9 Best WooCommerce Loyalty Plugins for 2024

Best WooCommerce Loyalty Plugins
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WooCommerce Loyalty plugins enable you to reward your loyal customers with points each time they purchase or perform some actions like leaving reviews, sharing on social media, or anything as per your loyalty program.

In this article, I will show your some of the best WooCommerce points and rewards plugins that you can use to start an engaging loyalty reward program for your eCommerce site.

Ready to dive in? Let’s get started.

1. Stamped.io


Stamped.io is a powerful eCommerce loyalty software with a feature-packed WordPress loyalty plugin designed to create an attractive loyalty program for your store. You can reward your customers for various activities, create a dedicated referral page, and customize campaigns for your specific business goals. 

To create a lucrative shopping experience, Stamped Loyalty lets you design an attractive VIP tier loyalty program. As a store owner, you can offer VIP entry rewards, valuable custom perks, and accelerated points (2x, 3x) to enable customers to unlock elite shopping levels.

You should read our in-depth Stamped.io review to learn more about its features and how you can use it for your WooCommerce store.

Key Features –

  • It lets you create flexible reward rules that range from flexible discounts to free products. 
  • It offers various customizable settings, including background modification, changing button colors, labels, and much more.
  • It provides multiple referral-sharing options and lets you create customizable referral incentives as per your needs.
  • It allows you to send point expiration reminders to customers it becomes invalid. 
  • It enables you to create an engaging and dedicated rewards page that highlights points/spending campaigns, VIP tiers, redemption, and a complete overview of your loyalty program.
  • It unboxes powerful loyalty and rewards analytics by giving you access to total points redeemed, tracking best customers, and favorite discounts redeemed.
  • It facilitates running three loyalty programs (Points & Rewards, VIP Tiers, and Referrals) to maximize your brand value. 

Pricing Plans – Stamped.io pricing plans are based on the number of monthly orders. It offers a free plan that allows up to 100 orders and comes with multiple reward types, point starter programs, referral programs, etc. 

The Premium plan costs $39/month for up to 500 orders, and it goes up to the Enterprise plan that unlocks advanced features.

2. myCred


Having been trusted by 20,000+ users, myCred is a free and intelligent WordPress loyalty program plugin. With myCred, you can manage a wide range of digital rewards like points, rankings, and motivating badges that creates a strong personal connection between you and your customers.

A standout aspect to highlight is allowing your customers to convert their myCred points to real money. By using cashCred (a built-in addon), you can reward your customers with attractive points which can be encashed at any time. This highly contributes to reducing churn and increasing lifetime value. 

Key Features –

  • It offers tons of premium add-ons to further expand the potential of your loyalty program.
  • It allows you to automatically award or reduce points from your customer’s balance based on their interaction level.
  • It does not limit the number of point types you can manage from your side.
  • It enables you to add badge details, perform validation, modify info for any badge and create search fields/filters for badges.
  • It lets you place minimum/maximum restriction limits on the point conversion requests. 

Pricing Plans – myCred is a free and open-source loyalty plugin. It also offers one-year/three-year membership packages starting at $549, giving you access to premium add-ons, priority support, integrations, treasure assets, and much more to magnify customer experience.

3. WooCommerce Ultimate Points & Rewards  

This is one of the must-try WooCommerce loyalty plugins that lets you reward your customers with attractive point-based discounts. It offers granular controls such that you can award points by product, category, or global level.

The best part of using this loyalty plugin is that your customers can redeem points for discounts based on your set conversion rate. For example, you can reward 100 points when a customer purchases for $2. This intrigues customers to buy more products, and you can witness your sales numbers spiking up to the core.

Key Features –

  • It gives you complete control to define the limits to the point allocation and its related discounts.
  • It allows you to customize the reward system easily and also change points into tokens or coins.
  • It lets your customers view and manage their points from the “My Account” page.
  • It facilitates the eCommerce store owners to access the point changes made by individual customers.

Pricing Plans – The plugins costs $39 which includes a 6-month support from the developer. You can extend the support later by paying a nominal fee.

4. SUMO Reward Points

SUMO is a comprehensive WooCommerce Points and rewards plugin that lets you create a full-fledged and dedicated customer loyalty program. It enables you to reward your customers for writing reviews, social sharing, etc. and allows them to redeem the earned points in their next purchases.

It also enables you to segment your customers based on their reward points and offer personalized discounts and offers accordingly. This lets you deliver a customized customer loyalty experience, thus making them feel valued and unique.

Key Features –

  • It allows you to reward customers for product purchases, referrals, signup, adding reviews, and much more.
  • It enables you to exclude specific products/categories from redeeming points.
  • It allows you to set minimum and maximum limits for points redemption.
  • It enables you to update the reward point options in the product/category level or the existing products.

Pricing Plans – The plugins costs $49 which includes a 6-month support from the developer. You can extend the support later by paying a nominal fee.

5. ReferralCandy


Do you wish to automate your customer referral campaigns and let acquisitions flow over the top? If so, then ReferralCandy is my best choice. It is an advanced WooCommerce rewards plugin that enables you to customize rewards and widens engagement via enticing referral nudges. 

You can build on-branded referral programs by adding your brand logo, banner, fonts, copy, and much more. It enables you to detect successful referrals, distribute rewards and take action against suspicious referral activities to maximize your returns. 

