What are the Best Shopify Image Sizes?

Best Shopify Image Sizes
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In eCommerce, images are the lifeline for the success of a store – you have to create a balance between the image quality, dimensions, and formats to ensure an excellent Shopping experience with faster loading speed.

So, whether you are creating a new Shopify store or optimizing the existing one, you must use the image of the right size. In this article, we will show you the image sizes recommended by Shopify and experts.

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Expert Recommended Shopify Image Sizes

Here’s a quick overview of the best Shopify image sizes for different types –

Image TypeSize ( Width X Height in Pixel)
Product Image2048 X 2048
Collection Image1024 X 1024
Banner/Hero Image1200 X 600
Slideshows Image2000 X 600
Logo Image450 X 250
Blog Image1800 X 1000
Background Image1920 X 1080

Now, let’s look into each image type in detail –

1. Product Image Sizes

The recommended size of the product image on Shopify is 2048 X 2048 pixels. However, you can also add a minimum image size of 800 X 800 pixels which is the lowest resolution of an image where people can zoom in on the image and check out the details. This image size is generally ideal for mobile devices.

But the recommended size of 2048 X 2048 will work much better as it will not lose its quality and finer details on zooming out the product that the customer is keenly interested in checking.

2. Collection Image Sizes

An ideal image size for collection images is 1024 X 1024 pixels. Moreover, if you are using a collection banner for your collection images, the ideal size is 2800 X 1000 pixels. 

Also, make sure that the content of such images is centered as it gets cropped as per the devices used by customers.

3. Banner/Hero Image Sizes

The best banner image size for your Shopify store is 1200 X 600 pixels. The width of this banner image is fixed but the height can be altered from 400 pixels to 600 pixels as it determines the coverage of the screen.

4. Slideshows Image Sizes

If talking about an ideal image size for the slideshow, then it can be 1200 to 2000    pixels in width and 400 to 600 pixels in height.

5. Logo Image Sizes

The ideal size of the logo image for your Shopify store can be 450 X 250 pixels. However, a better idea is to upload a logo of smaller pixels. The bigger the size of your logo, the more time it will take to load.

6. Blog Image Sizes

For your website to look organized and professional, the ideal size of the blog image is 1800 X 1000 pixels. But for images inside the content, the recommended size is 1000 X 350 pixels.  

7. Background Image Sizes

Experts advise using a background image of size 1920 X 1080 pixels on Shopify. This is an ideal size for any Shopify store however it gets cropped as per the devices used by the consumers.

Overall, there are varied image sizes as per the varieties of images used on Shopify. Hence to make your product picture non-blurry and non-stretchable, try to follow the recommended size for each image option. This will give a professional and improved look and feel to your Shopify appearance.

Best Image formats for Shopify stores

Shopify allows you to add images in different formats. However, to offer a good customer experience with high-quality images, these are the highly recommended image formats that you should use in your store –

1. JPG

JPG is the most frequently used file format in Shopify as JPG image supports the small size of files with better quality and color range. Shopify specifically recommends using JPG format for product uploading as it offers an exact balance of image quality and file size while compressing the image.

2. PNG

PNG file format for the products is widely accepted as it is lossless and also holds transparency. However, due to its lossless compression, its file size remains large but the motive is to reduce the file size with better quality. The larger file size will take more time to download, hence will give a bad customer experience. Moreover, it is not universally compatible with JPG.

3. GIF

GIF gives a small file size on compression but reduces images to 256 colors hence degrading the quality of an image. Therefore, the GIF format was replaced by PNG. However, if you want to add animated images, GIF is the only supported format you can use on Shopify. 

Shopify also supports TIFF and BMP image formats, but their file size can be very large, which can affect your site loading speed. 

Finally, JPG is the best image format for product photos and banners, PNG can be a bit heavier but can be used for transparent product images. And, GIF will be the perfect image format for animated images of products and banners.

Wrapping Up

Ecommerce websites are loaded with high-quality images for products, categories, etc., which can also impact the loading speed of your site. That’s why using images of the right size is crucial. It not only affects user experience but also plays a vital role in search engine ranking.

So, make sure to follow this image guide for your Shopify store and consider using an image optimization app to optimize images by reducing image sizes and adding alt text for SEO. You should also follow our Shopify SEO checklist to ensure your site is ready to be indexed and ranked on Google and other search engines.

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