monetization options that help podcasters increase their revenue potential at exorbitant rates.

Feature Highlights –

  • It allows podcasters to automatically distribute new episodes to major podcasting platforms.
  • It offers meaningful statistics like how many listeners have downloaded your podcast, heard, liked, and followed it.
  • You can record, and save the progress on your episodes and use built-in features like auto-ducking and mic controls.
  • You can directly go live and engage with your listeners during the broadcast.

3. Podbean

Podbean has been empowering 5,70,000+ podcasters and has generated over 8.4 billion+ downloads. It is an easy-to-use and powerful podcast hosting platform that offers incredible features to create, publish, promote and monetize your podcast. 

You can deliver a rich user experience by embedding professional-looking, customizable players on your websites and blogs. The great news is that you get the magic to convert your listeners into buyers by selling premium content as a series of episodes or a complete package.

Feature Highlights –

  • It automatically posts your new podcasts on social networks, which increases your visibility.
  • You can collect the email addresses and automatically share your new podcast episodes via Mailchimp integration. 
  • It has a marketplace where you can earn more profit through sponsorship on your podcast.
  • It enables you to launch live stream audio where people across the globe can listen and communicate with each other in real time. 

Pricing Plans – It offers a basic plan which is forever free. The paid plans start at $9/month, which offers unlimited storage space, and go upto the advanced (Business) plan starting at $99/month.

4. Simplecast 

Simplecast is an ultra-powerful, independent podcast hosting and analytics platform known for its best-in-class industry-leading features. It has the pride of powering up some of the largest brands in the world, like Facebook, Nike, Shopify, Twitter, Techcrunch, etc.

It offers streamlined workflows and stunning episode templates that let you instantly reach millions of ears across the globe. The ultimate supremacy is that it provides an exclusive site builder to create and customize mobile-friendly pages to publish your episode or trailer.

Feature Highlights –

  • It offers an embeddable episode web player to manage your podcast.
  • It allows you to schedule and share podcast clips on social media.
  • It offers advanced analytics tools which let you increase your podcasting potential.
  • You can manage multiple shows with one account, which is an added advantage.

Pricing Plans – It offers 3 plans, namely Basic, Essential, and Growth plan. The Basic plan starts at $15/month, which offers features necessary to launch your podcast.

The Essential plan starts at $35/month, offering features to grow your podcast and the Growth plan starts at $85/month with out-of-box features.

5. Castos 

Castos is an excellent podcast hosting platform that enables you to create two types of podcasts: public and private. You can create unlimited public podcasts to diversify your audience base and private podcasts, allowing only certain individuals to access your content. 

Castos makes it super easy as it offers a WordPress plugin to manage all your podcasts. You need to upload your audio file, type in the description, and publish your podcast on your site with a customizable media player. With this plugin, you can create multiple feeds and view listener analytics.

Feature Highlights –

  • You can import an existing podcast to your WordPress site and create a unique RSS feed for each podcast show.
  • It allows you to create a personalized podcast webpage that is mobile-friendly.
  • It offers unlimited subscribe links for Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google podcast, etc.
  • You can avail the service of Castos productions, a team that takes care of your podcast’s entire post-production process.

Pricing Plans – It offers 3 major pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Pro. The Starter plan starts at $19/month and offers features suitable for beginners. The Growth plan starts at $49/month that offers added features to promote their podcast show. Finally, the Pro plan provides advanced features starting at $99/month. 

6. Podcastics

Podcastics is another popular podcast hosting platform, which makes it completely easy for you to create, host, and monetize your podcasts. It offers an intuitive dashboard in which you can quickly publish all your podcast details and manage user permissions, and that’s it. The rest of the process will be automatically taken care of by the platform itself.

I love Podcastics because it uses an ultra-speed CDN which makes your podcast available anywhere across the globe without any delay. An added bonanza is that you can use magic links that redirect your listeners to Apple/Google podcasts, etc., depending on the device.

Feature Highlights –

  • You can create a customizable website to upload episodes, add your favorite colors and make it accessible for your audience.
  • It offers a notification system to stay updated and a private messenger to chat with your team and listeners.
  • You can quickly import your existing podcast from the Apple podcast or any existing RSS feed.
  • It offers in-detailed analytics that enables you to optimize your podcast content to the next level.

Pricing Plans – It offers 3 major plans: Premium, Pro, and Max. You can try every plan free for one month. The Premium plan starts at $4/month, and the Pro plan starts at $8/month, offering powerful servers to host your podcast. Finally, the Max plan starts at $39/month, which offers excellent customer support and a maximized speed to get worldwide hosting.

Which is the best podcast hosting platform for you?

Now that you’ve known about the best podcast hosting platforms, it is your turn to pick one that matches your needs and budget and launch your podcast easily. With these podcasting platforms, your podcast gets accessible to audiences everywhere in the globe on hundreds of podcast listening sites.

Remember to choose the best podcast hosting site based on your requirements. Check whether they are compatible with multiple platforms and offer good storage space, bandwidth, and customization options, which are crucial to launching a successful podcast. 

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