7 Best Shopify Coming Soon Page Apps

Best Shopify Coming Soon Page Apps

Are you planning to launch a new product or redesign the store? Want to create a coming soon page to keep your visitors informed? You should try GemPages, the best coming soon page app for Shopify!

The Coming Soon Pages are not only used for store launches but can also be used to notify customers when your Shopify store is under maintenance or shut down for a while, as happened during the 2020 pandemic.

Similarly, you can create coming soon pages for the pre-launch of new products on your store to create a buzz around and generate more sales.

So, if you are looking for the best Shopify app to design a beautiful and responsive coming soon page, I’ve picked some of the best Shopify coming soon page apps that you can install instantly and create the page within a few minutes.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. GemPages – Beautiful Coming Soon Page Templates

GemPages - Best Shopify coming soon page apps

GemPages is the #1 Shopify no-code drag-and-drop landing page builder that lets you create optimized coming soon pages. You can create eye-catchy designs by accessing 50+ templates and 100+ block elements that can be added directly within a few clicks.

On top of all, it has a high-speed CDN, which means your coming soon page will load faster regardless of the number of incoming visitors at any given time. Check our detailed review to get a complete overview of its features and functionalities.

Feature Highlights – 

  • Add a new section/template to improve the look & feel 
  • Save your templates and blocks for reuse to save time 
  • Edit page title, add meta descriptions, alt text, and configure H1, H2 tags 
  • Identify the winning page variant by running A/B testing
  • Access to advanced page settings 

Pricing Plans – GemPages offers a free plan with access to all its features but is limited to 1 publishable page, which you can use to create a coming soon page for your store. The paid plans start at $29/month and go up to $199/month.

However, you can use our exclusive GemPages discount to save 30% off paid plans for the first three months.

2. PageFly – Popular Shopify app for coming soon pages

PageFly Shopify Landing Page Builder

Pagefly is a popular Shopify Landing page builder that lets you build highly responsive landing pages with 70+ stunning templates and drag-and-drop forms that look perfect on any device.

You can use this page builder to create SEO-optimized coming soon pages, product pages, pricing pages, FAQ pages, etc., to magnify your Shopify store sales rate to the next level. Read our comprehensive PageFly review to know more about it.

Feature Highlights

  • Access to 50+ features and elements to amplify sales 
  • 90+ built-in templates crafted by Shopify CRO experts
  • Import/export pages and reuse saved sections 
  • Built-in analytics with Facebook pixel and Google Analytics integration
  • Compatible with popular Shopify apps
  • 24×7 customer support

Pricing Plans – Pagefly has a free plan that allows publishing one page, which you can use to create a coming soon page. To access more publishable slots (pages & sections), you will have to opt for one of the paid plans starting at $29/month. 

3. EComposer – Powerful Shopify Coming Soon Page App

EComposer - Shopify Coming soon page app

EComposer is another amazing page builder app that comes with a rich amount of coming soon page templates. It has a visual drag-and-drop page editor packed with tons of page elements to customize your coming soon pages.

If you are planning to use an advanced page builder to design your entire store and conversion-friendly product pages, you may want to use EComposer to create coming soon pages while you create the rest of the pages.

You should also read our detailed EComposer review to know more about its features and the functionalities it offers.

Key Features –

  • Visual drag-and-drop page editor
  • SEO-friendly
  • 70+ Stunning page templates
  • 190+ section templates
  • Create and save sections for reuse
  • Supports global fonts & typos
  • Compatible with popular Shopify themes and apps
  • 24/7 livechat support

Pricing Plans – EComposer has a free plan that allows creating up to 3 pages, which you can use to create a coming soon page. To create more pages, you can opt for one of its paid plans starting at just $14.99/month

4. Shogun– Shopify Coming Soon Page Builder

Shogun - Shopify Coming Soon Page Builder

With over 2100+ 5-star reviews, Shogun is a powerful landing page builder that lets you build any type of page including homepages, product pages, blog pages, and many more. 

It has a robust drag-and-drop builder that lets you customize your Shopify coming soon page with refined standards. You can collect emails from interested prospects, boost urgency via countdown, and add product videos & sliders to deliver a delightful viewing experience. 

Key Features – 

  • 30+ mobile-optimized themes & elements library
  • Built-in lazy loading & image optimization
  • Optimize page title, meta description, open graph meta tags, etc
  • Design the pages based on the screen size 
  • Boost your page for conversions by running A/B testing

Pricing Plans – Shogun has a free plan that allows you to create coming soon pages, but to make it live, you will need one of the paid plans ranging from $39/month to $299/month.

5. UnderConstruction Coming Soon

If you’re planning to temporarily shut down your Shopify store, you must inform your customers; otherwise, they might easily forget you. 

To solve this, you can use this optimized Shopify coming soon page app. It lets you display a countdown timer, so visitors know when you’ll be back. Without coding, you can customize the vibrant look. It is fully optimized for speed and has all features required to build an attention-grabbing page.

The best part is that your coming soon page will be automatically resized irrespective of device type, which enhances the user experience. 

Key Features – 

  • Easy-to-use drag & drop widget 
  • Auto-schedule coming soon page based on daily settings and pre-defined date/timebase 
  • Choose from multiple timer types for a countdown
  • Set your own custom pre-loader icon 
  • Enable age verification to restrict underage users
  • Integration with Mailchimp and Klaviyo for collecting emails

Pricing Plans – UnderConstruction has a forever free plan that allows for unlimited views, age verification, email collection & app branding. To remove the app branding you can upgrade to the paid plan costing $0.99/month.

