5 Best Shopify Apps for Abandoned Cart Recovery

High cart abandonment rate in your Shopify store? Add these abandoned cart recovery apps to recover abandoned carts.

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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most common challenges for eCommerce businesses. However, by using cart abandoned recovery apps and tools, you can encourage your customers to take action and complete the checkout process.

If you are a Shopify store owner, you have plenty of apps that you can use for cart recovery. In this article, I will show you some of the best Shopify abandoned cart recovery apps available on Shopify App Store.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Retainful


Retainful offers a suite of products that help bring back your customers to their cart, increase sales via next order coupons, and help acquire new customers at a low cost through referral marketing. 

This simple yet effective platform automatically sends abandoned cart recovery emails to your customers. It prevents the loss of sales with the help of non-intrusive pop-ups that display special offers, discounts, etc.

So how Retainful helps in recovering your abandoned cart customers? Here are those winning steps that guarantee high conversions:

  • When a customer from your store leaves his cart, you can see the details of abandoned carts in the Retainful’s dashboard, showing the cart value and the customer’s details.
  • With the help of a simple drag-and-drop builder, you can set up a series of recovery emails which can also be personalized by adding your customer names.
  • The recovery emails contain a unique link that redirects customers to recover their cart quickly. Also, you can insert coupons that intrigue your customers to swiftly make the desired purchase. 

It is clear from these steps that Retainful offers conversion-driven features that ultimately prove to bring back your customers and accomplish successful purchases. 

You need not worry about anything as this platform automatically tracks abandoned carts, and sends unlimited recovery emails that manifest high sales rates and ROI.

2. Abandoned Cart Recovery by Marsello

This easy-to-use Shopify abandoned cart recovery app actively engages your customers and magnetizes them back to your Shopify store by sending automated recovery emails and reminding them via messenger to retrieve your abandoned sales. 

Besides, you can also use exit-intent popups with offers, discounts, etc., that trigger the shopping behavior of your customers. 

Now, let me break the conventional aspect and explain how this Shopify cart recovery app works in a simple, understandable manner. 

Sending Abandoned Cart Emails to your customers:

  • You can automate a series of 3 cart abandonment emails.
  • You can easily customize your email templates with the help of a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Then you can choose to instantly add the products that your customers have added to the cart to the emails.
  • To make the process meaningful, you can include the checkout button so that when your customers click, they’ll proceed to the cart conversion process.

In this way, you can potentially garner all the lost sales and grow your Shopify store revenue to the next level.

Next, let’s have a look at how the Facebook Messenger does wonders for your Shopify store:

  • Similar to emails, you can automate a series of 3 reminder messages.
  • You can customize your reminder message and include two types of links in the message.
  • The first one is the link to their cart page, and the second one is the link to complete their order process.

These powerful ways of nudging your customers will bring them back to their cart, and they land upon successful completion of the purchase. Also, this Shopify app lets your customers log in across multiple devices, making the checkout process more accessible for them.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery Email by CareCart

This powerful Shopify abandoned cart recovery app provides reliable solutions for bringing back your customers to the checkout process. With the help of this app, you can track and retarget your customers to recover their abandoned carts and send push notifications that directly reach their fingertips.

Now let’s have an overview of what this Shopify app does to your customers:

  • You can seamlessly send abandoned cart emails that are triggered based on time and conduct push notification campaigns to recover your lost customers.
  • You get the complete freedom to automate a series of cart recovery emails that can be customized to support your store branding.
  • You also get the perks of scheduling abandoned cart emails to get delivered to your customer’s inbox at the right time.

An added bonanza is that you can collect your customer’s details with the help of email capture popups. It also offers a spin-a-wheel popup that allows your customers to play the game and win exciting discounts added to their cart. This triggers their mindset to utilize the offer immediately, and they end up making the purchase.   

4. Smart Cart Recovery by Gravitate

This is a standard cart recovery app that boosts the conversions of your Shopify store by sending cart abandoned mails and integrates directly with Facebook Messenger to speed up the order recovery process.

This Shopify abandoned cart app is so simple and easy to use. Here’s how it can help you amplify the recovery rate of your Shopify store.

  • You can queue up all of your past abandoned orders so that you can track and recover them soon.
  • You can send cart abandonment emails and also target your lost customers via Facebook Messenger.
  • You can potentially incentivize your store sales by offering attractive discount codes that prevent the abandonment of your customers.
  • You can design beautiful, on-branded cart recovery emails with the help of a flexible interface.

By simultaneously engaging with your customers at different channels, you get the chance to magnify your cart conversion rates. It also allows you to add as many emails to your cart abandoned workflows. 

5. Carti Abandoned Recovery by StilyoApps

This Shopify abandoned cart recovery app automates all the steps involved in the cart abandonment process. It lets you focus on creating recovery campaigns that certainly multiply the current sales rate of your Shopify store.

The best part is that it provides a set of growth tools like SMS, push notifications, emails, and popups that shield your potential customers from getting abandoned.

Now, let’s have a look at how this tool works:

  • You can clearly browse through the abandonment cart history of your customers and automatically conduct campaigns that bring your lost customers back to your store.
  • You can also integrate this app with Onesignal, Sendgrid, Facebook Messenger to reach abandoned cart customers at different channels.
  • You can create an abandoned checkout recovery flow which makes your life extremely simple as you can instantly redirect all the abandoned customers to the checkout process.

This robust Shopify cart abandonment app also delivers advanced analytics, giving all the details of how your cart recovery campaigns are performing. It allows you to make meaningful decisions such that you can alter your campaigns for achieving more conversions.

Choose the Best Shopify App for Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shopping cart abandonment happens to even successful eCommerce stores, and as an eCommerce store owner, you must accept it as a part of the purchasing journey.

I have come across several new eCommerce entrepreneurs, wondering how and why customers abandon their carts so much. The answer is simple – this is the customer behavior you should include in your sales and marketing strategy and find a way through it.

Now, it is your turn to accept it and pick the best Shopify abandoned cart recovery app to boost your revenue to an all-time high.

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