7 Best Shopify Countdown Timer Apps in 2024

Best Shopify Countdown timer apps
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Countdown timers are one of the most effective conversion-focused elements that you can use to improve the conversion rate and increase sales for your online store.

The idea behind using countdown timers is to create a sense of urgency in customers to make their purchases. When customers see that the specific deal or product is available only for a limited time, it invokes the feeling that they could miss the opportunity, which encourages them to complete the purchase instantly.

There are different types of countdown timers that you can use for different objectives such as displaying limited stocks, flash sales offers, cart completion, offer validity, etc. You can use each type for different sales campaigns at different stages of the buyer journey.

The Shopify page builder apps like GemPages and PageFly also provide countdown timer elements to on store pages. However, if you want to display timer bars and pop-ups, you will need a dedicated countdown time app.

In this article, we have compiled some of the best Shopify countdown timer apps that you can use to add timer bars, pop-ups, and even within pages to drive more sales & conversions.

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1. Essential Countdown Timer Bar

Essential Countdown Timer Bar

If you want to add beautiful countdown timers on your product pages, landing pages, and cart pages, this is the perfect app for you. you can also add top or bottom announcement bars with a countdown timer, which will be displayed across your Shopify store.

It comes with 20+ pre-made countdown styles for flash sales, promotions, pre-orders, product launches, and holiday sales. You can easily customize these templates or create one from scratch to match your store branding.

This Shopify countdown timer app allows you to add 3 different types of countdown timers – schedule-to-date, evergreen, or recurring timers, which you can leverage to promote different types of sales campaigns.

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows up to 1000 monthly views with unlimited product page timers and top bar timers. The paid plan starts at just $6.99/month giving you access to more advanced features.

2. POWR Countdown Timer

POWR Countdown Timer

If you are looking to add to your store pages different types of countdown timers, the POWR countdown Timer app has you covered. It provides you with 7 types of countdown and count-up timers that you can use to boost sales and build social proof for your store.

For instance, you can use a count-up timer to show off the number of people who added a specific product to their shopping cart. Similarly, you can use a countdown timer to show the decreasing stock quantity to encourage customers to complete their purchases.

The app comes with various pre-designed templates for the product page, cart page, landing page, and announcement bar timers. You will also be able to add animations to the countdown timers to grab visitors’ attention.

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows you to publish 1 countdown timer with full design controls. The paid plan starts at just $5.49/month with access to advanced customization features.

3. TimexBar Stock Countdown Timer

TimexBar Stock Countdown Timer

If you want to use scarcity as your FOMO strategy to boost sales, this stock countdown timer app would be the perfect addition to your Shopify store. It enables you to show the remaining stock of the product on specific product pages, enticing them to purchase instantly.

Using this app, you can also establish social proof by showing that items are selling fast, which will invoke the feeling of missing out on customers. Thus, encouraging them to buy the product within a limited time.

Besides that, with its customization options, you can optimize countdown timers to match your branding and enhance product page design for increased sales and conversions.

Pricing Plans – It is free to use forever.

4. Rushy Scarcity Countdown Timer

Rushy Scarcity Countdown Timer

This is another countdown timer that enables you to create a sense of scarcity in customers to make them complete their purchases within a given timeframe. Add a countdown cart timer to your store’s product pages, cart page & slide cart drawer.

You can also enable a checkout timer for specific products, which a “cart reserved” notice on the cart page and destroys the customer’s cart when the timer hits 00:00. It can be effective in reducing checkout abandonment as it pushes customers to finish the checkout instantly.

The app comes with several countdown presets, especially for sales seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, BFCM, Christmas & more. 

Pricing Plans – It offers a 7-day free trial on its paid plan, costing just $2.99/month.

5. Hextom Countdown Timer Bar

Hextom Countdown Timer App

This is another amazing countdown timer app that enables you to make the best use of the FOMO strategy to boost your store sales. The app lets you add one-time, auto-recurring, daily & weekly timers for different types of product sales promotions.

It also offers advanced targeting options like geo-location, device, social/UTM, customer attributes, page, etc., so that you can personalize the offers and content for different types of customers.

Using this app, you can add announcement bars with timers, but the widget is suitable only for product pages – you won’t be able to add timers on a cart or checkout page. 

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows you to create Event based timer with basic targeting options. The Premium Plan costs $9.99/month, allowing unlimited timers with access to advanced features.

6. Pushdaddy Countdown Timer Bar

Pushdaddy Countdown Timer app

If you just want to add an announcement bar with countdown timers, this would be the perfect app for you. It offers an extensive range of pre-designed templates for different sales campaigns that you can easily customize to match your store branding.

It provides various customization options for announcement bars and timers so that you can create new designs from scratch. It also allows you to add animation affection to timers.

Additionally, you can choose specific countries where you want to display a specific timer bar. You can even target visitors based on traffic sources and codes, enabling you to deliver a personalized shopping experience to your customers. 

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows unlimited timers. The paid plan costs 4.75/month, giving you access to targeting and customization options.

7. Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate app

This is another reliable Shopify countdown timer app that enables you to boost store conversion by adding beautiful countdown timers anywhere on any page of the store.

It comes with 7 pre-designed timer designs that you can customize to match your theme and add animation effects to enhance user experience. The app provides different time scheduling mechanisms such as repeating, specific periods, daily & weekly that you can use to configure timers for different types of sales campaigns.

The app even allows you to display countdown timers for multiple products based on conditions like Product tags, Sales only, and Out of stock. Finally, you can use this app for promoting flash sales, seasonal Sales, daily deals, or special day sales like BFCM.

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan with access to basic features. The paid plan costs $3.99/month, giving you access to its advanced customization and displaying options.

Wrapping Up

Creating a sense of urgency among store visitors and encouraging them to make purchases instantly is one of the most effective strategies to boost conversion rates for eCommerce businesses. 

Most successful eCommerce brands use this sales strategy and it never failed. You must have also seen Amazon running Flash sale offers on some of the products almost every day in which they offer a discount for a limited time period. That is one of the many use cases of countdown timers in eCommerce.

Now, as a Shopify merchant, you can also use one of these countdown timer apps to implement the strategy of creating urgency and fear of missing out to increase your store sales and performance.

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