12 Best Shopify Review Apps (2024)

Looking for a product review app to collect and display customer reviews in your Shopify store? This article is for you.

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Customer reviews are the most powerful form of social proof for eCommerce businesses. It helps you build trust and credibility with first-time buyers and boost the conversion rate for the store.

In fact, according to a Trustpilot report, nearly nine out of ten (89%) consumers worldwide read reviews before buying products. This shows that reviews are an integral part of the buyer’s journey, and they trust reviews from their fellow shoppers.

So, to improve the conversion rate for your Shopify store, it’s time that you get a Shopify product review app that lets you collect genuine customer reviews and enables you to display them on site pages beautifully.

Additionally, you want your product review app to –

  • Allow customers to include photos/videos in the reviews
  • Imports customer reviews automatically to Google Shopping
  • Display product reviews on search pages using the Google review snippet
  • Automatically sends review request emails to customers

Here’s a quick overview of the top Shopify product review apps –

Review AppsStarting PriceApp Store Rating

And there’s more… Let’s dive into each review app to find the right one for your Shopify store.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Loox


Loox is the most popular review app that enables you to automatically collect product reviews from customers and display them across your online store to build trust and credibility with your customers. It is one of the few review apps that allow customers to submit photo and video reviews.

It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables anyone to easily set up automated review request emails and customize review widgets without writing a single line of code. Using Loox, you can display review carousels on the homepage and create a dedicated review page to display all your store’s reviews.

You can read our detailed Loox app review to learn more about its features and functionalities.

Key Features –

  • Customizable attractive customer review widgets
  • Send automatic review request emails
  • Compatible with Google review and rating schema
  • Offer discounts for adding a photo or video
  • Create post-purchase upsell offers with photo reviews
  • 1-Click AliExpress reviews importer
  • Sync reviews to Google Search, Google Shopping, Meta Shops, and more

Pricing Plans – Loox offers a 14-day free trial. Its paid plans are based on the number of monthly review request emails you can send. Here’s the breakdown of each plan –

  • Basic Plan: $9.99/month, up to 100 review request emails
  • Essential Plan: $34.99/month,300 -6,000 review request emails
  • Growth Plan: $299.99/month, unlimited review request email

2. Stamped.io

Stamped Reviews

Stamped Reviews is a robust Shopify product review app that enables you to handle and manage reviews hassle-free. It lets you moderate reviews, auto-publish the highest-rated ones, customize review widgets, and follow up with customers by sending review request emails at definite intervals.

Apart from displaying customer reviews, Stamped enables you to display user-generated content from Instagram and create shoppable galleries to add across your Shopify store pages. It also provides detailed analytics reporting and sentiment analysis of customers to help you improve customer experience and generate more sales.

You should read our comprehensive Stamped.io review to learn more about its features and functionalities.

Key Features –

  • Send automated review request emails
  • Create a dedicated review page
  • SEO-friendly review widgets
  • Share best reviews on social media with banners
  • Run retargeting ads with customer testimonials and photos
  • Measures and analyzes overall customer satisfaction
  • Integrates with popular Shopify designing and marketing apps

Pricing Plans – Stamped has a free plan with in-mail and SMS review request features. The Paid plan starts at $23/month and goes up to $299/month with all the feature access.

3. Okendo


Okendo is another popular product review app that enables you to collect genuine customer reviews and display them across your site using its review widgets. It also allows customers to submit photo and video reviews that help you build trust with new customers.

Okendo provides interactive review widgets that allow customers to filter product reviews based on various attributions such as size, color, age, etc., which helps them find more relevant reviews and boost customer engagement in your store.

Apart from displaying product reviews on your website, Okendo enables you to syndicate reviews to other sales channels, including Facebook Shop, Amazon, Target, and other marketplaces. So, no matter where you wish to sell, you can display your customer reviews and drive more sales.

Key Features –

  • Fully customizable 15+ review widgets
  • Allows collecting photo and video reviews
  • Incentivize customers for reviews and UGC
  • Provides detailed analytics reporting with actionable insights
  • Supports over 50+ Integrations with popular Shopify apps
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support

Pricing Plans – Okendo has a flexible plan based on the store’s monthly orders with a 14-day free trial. The plans are as follows –

  • Essentials: $19/month, up to 200 orders per month.
  • Growth: $119/month, up to 1,500 orders per month.
  • Power: $299/month, up to 3,500 orders per month.

It also offers custom pricing for advanced integration and reporting features. Rest, it provides all the essential features you need to collect and display reviews on your site.

4. Trustoo


With over 2,500 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating, Trustoo is a top-rated review app for Shopify stores. It is packed with powerful features and beautiful widgets that enable you to automatically collect reviews and display them across your online store.

It allows customers to submit photo reviews, which you can use as UGC for social media and marketing campaigns. You can also send automated review requests via email, SMS, and WhatsApp with discount offers to encourage customers to take their time to leave a review and rating for their purchased goods.

