20 Best Must-have Shopify Apps for Your New Store

Best Shopify Apps
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Shopify is the most popular platform to start an eCommerce business. It is user-friendly and enables anyone to create a store easily. Over that, its app store makes it super easy to find a suitable app for a specific task or feature. The app store has tons of apps that you can install in your store with just a single click.

However, choosing the best apps can be tiring and time-consuming. So, we did the leg work for you and compiled a list of the best Shopify apps you will need to build and grow your store.

Ready? Let’s start with the most important one.

1. GemPages


Shopify themes come with limited pages, including product pages, collection pages, blogs, and other essential pages. So, if you want to build landing pages for your marketing campaigns, you need GemPages. 

GemPages is the best Shopify page builder app that gives you complete no-code design flexibility. You can access an extensive library of stunning templates and 100+ block elements to build pages that sell and convert. 

Over that, you can enhance your page loading speed via its high-speed CDN. So no matter the number of incoming requests, your Shopify store’s reliability and response times will be highly scalable with GemPages.

To learn more about the app, check out our in-depth GemPages review.

Key Features –

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder
  • Convert images or URLs into editable layouts with the Image-to-Layout feature
  • Build white-labeled pages to reflect your branding
  • Save page sections and templates in your own library
  • A/B testing to select the winning variation
  • Create responsive pages separately for any device type

Pricing Plans – GemPages paid pricing plans are as follows – 

  • Build Plan – $29/month 
  • Optimize Plan – $59/month 
  • Enterprise Plan – $199/month 

Our friends at GemPages are very generous to offer a 10% discount on all paid plans to EcomSutra readers. Visit GemPages deals to learn more about this exclusive offer.

2. Omnisend


In eCommerce, email and SMS are essential marketing channels to communicate with consumers through the funnel to generate more sales. And with automation, you can put this on autopilot to nurture potential customers and engage the existing ones for upselling and cross-selling. 

Omnisend is the best Shopify app for email and SMS marketing automation. It is a beginner-friendly platform with advanced customer segmentation and behavior-based automation features that enable you to send highly targeted and personalized communications to your audience. It provides pre-built templates and automation workflows that you can easily customize per your business needs.

There’s more. Check out our detailed Omnisend review to know everything about its features and capabilities.

Key Features-

  • Flexible drag-and-drop email builder
  • 100+ pre-built templates for email, SMS, forms, and automation
  • AI-assisted customer lifecycle segmentation
  • Dynamic product feed for personalized recommendations
  • AI-powered Subject line assistant
  • Create pop-ups & sign up forms to grow email and SMS lists
  • Powerful integration with Gorgias, Growave, and other popular apps

Pricing Plans –  Omnisend has a free plan that allows up to 250 contacts with a 500 email sending limit, 500 web push notifications & 60 free SMS credits. The paid plans are as follows –

  • Standard – Starting at $16/month for up to 500 contacts, for email marketing only.
  • Pro – Starting at $59/month for up to 2500 contacts, 3933 SMS credits, and unlimited email sends

The monthly charges increase with the growth in the number of contacts and SMS credits used. All the plans give you access to every feature of the platform.

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3. Postscript


SMS marketing is the instant way to reach a more extensive set of audiences. With high open rates and guaranteed delivery rates, you can constantly stay on top of your customer’s minds and drive more sales. And, if you want a dedicated SMS marketing app, Postscript would be my #1 recommendation.

Although Klaviyo offers SMS marketing, Postscript takes it to the next level with features like 1:1 text conversation with customers and advanced audience segmentation. With its visual automation flow builder, you can automate every from welcoming new subscribers to sending back-in-stock alerts that can speed up your customer’s buying journey. 

Key Features – 

  • TCPA Compliant
  • Built-in landing page and opt-in form builder
  • Use keywords to join your SMS lists
  • Combine 40+ segmentation filters for laser targeting 
  • 65+ trigger events & 85+ trigger filters for automation
  • Engage with customers via two-way conversation
  • In-depth analytics reporting on SMS campaigns & revenue
  • Supports integration with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Justuno, and other Shopify Apps

Pricing Plans – PostScript offers a 30-day free trial. During this trial, you can build two unique keywords, set up automation, create segments, send marketing campaigns, and respond to customers. 