6. Coming Soon Products Preorders

This Shopify coming soon page app is specifically designed to create the preorder and the Coming soon pages for products. It let’s to replace the “Add to cart” button with a “PreOrder Now” button, allowing customers to order the products before launch.

This Shopify app takes just 10 seconds to install, and then you just need to search for products and enable one of two product options. Your product pages will be updated automatically with Coming soon features.

Key Features – 

  • Change default text, styles and customize easily
  • Display the dates your products will be available for preorder
  • Make a product unavailable for purchase until the selected date 
  • Automate the product publishing process 
  • Add badges to specific products on collection pages 

Pricing Plans – It offers a 7-day free trial, and the full access plan starts at $9.99/month.

7. Fancy Coming Soon

This Shopify app lets you design advanced coming soon pages for your store. With its powerful text editor, you can include any content type like video, links, or images and provide a responsive view based on the measurement of each device type.

The best part is that you can use over ten unique animated themes to design beautiful coming soon pages. Besides, you can add snow effects with colors, background effects, timer, custom favicon, and social icons to deliver an immersive viewing experience.

In general, if you want to build a coming soon page emphasizing design and branding, the Fancy Shopify app is my recommendation.

Key Features –

  • Flexible & user-friendly setup 
  • Access to unique font styles 
  • Timezone support for the countdown timer
  • Install different chat messaging apps 
  • Apply different image effects – crop, rotate, mirror, etc. 

Pricing Plans – It offers a 2-day free trial, and the paid plan costs $2.99/month.

How to Create a Coming Soon Page on Shopify?

In this section, I will show you the best two ways to create a coming soon page for your Shopify stores. 

1. Use the Shopify Password page

Shopify, by default, creates a password page for password-enabled stores. It enables you to create a coming soon page only for the store pages (not for product pages) by making some changes as follows – 

Step 1: Go to Online Store > Preferences from the left sidebar. Once the Preference window opens, navigate to the Password Protection section. 

Shopify Password Protection

To create the coming soon page, click the “Enable password” as shown in the image above.

Step 2: Next, head over to Online store > Themes from the Shopify dashboard and click the “Customize” button to open the theme editor. 

Step 3: In the theme editor, click the dropdown menu at the top and select the password page. This will take you to your theme’s default coming soon page, as shown below.

Customize Shopify Coming Soon Page

Step 4: Now, you can customize this page by modifying the password header, body content, email signup banner & footer. It should take less than 10 minutes and the page can appear like this. 

In this process, Shopify doesn’t provide you much flexibility to design the page and add elements like a countdown timer to make it more appealing.

2. Use Shopify Coming Soon Page App

Another way to create a stunning coming soon page with more design and customization flexibility is by using one of the above-listed coming soon page apps. 

I highly recommend using GemPages because it enables you to create a converting coming soon pages and lets you make other kinds of landing pages. 

As mentioned earlier, GemPages is packed with 50+ landing page templates for different functions, including the basic store pages such as about, contact us, products pages, and more. 

Having said that, it is now your turn to pick one of the apps listed, add it to your store and start creating beautiful coming soon or pre-launch page for your Shopify store,

Best Practices for Creating Shopify Coming Soon Pages

By now, you know some of the best Shopify apps to create coming soon pages and how you can create one for your store. 

However, before creating a coming soon page, I think you should consider these best practices to ensure that you are making the best out of your coming soon landing page. 

Here are some of the proven practices – 

1. Add Email Sign-up Form

The essence of adding an email signup form is to collect invaluable info like name, email address, phone number, etc.,to keep them updated with your store status and nurture them to visit the store again.

This is where you have to strategically design email signup forms to entice visitors to share their details. Here are few tips you can consider to create a compelling signup form – 

  • Keep the signup form minimalistic & distraction-free 
  • Add subtle colors and images to give a royal look
  • Do not include more than two fields – let it be short 
  • Write a compelling CTA that persuades visitors to perform the desired action 
  • Tell visitors what they will get upon signup 

2. Set a countdown timer

A countdown timer is an inevitable element in a coming soon page. It psychologically piques the customer’s interest by injecting the FOMO element. Simply put, you can influence your customers’ minds by boosting urgency in their minds. This eventually makes them signup and avail the benefits. 

3. Offer an incentive

Offering incentives is one of the most effective ways to make customers signup for your prelaunch. You can offer early product access, attractive discounts, gifts, etc., to encourage visitors to subscribe to your email list.

4. Make it mobile responsive

Almost billions of users worldwide browse and shop via smartphones. Therefore your coming soon page must be well-designed to adapt to any device type. It guarantees higher conversion rates and delivers a rich mobile experience to customers. 

Which is the best Coming Soon Page App for your Shopify store?

Coming soon pages allow you to keep the customer informed and engaged until the store or product is live to purchase. 

A good coming soon page app lets you create stunning pre-launch pages where visitors can get notified about the upcoming changes and what they can expect to intrigue their excitement. 

And I believe that I’ve compiled a great set of Shopify coming soon pages that you can use for your store. I hope it helps you pick the perfect tool as per your need. 

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