6 Best Webinar Platforms For Small Businesses in 2024

Best Webinar Software for small businesses
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Webinars have been one of the most effective sales & marketing tools for businesses of all kinds and sizes. It allows you to interact with your potential customers in real time and answer their questions to build trust with them.

Businesses also use webinars to host video conferences with investors and employees worldwide at different time zones, keeping everyone informed and connected with everything you are up to.

So, if you also want to leverage webinars in your sales and marketing strategies, here are some of the best webinar platforms that you can use to host your webinars.

Webinar PlatformsStarting PriceNo. of Attendees ( Base Plan)
GoTo Webinar$49/month250
Zoom Webinars$79/month500

Now, let’s deep into each of them.

1. GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar is a widely used webinar platform and it is trusted by many customers when compared to other webinar software. This effective software offers simple and easy-to-use features with reliable technology.

It allows you to stream live webinars and you can also send recordings to your attendees once it’s completed. But unlike other tools mentioned above, GoToWebinar doesn’t come with an on-demand webinar or automated webinar features

GoToWebinar also has a mobile application that allows you to schedule and manage webinars effectively from anywhere. It offers a thorough event analytics report where you can analyze the source of the traffic to the registration page, attendance rate, email engagement, and more. 

Key Features –

  • It offers very good scheduling options and you can use its amazing webinar templates which ease your work.
  • It allows you to promote your webinar effectively by using your brand’s logo, customizable webinar invitations, and sending automatic email reminders to your participants.
  • You can engage with your audience by asking slide-in questions and polls.
  • You can integrate it with popular CRM and marketing automation to automate the post-webinar follow-ups and sales process.

Pricing plans – GoToWebinar has 4 paid plans, starting at just $49/month for up to 250 live attendees.

2. Livestorm


Livestorm is an all-in-all, complete power-packed webinar platform where you can host live events, product demos, and customer training, facilitate better communication among your internal teams, and so on.

You can connect Livestorm with the 1000+ apps you want and it provides you with better insights by effectively utilizing Livestorm’s dashboard. It allows you to add unlimited moderators to manage your attendees and helps eliminate spam in the chatbox.

Livestorm helps you in building your registration page with your brand identity and you can easily invite your teammates to join you on the screen.

Key Features –

  • Livestorm allows you to host different types of webinars which include recurring events with multiple sessions which allows your attendees to select the date of their own choice.
  • It provides HD video quality and there is no need to download the app, with a single click you are into the webinar.
  • It allows you to interact with your audience by using chats, polls, and Q&A and you can invite guest presenters to your webinar.
  • Livestorm records your webinar automatically and it gives you detailed reports on how many people viewed your replays.
  • You can import your contacts and send personalized emails to your attendees.

Pricing plans – Livestorm has a free plan that allows up to 30 attendees with a maximum event duration of 20 minutes. The paid plan starts at just $79/month for up to 100 live attendees. The billing increases as the number of contacts and attendees grows.

 3. Demio


Demio is the most modern and powerful Webinar platform that every B2B marketer should have. It provides you with all the essential tools you need to create, market, and host successful webinars. It offers a customizable landing page and form builder allowing you to put your brand aesthetic on the registration page.

With Demio, you can choose your event type (live/automated/series) according to the business objective you decide. It also offers an on-demand event where you can pre-record your video and it can be viewed at any time by users on your website or Demio landing page.

Demio offers a simple and easy-to-use interface when compared to other webinar software offering similar features.

Key Features –

  • Users can easily join the webinar with an instant click and no need to download.
  • It allows you to promote your product/service by applying your brand logo during all the webinar events.
  • It provides wide extensive support for all types of devices and browsers.
  • It effectively helps in promoting your products/services because you can use featured actions to connect your audience to your signup page, offers, or CTA’s during the event.
  • You can customize your replay page by adding a CTA button for your audience which helps in nurturing leads.

Pricing Plan – Demio offers a 14-day free trial on all its paid plans, starting at $59/month. However, if you are looking for automated and on-demand webinar features, you will have to opt for the Growth Plan, starting at $109/month.