Postscript offers a free plan that allows for campaigns, automation, unlimited segments, toll-free numbers, and subscriber acquisition tools with 2 opt-in keywords. To access premium features, you must upgrade to the paid pricing plans as follows –

  • Growth Plan – $100/month 
  • Professional Plan – $500/month 
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact the Sales team 

All plans have built-in automation templates, subscriber acquisition tools, advanced segmentation, analytics, visual flow builder, custom contact card, response management, and custom attribution windows. 

4. Gorgias


Customers are more likely to shop from brands that resolve their issues instantly and provide a positive customer support experience. So, if you aim to provide excellent customer support to your customers, Gorgias would be the best Shopify help desk software you will ever need.

Gorgias is the best Shopify customer service app that centralizes all customer conversations in one dashboard across email, live chat, phone, Facebook, and Instagram. 

The best part of Gorgias is that you can run chat campaigns that are focused on customers’ needs and drive traffic to other products on your site. Furthermore, its sentiment analysis feature helps you determine the mood & feelings of your customers and take immediate action to resolve their issues with happy ratings.  

Check out our detailed Gorgias review to know if it is the best fit for your Shopify store.

Key Features –

  • See the full customer live chat and message history across different channels in one view.
  • Create automated responses to common questions like “Where is my order?
  • Create tags and rules to process tickets at a faster rate 
  • Add multiple chat integrations if you manage several stores via Gorgias 

Pricing Plans– Gorgias offers a 7-day free trial ( no credit card required), and the pricing is based on the number of tickets. Here are the plans – 

  • Basic plan – $60/month 
  • Pro plan – $300/month
  • Advanced Plan – $750/month 
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing

All the plans support unlimited users, social media integration, live chat, macros/rules, and up to 150 integrations. To generate unlimited monthly tickets, you will need an enterprise plan with custom pricing.  

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5. Printful


Print-on-demand is the simplest way to sell customized products with minimal investment. All you have to do is place your order and let the print-on-demand company pack and ship it to your customers quickly. 

Printful is the best print-on-demand Shopify app, which has a pool of  200+ high-quality products and enables you to add designs and generate mockups for free. 

The best part of using Printful is that you get complete liberty to elevate your branding potential – you can select your suitable packaging method, insert branded pack-ins, and include personalization notes inside packages. 

Apart from print-on-demand products, it also provides warehousing, graphic designing, and more services to help you build and grow your business hassle-free. You should read our detailed Printful review to learn more about its services and features.

Key Features –

  • Access to built-in design tools 
  • Same-day shipping for orders placed by noon 
  • The estimated delivery time is 2-7 business days 
  • No order minimum required 
  • Automated software checks for graphic quality 
  • Place sample orders to test product quality 

Pricing Plans – Printful does not incur any monthly fees. You only have to pay when an order is placed. If you want to access its premium services, you can upgrade to its paid pricing plans –

  • Printful Plus – $9/month
  • Printful Pro – $49/month

With Printful Pro, you can access built-in tools, 480+ attractive clip art images, carrier-based shipping, a promo maker, etc. Printful Plus offers capabilities for designing custom product mockups and a background remover tool.

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6. Spocket


If you’re planning to launch your dropshipping business via Shopify, you must choose trusted suppliers who sell high-quality products and good customer service. One such platform that lets you select winning products from thousands of authentic suppliers from the US & EU is Spocket. 

Spocket easily syncs with your Shopify store so that you can list products from suppliers on your site and keep track of all the orders without any hassle. You can also enjoy heavy discounts ranging from 30-40% on all the products exclusively on Spocket, which brings up your profit margin.

In general, if you’re targeting US & EU-based suppliers for your dropshipping business, Spocket is ultimately the best option. With high-quality premium products and faster shipping rates, Spocket helps skyrocket your dropshipping business to the next level.  

To decide whether Spocket is the best fit for you, check out our in-depth Spocket Review.

Key Features – 

  • Order product samples directly from the dashboard 
  • Create branded invoicing 
  • Customize products for high SEO ranking
  • Automated order fulfillment 
  • Source the best products based on shipping destination, items costs, top suppliers & best sellers 

Pricing & Plans – Sprocket offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan that allows you only to browse the product catalog. To source & sell the products, you must upgrade to their paid pricing plans which are as follows – ‘

  • Starter Plan – $24.99/month 
  • Pro Plan – $49.99/month 
  • Empire Plan – $99.99/month 

The Pricing plans vary based on the number of products and other premium features.

7. Easyship


Delivering a great shipping experience is crucial to the success of your eCommerce business. You’ll have to integrate the best shipping platform and streamline the entire fulfillment process to achieve this. One such Shopify app that creates a frictionless shipping experience is Easyship.

