5 Best Shopify Partial Payment Plan Apps (2024)

Best Shopify Partial Payment Plan Apps
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If you sell high-ticket products in your Shopify store, you have to offer different payment plans such as EMI, or partial installment plans to ease the purchasing experience for customers.

Beyond mere convenience, this approach opens doors to budget-conscious buyers, resulting in more sales and conversions. By offering partial payment plans, customers make a partial payment of the invoice to complete the purchase and secure the product, while the remaining amount is structured into convenient installment plans.

Being a Shopify merchant, you have access to plenty of payment apps, but not every app offers this feature to collect partial payments. So, I did the legwork for you and shortlisted some of the best partial payment apps that you can consider using in your store.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Deposit & Split Payment Depo

Deposit & Split Payment Depo

For an advanced partial payment solution tailored to your Shopify store, Deposit & Split Payment Depo steps in as a reliable choice. Specializing in managing partial and split payments, pre-orders, and deposit handling, this app streamlines the process of accepting split payments from your customers. By securely vaulting customers’ cards, it ensures the automatic charging of the remaining payment on a predetermined date.

Adding to its capabilities, Deposit & Split Payment Depo supports draft order deposits and facilitates the seamless management of automated invoices from its dashboard. This not only simplifies your operations but also contributes to an increase in your Average Order Value (AOV).

Key Features –

  • Accept deposits and send pending payment invoices multiple times.
  • Enable pre-orders, charging pending payments upon item readiness for dispatch.
  • Support deposits or split payments on draft orders created via the Shopify admin.
  • Auto-charge the remaining deposit amount directly from Shopify or Depo.
  • Subscription options, including flexible schedules.

Pricing Plans – Deposit & Split Payment Depo caters to a range of needs with a free plan and three paid plans priced at $12.50/month, $50/month, and $300/month, each offering a complimentary 14-day trial period.

2. Split Payment & Deposit SpurIT

Split Payment & Deposit SpurIT

Split Payment & Deposit by SpurIT is a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the ordinary. This versatile app takes the lead on our list, offering a 4-in-1 powerhouse solution. From deposit payments to accommodating multiple payment methods in a single transaction, and even supporting shareable and installment payments – this app is designed to elevate your retail sales strategy.

Boosting its appeal is the ability to manually prepare invoices, accounting for delivery costs, and factoring in tax rates for customer purchases. It’s a perfect match for businesses seeking to provide customers with a spectrum of payment choices, ultimately fostering an environment conducive to increased sales.

Key Features –

  • Facilitate multiple payments, allowing customers to utilize two credit cards or a card and PayPal.
  • Shareable payments enable distribution among multiple recipients via email.
  • The installment widget empowers customers to pay in convenient installments (BNPL).
  • Secure deposits and automatic collection of the remaining amount on the due date.
  • Customize widgets and buttons to seamlessly integrate with your store’s aesthetics.

Pricing Plans – Split Payment by SpurIT offers a straightforward pricing plan at $17.95/month or $119/year, with the added benefit of a free 30-day trial.

3. Advanced PreOrder‑Partial Pay

Advanced PreOrder‑Partial Pay

A uniquely tailored payment solution for your Shopify store – Advanced PreOrder-Partial Pay offers a distinctive blend of preorders and partial payments, providing your customers with an efficient pre-order system. With features like partial payments, support for different variants of the same product, inventory availability, and in-stock notifications, this Shopify app stands out.

The user-friendly interface allows you to gauge customer interest in new products and facilitates handling partial payments seamlessly. Notably, the Geo-Location feature ensures that the pre-order/partial payment button appears based on the customer’s geographic location.

Key Features –

  • Initiate Pre-Orders for out-of-stock or unavailable items, even supporting variants.
  • Sell various variants of the same product with partial payment on preorder.
  • Set availability for preorders and items marked as “Coming soon.”
  • Engage customers with in-stock notifications using the “Notify Me” feature.
  • Customize the display of the Pre-order/Partial button based on geographic selection.

Pricing Plans – Getting started with Advanced PreOrder‑Partial Pay is free, and there are three premium plans priced at $3.99/month, $9.99/month, and $17.99/month. Additionally, all plans offer a free 3-day trial.

4. Charge Me Later, Wholesale app

Charge Me Later, Wholesale app

For those seeking a functionality akin to Amazon’s Pay Later, Charge Me Later, a Wholesale app, is the answer. This app allows customers to create orders without immediate payment, offering the flexibility of choosing between Pay Now or Pay Later. Once an order is created, manual or automated invoices can be sent, with due dates for payment.

Charge Me Later also facilitates the creation of customer groups with different wholesale discounted prices, whether fixed or percentage-based. The bulk upload feature, utilizing CSV, further streamlines the process.