4. WebinarJam


WebinarJam is one of the high-quality webinar platforms that helps you sell your products/services effectively. It displays your CTA’s via popups so that it makes your audience purchase directly during the webinar.

Another interesting feature of Webinar Jam is that when you try to sell a product during the session, you can hear bell sounds and whistles which are highly attractive and engaging. But you need to pay to access this unique feature.

Webinar Jam uses a cloud-based broadcasting tech and it works well in all types of browsers and operating systems using the current web technologies. 

Key Features –

  • You can have up to 5000 attendees and 6 presenters.
  • It allows you to stream live webinars on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Moderators can send private messages and it offers live chat and Q&A and you can also highlight comments.
  • WebinarJam can automatically record your live broadcast in a video file.
  • You can add one of your attendees as a presenter and when they complete they are switched back to attendee-only mode.
  • WebinarJam is highly mobile-friendly and you can access it from iOS and Android.

Pricing Plans – WebinarJam has 4 paid plans, starting at just $49/month and going up to $499/month, which are mainly based on the number of attendees and hosts.

5. WebinarNinja


WebinarNinja is another popular webinar platform that offers best-in-class features to host all types of webinars. Whether you are new to webinars or have been hosting webinars regularly, WebinarNinja facilitates your brand value to grow well.

WebinarNinja offers amazing marketing tools to instantly engage with your customer base and it is a cloud-based tool so attendees can directly join without having to download the software.

It also provides highly professional templates and page designs with which you can design attractive webinar decks.

Key Features –

  • WebinarNinja allows you to create your webinars instantly without having a lengthy, time-consuming procedure.
  • You can host different types of webinars within a single account itself.
  • Allows you to automatically send email notifications to your registrants and you can edit your emails to create a personalized conversation with your audience.
  •  You can easily store and access all your images, templates, logos, and other multimedia files in WebinarNinja’s media library.
  • It also allows you to track retention rates and offers better statistics about your webinar. You can export all of your registrant’s data.
  • WebinarNinja provides custom registration forms and thanks to your pages where you can insert your brand’s logo, insert videos, and much more.

Pricing Plans – WebinarNinja offers a 14-day free plan on all its 3 paid plans: Basic, Pro, and Business, starting at just $29/month for up to 50 attendees.

6. Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars

Zoom Webinars is another video conferencing software with webinar hosting features. Zoom video webinar is a great platform to organize live events and webinars but when it comes to business usability, it lacks features like on-demand webinars and automation.

Zoom allows you to stream live webinars directly on Facebook and YouTube which helps your brand gain visibility on other channels.

You cannot use Zoom Webinars for lead nurturing or other marketing automation that other webinar software in the list allows. But it is the best platform for live webinars because people are already using the tool for meetings and it becomes handy for them to attend and engage actively during the session.

Key Features –

  • Zoom allows up to 100 live video panelists to engage with the audience and enables you to choose virtual backgrounds.
  • The attendees can also be promoted to panelists and be awarded all audio and video controls for an enriched experience.
  • It allows you to send pre and post-webinar emails to the registrants. 
  • You can get in-depth reports and analytics about your registrants, attendees, your attendee engagements, and follow-ups.

Pricing Plans – The plans for the Zoom Webinars start at $79/month, starting with 500+ attendees. As the size of attendees increases, the plans also increase very highly. You can contact the Zoom sales team to host webinars for up to 10,000 attendees.

Choose the best webinar platform for your business

Now you know about all the best webinar software that allows you to host webinars and online events easily and is also affordable for businesses of all sizes. It’s now your turn to pick up the right webinar software which ideally suits your needs.

For eCommerce businesses, Livestorm would be our #1 recommendation for webinar software as it provides all the essential features you need to host an engaging webinar for your customers.

If you are in online training and course selling a business, WebinarNinja or Webinar Jam would be the best webinar software for you.

And, for business meetings, team communications, and coordination, GoToWebinar and Zoom Webinar would be the perfect pick at reasonable prices and free plans.

I hope this article helped you find the best webinar platform for your business. If so, you may want to follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with the latest sales and marketing strategies.

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