Easyship is one of the best shipping apps for Shopify stores. Through its easy-to-use interface, you can simplify & automate the shipping process. It also helps in reducing your shipping costs by accessing discounted couriers.

An added advantage is that Easyship’s algorithm detects the best & cheapest shipping options by calculating rates based on the products in the customer’s cart. This increases transparency and boosts checkout conversions. 

Key Features – 

  • Access to over 250+ courier services 
  • Integration with leading international couriers for global fulfillment
  • Create on-branded emails, shipment tracking pages & packing slips 
  • Fulfill orders from different countries automatically 
  • Split synced orders that contain more than one item into separate shipments 

Pricing Plans – Easyship offers a free plan that allows for 100 monthly shipments, a global fulfillment network, shipping rules, discounted shipping rates, catalog & pickup management, return labels, printing options, etc. 

If you exceed 100 shipments, then you can upgrade to the paid pricing plans, which are as follows –

  • Plus Plan – $29/month 
  • Premier Plan – $49/month 
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom

You can enjoy multi-box shipments, auto-order sync, and the flexibility to link your own courier accounts.

8. Aftership


By providing accurate shipping & tracking updates via SMS, email, or website, you can enhance the post-purchase experience for your customers. This ultimately helps you in increasing customer retention

AfterShip is an excellent order-tracking app for Shopify stores. It allows you to connect with multiple carriers and track data in one place, enabling you to resolve delivery incidents faster. Whether you have multiple shipping zones, shipping methods, or holidays, you can precisely calculate the order delivery date and keep your customers informed.

Key Features –

  • Create automated email delivery update workflows to auto-alert customers when the order status changes.
  • Trace whether all your shipments are delivered on time and identify any delays/exceptions.
  • Supports integration with 900+ carriers worldwide, including UPS, DHL, USPS, and others.
  • Send branded delivery updates via email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.  
  • Actionable insight on shipments, notifications, tracking pages, and customer feedback.

Pricing Plans – AfterShip has a free plan that allows tracking up to 50 shipments, a branded tracking page, and access to 987 carriers. The paid plans come with a 7-day free trial –

  • Essential Plan – $11/month for up to 100 monthly shipments with access to essential features.
  • Pro Plan – $119/month for up to 2000 monthly shipments with access to advanced integrations and tools
  • Premium Plan – $239/month for up to 2000 monthly shipments with access to powerful AI and analytics tools

The monthly charges of each plan can increase with the rise in the monthly shipments. If you have over 25,000 monthly shipments, you can opt for their enterprise plan with custom pricing.

9. BeProfit


One of the most common challenges of running a profitable Shopify store is calculating accurate profit. You have to track every expense that is incurred in managing and selling products, including advertising costs, shipping, and packaging charges. 

However, doing this manually cannot be efficient, and you may lose a lot of data in the process. This is where you can use BeProfit to track your expenses and provides visual reports like this –

BeProfit is the best profit-tracking app for Shopify stores. Its all-in-one dashboard gives you complete control over your numbers by presenting your data in easy-to-digest charts and graphs. That means no more spreadsheets!

Key Features –

  • Enter variable and fixed expenses that cannot be pulled automatically.
  • Schedule your custom reports and have them emailed directly to you.
  • Auto-sync expenses with top ad platforms (Facebook, Google, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest).
  • Up-to-date reports on eCommerce COGS, shipping costs, processing fees, and more.
  • Get deep-level insights on customer lifetime value (LTV) and marketing performance.

Pricing plans– BeProfit has a free plan, provides a profit-tracking dashboard, tracks expenses, and allows integration with ad platforms. The breakdown of paid plans is as follows – 

  • Basic Plan – $20/month 
  • Pro Plan – $60/month 
  • Ultimate Plan – $120/month 

All of these paid plans come with a 14-day free trial. The pricing varies based on the number of monthly orders. 

10. Weglot


If you want to attract local and global customers to your store, it is a good idea to create a multi-lingual site that enables you to serve your customers in their native language. This is where you can consider using Weglot.

Weglot is a top-rated website translation app for Shopify stores. It translates your Shopify store into 100+ languages within minutes. It automatically detects and translates the content of your site using leading neural machine translation providers. 

The best part is that your translated pages are automatically indexed on Google by following the ideal practices of a multilingual SEO. Localization is the new global, and Weglot lets you unlock that potential.

