7 Best Amazon Repricer Tools For Sellers in 2024

Best Amazon Repricer Tools
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In the relentless competition for the coveted Buy Box on Amazon, the adage holds true: he who boasts the lowest price emerges victorious. However, navigating this battlefield of pricing supremacy often requires a strategic ally. For many of the top-performing Amazon sellers, the quest for dominance involves enlisting the support of cutting-edge Amazon repricing software.

The rationale is clear— repricing software not only trims down the substantial time spent on manual monitoring and pricing but also confers a substantial advantage in the race to secure the Buy Box. If your aspirations in the realm of Amazon sales are serious, the incorporation of repricing software becomes not just a consideration but a necessity.

When it comes to maintaining a competitive edge on Amazon, sellers are presented with a pivotal choice—manual repricing or the automated route facilitated by an Amazon Repricer. The decision hinges on factors such as the scale of your product catalog and the time you are willing to invest in this critical facet of your online enterprise.

For those opting to tread the automated path, a collection of the leading Amazon repricing software in the current market proves invaluable. Regardless of whether your offerings span books, media, or a diverse array of products, a Repricer is more than a convenience—it’s a time-saving mechanism that holds the potential to catapult your sales to new heights.

In this article, we have collated some of the best Amazon repricing software that you can consider using for your Amazon store.

1. Seller Snap

Seller Snap

Seller Snap is your go-to repricing tool for navigating the complexities of selling on Amazon. It’s not just advanced; it’s your partner in making smart business decisions. With powerful Business Intelligence and Amazon Seller Analytics, Seller Snap provides actionable insights to help you manage and optimize your Amazon store. It considers your competitors’ offers and adjusts your prices intelligently, ensuring your offer remains competitive.

In short, Seller Snap combines automated repricing with easy-to-understand business insights, helping you maximize profits and secure the buy box at the same time. With Seller Snap, you can focus on growing your business while it takes care of repricing.

Key Features –

  • Intelligent pricing decisions based on market and competitor data, including the current buy box price and the number of competitors on a listing.
  • Tracking vital business metrics like profit, ROI, and buy box percentage.
  • Reviewing your inventory to identify products that need repricing or replenishment.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Unique pricing strategies tailored to your sales goals.

Pricing Plans – Seller Snap offers four pricing models starting at $250 per month, complemented by a 15-day free trial.

2. Aura


Aura, a cutting-edge automated repricing tool, relies on the power of AI and machine learning to revolutionize the pricing game for FBA sellers on Amazon. More than just a repricing tool, Aura introduces advanced features like instant algorithmic repricing and Workflow, offering an unmissable solution for completely automating your listings. Providing you with absolute control, Aura allows you to decide which strategy to employ and which listings to enable.

Aura isn’t just confined to your desktop; it’s a mobile-friendly companion for Amazon merchants. Whether you’re managing your listings while waiting in line or sourcing your next retail arbitrage haul, Aura’s dashboard keeps you informed about competitor offers in real time. 

With instant repricing and a focus on minimizing friction, Aura integrates new features seamlessly, making it a go-to tool for quick and efficient repricing.

Key Features –

  • Instant price adjustment/repricing, distinguishing itself from tools with up to 15-minute delays.
  • Automatic fixing of maximum and minimum price limits.
  • Direct import of inventory costs.
  • Creation of automated workflows to efficiently manage your listings.
  • Selection of preferred competitors for targeted repricing.
  • Inclusion of product costs for a comprehensive breakdown of profit margins.

Pricing Plans – Aura offers two pricing plans at $97 and $497 per month, along with a customizable plan. You can explore Aura for free with a generous 14-day trial.

3. Informed


With a remarkable track record of 15+ years, Informed.co has earned the trust of thousands of Amazon sellers seeking intelligent repricing solutions. Leveraging AI-powered repricing strategies, Informed.co focuses on helping sellers secure more Buy Boxes and boost their profits. The user-friendly interface ensures that sellers can spend less time on manual repricing, allowing the software to handle the heavy lifting.

Informed.co lets you define your competitors and establish rules to match or beat their prices effortlessly. Fully automated price adjustment using advanced algorithms ensures that you stay competitive. The software’s ability to calculate the best pricing point based on historical sales data and track essential business metrics through effective reporting and analytics makes it an indispensable tool for Amazon sellers.

Key Features –

  • Efficiently spend less time on manual repricing.
  • Fully automated price adjustment using advanced algorithms.
  • Calculation of the best pricing point based on historical sales data.
  • Tracking essential business metrics with effective reporting and analytics.
  • Specification of product costs to safeguard profit margins.

Pricing Plans – Informed.co offers four pricing plans at $99, $199, $249, and $299 per month, each accompanied by a free 14-day trial.

4. BQool


BQool is your budget-friendly Amazon repricing companion, known for its simplicity and speed. It operates on rules set by you, letting you specify profit and sales goals effortlessly. With repricing every 15 minutes for various SKU plans, BQool ensures your prices stay competitive. Gathering information from Amazon SQS reports changes your price according to your rules once the report is received.