Besides collecting organic reviews from your customers, Trustoo also allows you to seamlessly import reviews from AliExpress & sync the reviews to Facebook Shop, Amazon, Google Shopping, and other platforms with just a click.

Key Features –

  • Beautiful, customizable review widgets
  • Send Automated review requests via email, SMS, and WhatsApp
  • Offer discounts for adding a photo review
  • Compatible with Google rich snippets to display ratings on search results
  • Sync product reviews to Google Shopping, Meta Shop & more with just a click
  • Automatically translates reviews in multiple languages

Pricing Plans – Trustoo has a free plan that allows sending up to 50 review requests per month. The paid plan starts at just $9.99/month, allowing 150 review requests/month with access to all its advanced features such as Amazon review importer, auto-multilingual, and more.

5. Growave


Growave is a popular Shopify marketing app with a fantastic built-in review tool that lets you collect product reviews with automated emails based on customers’ purchases. You can display the collected reviews across your website in carousels and other beautiful layouts that fit your brand guidelines.

Using Growave, you can quickly moderate reviews by replying, thanking, and resolving the issue publicly or privately. You can also allow your customers to ask questions and get reliable answers from verified shoppers and your team. All this can help you build trust with your customers and boost conversion rates.

The best part of using Growave is its built-in loyalty reward program that allows you to offer attractive offers and discounts to encourage shoppers to submit authentic reviews and share products on social media.

Want to know more about it? You can read our in-depth Growave review.

Key Features –

  • Schedule review request emails by delivery or order status
  • Automatically sync reviews between multiple websites and countries.
  • Display reviews on a dedicated page
  • Embed a Verification badge for authentic reviews
  • Create customized review forms
  • Showcase product insights and characteristics purchased by the reviewer
  • SEO-optimized review snippets and FAQs

Pricing Plans – Growave has a free plan for stores up to 100 monthly orders with access to all its features. The paid plans are mainly based on the number of monthly orders, starting at $49/month for up to 500 monthly orders. It offers a 14-day free trial on all plans, and with our Growave Coupon, you can get a 30-day extended free trial.

6. Judge.me


Judge.me is one of the most reliable Shopify product review apps that enriches your Shopify store by displaying product reviews and ratings and collecting dynamic content like photos/videos from your customers. 

Your Shopify store can receive more trust on social platforms as this app allows you to share reviews on major social media platforms. You can send unlimited emails requesting the customers to review the products they purchased from your store. 

Judge.me also synchronizes with Facebook to display all products quickly on customers’ chat. By collecting the reviews, you can also connect with the Checkout comments app to understand the customer’s experience during their checkout process.

Key Features –

  • Product reviews with text, photos, and videos
  • Unlimited review requests, orders, and imports
  • SEO-rich review snippets
  • 1-click AliExpress review import with images
  • Incentivize reviews with coupons
  • Send review request emails after your delivery using Aftership

Pricing Plans – It offers a free plan but to utilize most of this review app, you need to upgrade to the Awesome plan which costs $15/month.

6. Fera


Fera is a top-rated product review app that enables you to collect text reviews, photo reviews, and video reviews from customers and showcase them on your website beautifully. It provides attention-grabbing widgets that you can customize to display products and store reviews across the website.

Using Fera, you can import customer reviews from Google, Facebook, Etsy, and other sources. And, you can manage all the existing and new customer reviews directly from the Shopify dashboard. You can also set up automated review request emails and incentivize customers with cashback, loyalty points, or discounts to submit reviews in your store.

It is an SEO-friendly app that generates review schema to display review ratings on Google search and Google Shopping results, which maximizes social proof and increases the click-through rates for your product pages.

Key Features

  • Beautiful product review and store review widgets
  • Supports photo and video reviews
  • Sync reviews from Facebook, Google, and other sources
  • Automate review request emails
  • Offer rewards in cashback, points, and discounts

Pricing Plans – Fera allows adding or importing unlimited customer reviews in all plans. It has a free plan that allows up to 10 review request emails and 1 active widget. For more features and accessibility, you can opt for one of its paid plans –

  • Startup: $9/month, allowing up to 100 order review request emails, three active widgets, and access to full design customization.
  • Small: $29/month, allowing up to 1000 order review request emails, ten active widgets, advanced design customization, and a custom email domain.
  • Medium: $99/month, allowing up to 10,000 order review request emails, and twenty active widgets with multi-store review synchronization.

7. LAI Product Reviews

LAI Product Reviews

LAI Product Reviews is another popular review app for Shopify stores. It allows you to import reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, DSers & other sources. It is easy to use with a simple user interface, enabling anyone to set up and customize the review widgets easily.

With this review app, you can also encourage customers to submit reviews by rewarding discounts and stimulating them to re-purchase with coupon emails. It creates SEO-friendly review snippets to display ratings on SERPs to increase click-through rates and boost conversion rates.

Overall, whether you are a dropshipper or selling your own products, the LAI product review app can be an ideal choice for you to collect reviews from multiple sources and display them across your website pages.