Key Features –

  • Access to powerful translation management tools 
  • Run your website translation tasks without writing code
  • Compatible with all major CMS and web technologies 
  • In-context editor for hassle-free translation editing
  • Review your translations, metadata, and files in one dashboard 

Pricing Plans – Weglot offers a 10-day trial period to test its core translation capabilities. However, if your Shopify website requires less than 2000 words and translation only in 1 language, you can use Weglot for free.

Now let’s view the breakdown of paid pricing plans – 

  • Starter Plan – €9.90/month 
  • Business Plan – €19/month 
  • Pro Plan – €49/month
  • Advanced Plan – €199/month 
  • Extended Plan – €499/month 

The Paid plans depend upon two major aspects- the number of words in your project and the number of translated languages you need. 

11. Growave


Loyalty and referral programs are the best ways to retain existing customers and acquire new customers at a low cost. If you have an ambitious growth goal for your store, Growave is a must-have Shopify marketing app for your store.

Growave is one of the best Shopify loyalty apps that enables you to run point-based loyalty programs to boost repeat purchases. You can reward customers with convertible points for actions they perform and incentivize them with gift cards, free shipping, in-store cash, and many more. 

In terms of the referral program, you can reward both the advocate and his/her friend by offering discounts and points. All it takes is sharing a unique referral link across social platforms to acquire new customers. 

Growave is more than a loyalty & referral app. It has to do a lot for your Shopify store. To understand its full potential, check out our Growave Review.

Key Features –

  • Run time-limited offers to boost customer activity 
  • Create custom actions via API 
  • Reward top-tier customers by creating VIP tiers 
  • Send personalized emails and nudges to enroll in the loyalty program

Pricing Plans – Growave has a flexible pricing plan for Shopify stores of any size and it provides access to all the features in every plan. The basic plan starts at just $9/month and goes up to $299/month.

Growave offers a 14-day free trial, but using our Growave coupon, you can claim a 30-day extended free trial.

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12. ReferralCandy


Consumers are more likely to purchase when they get trusted recommendations from their peers. This is where a referral program accelerates both customer acquisition and sales processes. One such Shopify app that makes this magic is ReferralCandy. 

ReferralCandy lets you launch on-branded and customizable referral programs by rewarding both parties. You can automate your entire referral program and keep skyrocketing conversions while sleeping. 

You can offer cash rewards, store discounts, and custom gifts to referrers and referred ones. The best part is these rewards are automatically paid out. In this way, you build trust and maximize potential customer relationships. 

Key Features –

  • Invite customers to signup via nudges, emails, forms, popup
  • Track your referral sales, traffic, and top referrers
  • Take action against suspicious referral activities 
  • Send customers to a landing page to get their referral link

Pricing Plans – Referral Candy offers a 30-day free trial on its Premium plan. Now let me break down its paid pricing plans – 

  • Premium Plan – $49/month + commission
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact the Sales team 

You’ll get access to unlimited customers, live chat support, advanced fraud management, dashboard & data reports. 

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13. UpPromote


Affiliate marketing is another effective eCommerce marketing strategy that I think every store should adopt. It enables you to attract quality customers through affiliate partners like bloggers & influencers without paying even a dollar upfront. 

UpPromote is the best Shopify affiliate app, which enables you to turn all your happy customers into affiliate partners and easily onboard new affiliates via registration forms. Once they join your affiliate program, they will get a dedicated dashboard from where they can generate custom affiliate links, and discount code and track their performance.

Key Features –

  • Allows unlimited affiliates
  • Marketplace listing to attract affiliates
  • Zero-commission on affiliate sales
  • Automatically turn customers into affiliates
  • Manually add affiliate partners
  • Dedicated affiliate dashboard to track sales & payouts
  • Customizable thank you and sign-up pages
  • Allow affiliates to accept payouts in cash or gift cards

Pricing Plans –  UpPromote has a free plan that allows unlimited affiliates with access to all the basic features. It has three paid plans with a 14-day free trial, which are as follows –

  • Grow Affiliate – $29.99/month, approve/deny 300 referrals/month, Post-purchase popup & more.
  • Professional – $89.99/month, approve/deny 600 referrals/month, auto-generated coupon codes
  • Enterprise – $199.99/month, dedicated support, unlimited approve or deny referral orders & more.

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14. SearchPie


You might have built a beautiful Shopify store, but if the site pages are not SEO-friendly, then your store will not be able to rank higher on search results. This is where you can consider using an SEO Booster app.