Key Features –

  • It integrates with popular applications like Mailchimp, Google ads, Facebook pixel, Adroll, Klaviyo, and much more.
  • It lets you offer a percentage discount, dollar discount, cash, and custom gifts.
  • It enables you to automatically invite customers at chosen times, such as after checkout.
  • It tracks new referral sales, unlocks top referrers, and lets you compare how your referral program performed against industry benchmarks.
  • It promotes your referral program by embedding signup forms, landing pages, invite emails, and popups at checkout.

Pricing Plans – ReferralCandy’s Premium plan costs $49/month (plus commission), allowing unlimited customers, advanced fraud management, live chat support, and data reports. The Enterprise plan costs $3,999/month with the highest priority support. 

6. WPLoyalty


WPLoyalty is another amazing WooCommerce loyalty plugin that lets you launch a loyalty program within minutes. You can reward your customers for every action they perform in your store, like purchasing, writing a review, referring a friend, signing up, reaching order goals & social sharing. 

With WPLoyalty, you can also run a Referral program to turn your customers into brand advocates and generate Word of mouth to acquire new customers cost-effectively. 

Key Features –

  • You can offer loyalty points and coupon rewards in percentage or fixed discounts, free shipping, or product.
  • It lets you run a tiered loyalty program and satisfy customers of all levels.
  • It provides a dashboard to check the points earned & redeemed by customers.
  • It lets you set expiry dates for rewards and send reminded emails to customers.
  • You can display messages on product, cart & checkout pages to inform customers. 
  • It provides a customizable rewards page for the customers 
  • It provides real-time analytics on the revenue earned via points and rewards program

Pricing Plans – Features are similar across all the pricing plans, with ‘Number of sites’ as the only difference. The starter plan is priced at $99/year for 1 site, followed by the Professional plan at $129/year for 3 sites. And the Agency plan at $199/year for 5 sites.

7. WooRewards

WooRewards is another top-rated WooCommerce points and rewards plugin that offers an intuitive interface to create a customizable loyalty program for your WooCommerce store. it is fully compatible with WooCommerce subscriptions, which enables you to give points to your subscribers for initial and renewal subscriptions.

The plugin allows 20+ actions for customers to earn rewards. It includes completing a purchase, recurring website visits, posting a comment, submitting product reviews, social sharing, and many more. With such options, you will have many possibilities to entice your customers to engage with your store.

This feature-rich WooCommerce loyalty plugin enables you to launch both tiered-based & point-based loyalty programs. You can also allow you to automatically reward your customers on specific occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Easter, etc., which act as a trump card in blasting your conversion rates. 

Overall, with WooRewards, you have infinite possibilities to build an attractive loyalty reward for your WooCommerce store and skyrocket your sales to the next level.

Key Features –

  • It lets you create badges that motivate your customers to unlock more loyalty points.
  • It allows you to reward customers by offering cart discounts, WooCommerce coupons, free products, free shipping, etc.
  • It offers a powerful wizard that helps you generate loyalty programs automatically.
  • It enables you to set point expiration, create events, view the point history for all customers, and reward them directly.

Pricing Plans – WooRewards offers 2 subscription options, which include a monthly subscription at just 9.90€/month and an annual subscription at 99€/year. it also offers a Lifetime License at $249€, which includes updates forever.

8. WooCommerce Ultimate Points and Rewards

If you want to attract potential advocates and escalate your sales to high levels, this WooCommerce plugin has got you covered. You can reward customers in exchange for their loyalty, generate loyalty discount coupons and build your community via membership points.

It allows your customers to earn points based on their in-store activities. To improve customer engagement, you can distribute loyalty points and dynamically manage the rewarded points based on your customers’ return and refund requests.

Key Features –

  • It allows you to assign product loyalty points to each product variation.
  • It lets you set points and reward expiration periods for redemption by setting a threshold duration.
  • It allows both the merchant and the customer to view the point log details for convenience(date and event in which the customer has availed of these points).
  • It allows your customers to share their loyalty points with their peer groups, which motivates high participation.

Pricing Plans – It costs $39 for a regular license and $1999 for an extended license.

9. Gratisfaction

Gratisfaction is another popular points and rewards plugin for WooCommerce stores. It lets you skyrocket your store’s conversion figures by conducting loyalty, referrals, giveaways, purchase rewards, and much more. Thanks to its tons of customization options so that you can set up your customized loyalty program with ease.  

This all-in-one platform enables you to reward your customers for specific actions like adding reviews, subscribing to newsletters, birthdays, purchases, etc. Besides, it offers more flexibility in redeeming reward points such that your customers will be able to convert points into discounts or for free gifts.

Key Features –

  • It allows your customers to pay using their loyalty points which in turn amplifies your conversion rates.
  • It offers additional rewarding options when customers visit a specific page of your site, or also you can set up custom forms to reward customers when they fill them.
  • It allows you to define the points required to redeem from a selection of rewards. 

Wrapping Up

Starting a Loyalty program is one of the most effective customer retention strategies for eCommerce brands. However, to make a loyalty program successful, you must pick the right points and rewards plugin or tool that enables you to an engaging loyalty program that encourages customers to shop more to earn amazing rewards.

The above-listed loyalty plugins for WooCommerce are the best in the market and now it is your turn to pick the most relevant plugin and start a loyalty program for your store.

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