Key Features –

  1. Customizable reviews widget in 18+ layouts
  2. After orders are fulfilled, review request emails are automatically sent.
  3. Drive traffic from social channels & Google with social sharing & Google rich snippets features.
  4. Upsell with coupon emails & review pop-ups
  5. Seamless integration with GemPages, PageFly, EPORLO, and other apps

Pricing plans – LAI pricing plans are designed to match businesses of all sizes. It has a free plan that allows import from AliExpress and CSV files. The paid plans start at just $4.95/month and go up to $14.95/month, allowing up to 120,000 review imports and other advanced features.

8. Vitals Product Reviews


Vitals is one of the best Shopify sales and marketing apps with 40+ app features to optimize your site for a higher conversion rate and generate more sales. Among all those apps, it has a robust review app that enables you to receive ratings & testimonials with photos and display them on home, product & collection pages.

With the Vitals Review app, you can send automated review requests via email after the product is delivered. Most importantly, to distinguish between imported or unverified purchases, it allows you to add a verified mark to genuine reviews. This helps you build brand credibility and win the trust of customers.

Finally, Vitals combines 40+ sales-boosting apps that you will need to grow your store. You will get apps like currency convertor, Facebook chat, Free Shipping Bar, and more at the cost of a single app. Isn’t this a great deal?

You should read our detailed Vitals app review to learn more about its offerings and how you can leverage it for your store.

Key Features –

  • Auto-request customer review after order delivery
  • Import product reviews from AliExpress with photos
  • Display product reviews widget on home, product, and collection pages

Pricing Plans – Vitals offers a 30-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee on the paid plan, which costs only $29.99/month.

9. Hulk Product Reviews

Hulk Product Reviews

This is another Shopify product review app developed by leading Shopify experts. It lets you send automated review request emails to collect product and site reviews from your customers. It also allows customers to share photo reviews, which you can use as user-generated content for your website and social media to build social proof. 

With this feature-rich review app, you can display questions and allow customers to ask their questions, which in turn helps you win the trust of your new customers. The app provides beautiful design options to showcase the reviews and questions across your Shopify store to boost your conversion rates.

Key Features –

  • SEO-configured review widgets
  • Six built-in layouts to display reviews.
  • Import Unlimited bulk Reviews from other review apps
  • Verified Review Sign to highlight genuine reviews
  • List out all the authentic reviews on one review page
  • Auto-resizes the uploaded images for speed improvements & performance
  • A separate page with all the reviews
  • Auto-rotate the submitted images for a better experience

Pricing Plans – It is free to use.

10. Ali Reviews

Ali Reviews is a review app trusted by over 7000 Shopify store owners and has received an average rating of 4.9 stars. It is easy to use and beginner-friendly, enabling anyone to start by picking their favorite review widget styles and presenting customer reviews in the most eye-catching way possible. You can even customize the review widget elements to match your brand.

Ali Reviews app is packed with features to help you collect reviews by sending review requests via emails and SMS, rewarding reviewers for photo reviews, or importing reviews from different sources more efficiently and displaying them on the site.

To top it all off, you also display personalized reviews based on consumer information (location/AOV/total spending) or on-site behavior, which can increase conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment rates.

Key Features –

  • Highly customizable widgets and carousel
  • Manual & automatic email/SMS review request
  • Get instant reviews at the delivery time
  • Offer discounts to incentivize customers to leave a review
  • Import reviews from AliExpress, DSers & Ali Drop app for dropshipping

Pricing Plans – Ali Reviews has a free plan allowing up to 10 reviews per product. The paid plans start at $9.90 per month and go up to $49.90 per month. All plans include a 7-day free trial.

11. Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo is another excellent Shopify product review app that can boost your store sales by collecting reviews, creating loyalty programs, referral marketing, and much more. You can also directly share customer reviews on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from your dashboard.

The Yotpo product review app offers more options for moderating reviews. It can also flag negative comments or reviews so that you can give prior importance and respond to the customers immediately.

You can encourage your customers by offering them a loyalty program wherein they receive a coupon when they post product reviews. An added bonanza is that you can collect both website and product reviews in a single email, which is quite an exciting feature to highlight.

Key Features –

  • Send automated email & SMS Review Requests
  • Collect reviews, ratings, photos, and Q&A from customers
  • Customizable on-site widgets
  • Coupons to incentivize users to leave a review

Pricing Plans – There is a free plan available, and if you wish to upgrade, you can opt for the Growth plan, which starts at $15/month.

Wrapping Up

Incorporating product reviews/ratings, customer testimonials, etc., create an authentic view for your Shopify store. You cannot force your customers to buy your products but instead, deliver them the ‘why’ reason to choose you over your competitors.

When you showcase exactly what your Shopify store is about with true ratings/reviews, customers begin to trust and believe in you. Eventually, they get converted into loyal customers for life. So, pick the best review app for your store and build credibility with your customers with authentic reviews.

I hope this article helped you pick the best review app for your Shopify store. If you are looking for more apps, here are a few handpicked articles you should read next –

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