SearchPie is the best Shopify SEO app that lets you optimize unlimited images, meta tags, URLs, and sitemaps. It also provides suggestions on fixing your SEO errors properly.

The app provides all insights into your daily SEO activities via the unified dashboard and gets detailed SEO statistics to know where you shine and identify the areas of improvement.

It is constantly updated with fresh to advanced SEO capabilities, which helps in boosting your store’s trust and credibility factors. It is easy to use and raises your chances of getting ranked on the top pages of search results.

Key Features –

  • Control 404 links with auto-fix 
  • Improve the loading speed of mobile pages
  • Access to Google indexing tools 
  • Auto compress images 
  • Track SEO metrics like website ranking, speed, google-search ability, organic traffic

Pricing Plans – SearchPie offers a 7-day free trial. It offers a free plan that allows for image compression, basic snippets, image alt (50 products), meta tags, SEO reports, and speed analysis. 

The details of paid pricing plans are as follows –

  • Pro Plan – $39/month for broken link autopilot, Sitemap update, and more.
  • Unlimited Plan – $79/month for keyword analytics, AMP support & more.

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15. Vitals


If you are just getting started with an eCommerce business, you can use Vitals instead of investing in specialized Shopify apps for basic features like collecting customer reviews, currency converting, pop-up notifications, and more. 

Vitals is one of the most popular Shopify apps in the app store, with a perfect rating of 5.0. It is a budget-friendly app with 40+ app features at the price of one. So you don’t have to install separate apps for multiple purposes. 

It helps you generate more sales by making your Shopify store conversion-friendly with a countdown timer, product recommendations, sales popup, etc. 

And the best part is, that your Shopify store’s speed won’t get affected due to its several built-in functionalities. With a fast CDN and caching, all the apps are lightweight, contributing to increasing speed and user experience.  

Key Features –

  • Collect customer reviews and display them across your site.
  • Add a Shoppable Instagram Feed on your site pages.
  • Display real-time sales notifications to customers
  • Generate leads with Wheel of Fortune, Pop-Ups, & Email Capture Bar.
  • Increase AOV by offering volume discounts, BOGO, and more.

Pricing Plans – Vitals offers a 30-day free trial, and its paid plan costs only $29.99/month. It is the most affordable Shopify app you can find on the list. 

Check out our complete Vitals App review to get a full picture of its features and how it can be helpful for your business. 

16. Justuno


Upselling & cross-selling are the two most inevitable factors for drastically boosting the AOV. When planned and done in the right way, you can optimize the value of every sale and increase customer lifetime value as well.

Justuno is one of the best Shopify popup apps that you can use for upselling & cross-selling products to your customers. Its powerful Commerce AI discovers your customers’ behavior insights and patterns to recommend the best set of products they love. 

You can access a plethora of ready-to-use recommendation templates or even choose to build from scratch. Its recommendation engine automates sending hyper-relevant upsells & cross-sells, thus offering an unparalleled shopping experience to your customers. 

Key Features – 

  • Place personalized upsells & cross-sells across your site from in-page, in-cart, or popup.
  • Highlight the actual product value to encourage buying trait 
  • Add offerings like warranties or repair protection for cross-selling

Pricing Plans – Justuno offers a 14-day free trial in which you can create pop-ups, product recommendations, banners, spin-to-win, and many more. The pricing plans vary based on the number of monthly website visitors, and they are as follows –

  • Essential Plan – $29/month 
  • Justuno Plus – $399/month 

However, if your Shopify store has less than or equal to 5000 monthly website visits, you can use Justuno for free. For general assistance, you’ll get the ticket and chat support.

17. SellBrite


If you want to list & sell your Shopify store’s products on multiple marketplaces, SellBrite will be my #1 recommendation. It integrates with Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, and Google. You can sync your product, and inventory changes, and control everything within the Shopify admin.

When you receive orders from multiple marketplaces, SellBrite makes shipping easier immediately. You can ship all your orders from a single interface or automatically route orders to FBA. It also alerts your sales channels and provides a tracking number for the shipment. 

In a nutshell, SellBrite is the one-stop destination to build, grow, and optimize your multi-channel selling business on Shopify. You can create new marketplace listings and efficiently manage existing product listings without navigating elsewhere.