Personally, I found BQool’s dashboard interactive, offering a clear overview of your sales, best sellers, and Buy Box percentage. With five in-built strategies, effective buy box price strategies, and accessible filters, BQool is your go-to tool for making informed business decisions. 

Key Features –

  • Five built-in strategies for maximizing sales and profits.
  • Strategies for setting competitive buy box prices.
  • Setting limits for product prices to protect your profit margin.
  • Interactive dashboard and detailed reports for wise decision-making.
  • Managing product rates from inventory lab reports.
  • Accessible filters for sorting and organizing your listings.

Pricing Plans – BQool offers plans starting at just $25 per month, with subsequent plans at $50, $100, $200, and $300 per month, all supported by a generous 14-day free trial.

5. FeedVisor


FeedVisor, an enterprise repricing service tailored for large sellers, brings AI-powered strategies and advanced reporting services to the forefront. Catering to serious sellers aiming to boost their sales, FeedVisor goes beyond just repricing by incorporating machine learning to track product prices in real time. With an extensive suite offering advertising, inventory, and intelligence features alongside pricing, FeedVisor aims to usher in a new era of optimization for Amazon.

The patented Algo-Repricer within FeedVisor allows sellers to secure the Buy Box efficiently, avoiding unnecessary spending. By calculating optimal price points, FeedVisor ensures sellers always get the best deal. With features like private label pricing that adapts to market fluctuations and continuous competitive analyses, FeedVisor keeps sellers ahead of the game. 

Key Features –

  • AI-powered strategies for various types of listings, including private label listings.
  • Advanced and customized business analytics and insights.
  • Customizable email reports and alerts for user convenience.
  • Centralized view of all metrics, including inventory, sales, and advertising data.
  • Dedicated account executive for personalized account management.

Pricing Plans – FeedVisor offers two pricing plans – the Essential plan at $100 per month and the Feedvisor360 plan with a customized pricing model. Both plans include a 14-day free trial.

6. RepricerExpress


RepricerExpress, the result of the recent merger with Repricer.com, is an automated Repricer offering AI-powered strategies for Amazon and eBay sellers. As one of the most flexible and widely used Repricers, it promises to not only help sellers sell more but also maximize profits. With round-the-clock automated repricing available on over 20 Amazon and eBay channels, RepricerExpress ensures that sellers have a constant presence in the Buy Box, essential for winning sales.

This tool works tirelessly to secure and maintain your position in the Buy Box, considering the factors crucial to Amazon’s algorithm. With frequent repricing that minimizes errors in profit margins and easy currency rate adjustments, RepricerExpress provides sellers with more Buy Box real estate, resulting in increased sales and higher profits.

Key Features –

  • Bulk import and export feature for efficient management.
  • Frequent repricing to minimize errors in profit margins.
  • Increased chances of winning the Buy Box.
  • Easy adjustment of currency rates for international markets.
  • Access to recent exports and imports, with the ability to re-download files.

Pricing Plans – You can get started with RepricesExpress at £64 per month and the other 3 pricing plans are at £189, £319, and £949 per month. You also get a 14-day free trial period.

7. Zon Repricer

Zon Repricer

In the ever-changing world of selling on Amazon, Zon Repricer stands out as a must-have tool, thanks to its smart AI features. This repricing software goes beyond just numbers; it becomes your strategic partner in dominating the market. 

Zon Repricer doesn’t just react to price changes; it predicts and adapts to them, giving you a leg up over your competitors. With a mix of automation and easy user control, Zon Repricer not only helps you win the buy box effortlessly but also boosts your overall sales significantly.

This AI-driven tool takes an extra step by smoothly importing essential data – costs, minimum and maximum pricing – streamlining the repricing process. The best part, it comes with a user-friendly interface that complements a unique pricing strategy tailored to your specific sales goals.

Key Features –

  • Swift implementation of pricing rules for easy leveraging of even the smallest price changes.
  • Simple import of costs, setting minimum and maximum prices, and desired profit margins.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Unique pricing strategy tailored to your sales goals.

Pricing Plans – Zon Repricer offers three plans – Standard, Legendary, and Diamond – priced at $30/month, $67/month, and $200/month, respectively, along with a free 7-day trial.

Wrapping Up

In the quest for Buy Box supremacy on Amazon, the significance of strategic pricing cannot be overstated, and Amazon repricing software tools emerges as the preferred choice for sellers looking to maintain a competitive edge without succumbing to the manual intricacies of price adjustments.

You must remember that product repricing is not just about adjusting numbers; it’s about sculpting a strategy that propels you ahead in the competitive race. So, make sure your define your pricing strategy before picking a tool.

In this article, we looked into top Amazon repricing tools that successful stores use to automate their product repricing. Now, it is your turn to choose one that fits into your repricing strategy and other business requirements.

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