Key Features –

  • Provide customers with Pay Now or Pay Later options, followed by invoice generation.
  • Set wholesale product prices for distinct customer groups, with bulk pricing imports.
  • Send order invoices manually or automatically through Shopify.
  • Compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 Shopify themes, with app settings manageable from theme customization.
  • Set an additional discount for customers choosing the Pay Now option.

Pricing Plans – Charge Me Later offers three pricing plans: $9.99/month, $19.99/month, and $29.99/month, each with a free 4-day trial period.

5. Panda PreOrder-Split Payments

Panda PreOrder-Split Payments

Alongside its role as a partial payment app, Panda PreOrder-Split Payments doubles as a pre-order solution. This app empowers shoppers to place pre-orders for out-of-stock items, allowing them to make upfront partial payments – an ideal solution for wholesale merchants.

Transform your store’s “Add to Cart” button into “Pre-Order” for out-of-stock items, and enable shoppers to seamlessly pay through the standard order procedure. With full control over split payment settings, Panda PreOrder-Split Payments simplifies the customer payment process while providing store owners with a hassle-free experience.

Key Features –

  • Enable/Disable pre-order availability for each product and its variants.
  • Partial payment feature with automated final payments.
  • Bulk variant editing and quick badge display in your store.
  • Boost sales, even for out-of-stock items.
  • Editable text options for buttons.

Pricing Plans – Panda PreOrder-Split Payments is free to install however, there are two premium plans priced at $2.99/month and $5.99/month with a few extended features.

Advantages of Accepting Partial Payments in your Shopify Store

Having explored the best Shopify partial payment apps, if you are still wondering if it is the right plan to offer partial or installment payment plans in your store, here are are few advantages that might help you form your opinion on it – 

1. Elevated Buying Experience & Conversion Rates

Partial payments redefine the purchasing journey by dismantling financial barriers and making access to expensive products more attainable. Enabling customers to pay in installments broadens opportunities for those unable to afford a product upfront. This enhancement in convenience can significantly improve conversion rates, encouraging shoppers to finalize their purchases with flexible payment options.

2. Expanded Customer Reach & Market Penetration

Implementing partial payment options empowers you to tap into new customer segments, expanding your reach. Allowing shoppers to make purchases at periodic intervals attracts a diverse customer base, boosting sales and enabling businesses to explore untapped markets, attracting customers from different sectors.

3. Positive Impact on Average Order Value

Partial payment plans can significantly influence the average order value for Shopify stores. The ability for shoppers to split payments over intervals instills confidence, enabling the purchase of high-priced items with manageable payment plans. Consequently, this leads to a significant increase in revenue per transaction and an overall higher average order value for your store.

4. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Flexible payment options contribute to building trust, enhancing customer satisfaction, and demonstrating a business’s ability to fulfill financial needs. This, in turn, fosters an improved shopping experience. Satisfied shoppers are more likely to return for future purchases, paving the way for enhanced customer loyalty and long-term profitability.

5. Mitigating Cart Abandonment

Addressing one of the most formidable challenges for eCommerce businesses, partial payment options reduce cart abandonment. Shoppers often abandon carts due to additional costs or financial constraints. By breaking down total costs into manageable installments, you can reduce cart abandonment, recover lost sales, and significantly improve conversion rates for your store.

6. Building Brand Reputation

The implementation of partial payment options positions businesses ahead of the competition, contributing to a robust brand reputation. Adopting a customer-centric approach demonstrates a commitment to meeting customer needs, enhancing the overall shopping experience, and attracting loyal customers. This can help you establish your brand as a leader in the industry.

While offering partial payment plans in your Shopify store brings in a lot of advantages to growing your business, it also introduces an element of risk that you must mitigate through proper planning and effective risk management strategies. Defining payment terms, evaluating risks, and partnering with reliable payment providers are crucial steps to ensure financial security and minimize potential financial losses.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the significance of partial payments has surged within the eCommerce realm, unveiling a multitude of advantages for both businesses and shoppers alike. The integration of flexible payment alternatives not only enhances the overall shopping experience but also catalyzes improved conversion rates, an expanded customer base, and the cultivation of lasting customer loyalty.

Beyond its impact on businesses, partial payments contribute to the financial ease of shoppers, rendering products more accessible and manageable. As the eCommerce landscape undergoes continuous evolution, the inclusion of partial payment options emerges as a pivotal strategy, capable of propelling businesses ahead of the competition. This transformative approach not only amplifies sales but also fortifies relationships with customers, positioning businesses at the forefront of the dynamic eCommerce landscape.

In this article, we looked into some of the trusted Shopify payment plan apps that enable you to offer partial or installment payment plans to your customers. Now, it is your turn to pick the most suitable one per your needs and start promoting your new payment features among your new and existing customers to drive more sales.

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