Key Features –

  • Inventory rules to control the quantities you show on marketplaces
  • Pricing rules to customize each channel 
  • Automatic listing & pricing updates to all channels 
  • Bulk list inventory to your channels to reach more customers 
  • Optimize sales via accurate cross-channel reports 

Pricing Plans – SellBrite offers free unlimited access on all paid plans for 30 days. Besides, it also comes with a Free Plan that allows for 30 orders/month (excluding FBA), unlimited sales channel integration, multi-channel inventory control, multi-location support, and many more. 

If you receive more orders/month, you can upgrade to the paid pricing plans –

  • Pro 100 Plan – $19/month 
  • Pro 500 Plan – $59/month 
  • Pro 2k Plan – $99/month

18. Quickbooks


Quickbooks is overall the best Shopify accounting app. It is simple, easy to use, and lets you manage your entire financial operations on the cloud without any hassle.

You can schedule recurring payments, create on-branded invoices, manage cash flow, and get paid quickly. It also gives you full visibility of your product’s inventory to reduce the risk of overselling.

On top of all, Quickbooks is GST ready, which means all the features pertinent to GST are automatically enabled without additional cost. With a built-in invoice tracker, you can track unpaid GST bills and send instant reminders to customers to collect payments.

Key Features – 

  • Free unlimited customer support 
  • Auto-categorize transactions to manage expenses & sales 
  • Apply the FIFO technique to calculate the cost of each product sold
  • Print multiple invoices as a batch 
  • Setup rules to split transactions 

Pricing Plans – Quickbooks offers a 30-day free trial. The Paid plans start at $12.50/month and scale up to $90/month with advanced features. If you use our Quickbooks coupon, you can claim 55% off for the first 3 months.

19. Taxjar


Taxjar is the best sales tax software for eCommerce. It automates the whole sales tax cycle across all your sales channels. It takes care of intricate processes like calculation, nexus tracking, filling, and reporting so you can concentrate on optimizing other essential tasks. 

It not only prepares filings according to each state’s requirements but also automatically submits returns & remittances on your behalf. This leads to zero errors, reduced processing time, high productivity, and efficiency. 

One outstanding aspect is that you can perform highly accurate sales tax calculations in real-time. It is based on your customer’s state, country, city, and district. Even if the tax rates change, they’re updated immediately, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Key Features – 

  • Easily track economic nexus directly from the dashboard 
  • Jurisdiction-level sales tax reporting 
  • Advanced reporting that gives you an updated view of transactions and tax liability 
  • AI-driven product taxability recommendations 
  • Simple & advanced CSV import 

Pricing Plans – Taxjar offers a 30-day free trial. During this trial, you’ll get full access to all the Professional plan features, API access, integrations, team management, and the ability to import 60 days worth of order data for reporting.

There are three major pricing plans – Starter, Professional, and Premium. You must contact the sales team to know the pricing details.

20. Recharge Payments

Recharge Payments

Recharge is a top-rated subscription payment platform that lets you set up dynamic recurring billing for your Shopify store. It supports all major payment processors like Stripe, Authorize.net, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc. 

With RechargeSMS, your customers are automatically notified about upcoming charges, card declines, and other instances. You can also upsell to your customers by letting them combine one-time & subscription items in the same shopping cart.

On the whole, Recharge is a winning subscription payment solution that strengthens the transactional relationship between you and your customers. It lets you build a more reliable and consistent revenue stream that increases your business’s overall profit levels. 

Key Features – 

  • Receive automatic alerts to get notified about customers’ activities. 
  • Dedicated merchant admin portal 
  • Gain actionable insights about revenue, customers & subscriptions
  • Allow customers to swap for a different product
  • Customers can reschedule or skip deliveries to improve LTV 

Pricing Plans – Recharge’s Standard Plan is free to use. It doesn’t incur any monthly fees but charges 1% + 10¢ per transaction. You’ll get access to subscription billing and merchant & shopper tools to launch subscriptions for your Shopify store. 

To unlock the full potential of Recharge, you can upgrade to the Pro plan costing $300/month along with 1% + 19¢ per transaction. You can set up a custom checkout domain, customizable shopper portal, and other advanced capabilities.

Wrapping Up

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms, and its App Store is what makes Shopify stand out among its alternatives & competitors. It offers basically every type of tool a Shopify store needs at just a click away. Click “Install & it’s ready to use.”

In this article, we have listed all the essential apps that every Shopify store should have to provide an excellent user experience and drive more sales. Now, it’s your turn to go to your Shopify store, install the missing apps and configure them in the best possible way to grow your business.

I hope this article helped you find the right Shopify apps for your store. If you are looking for apps specific to your niche or business model, you may want to check these articles next –

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