8 Best Shopify Shipping Apps in 2024

Best Shopify Shipping Apps
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Shipping is a crucial part of a successful eCommerce business. A good shipping process ensures safe product delivery to the end-users at the lowest shipping cost possible. You also want to guarantee faster product delivery with an excellent post-purchase experience, including a tracking and alert system. 

To achieve this, you’ll need to add the best shipping app to your Shopify store to streamline the entire shipping process – from order tracking to fulfillment. It must also support integration with your carrier service providers.

Keeping this in mind, I picked some of the best Shopify shipping apps and reviewed them to help you find the most suitable shipping apps for your store.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Easyship


Easyship is the best Shopify shipping app that seamlessly lets you ship to customers across the globe. It integrates with around 250+ courier services from USPS, UPS, DHL, and others. On top of all, it handles all the duties and taxes for your international shipments, paving for smooth customs clearance and delivery.

From the shipping dashboard, you can manage orders and create shipments easily. You can also provide best-in-class tracking by sharing the info with customers via a dedicated tracking page. It lets you manage returns easily by automatically emailing the documents to your customers. 

Easyship is known for its stunning automation capabilities to match your specific fulfillment process. You can start by applying conditions and actions; the conditions refer to the situations, and the action instructs Easyship on what it should do once the preferred condition is met.

Thus Easyship is an all-in-one solution that lets you scale your Shopify store internationally with an effective and flawless shipping process.

Key Features –

  • Save upto 91% on top couriers 
  • Enables shipping to 220+ countries 
  • Real-time shipping rates at checkout 
  • Branded tracking and packing slips
  • Recommends the best flat-rate service
  • Configure shipping label & documentation formats
  • Powerful search and filtering of segments
  • Global warehousing network to outsource your fulfillment

Pricing Plans – Easyship has a free plan that allows 100 shipments, unlimited eCommerce integrations, access to a global fulfillment network, catalog management, the lowest USPS rates, pickup management, etc. The details of paid plans are as follows –

  • Plus Plan – $29/month – 500 monthly shipments 
  • Premier Plan – $49/month – 2500 monthly shipments 
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing – High volume shipments

2. ShipBob


ShipBob is a tech-enabled 3PL Shopify shipping app that offers a simple, fast, and effective way of fulfilling your orders. It provides robust supply chain solutions and guarantees to boost 13% cost savings, AOV by 97%, and reduces cart abandonment by 18%.

Once you’ve connected your store, you can import the products and send them to ShipBob’s inventory. They store your inventory and ship directly from their nearest fulfillment centers. The best part is it achieves a 99.95% accuracy rate which means the products reach your customer’s doors at an expedited speed.

ShipBob has a built-in proprietary tech that enables you to manage, edit, and customize orders, track real-time stock levels from any location, and receive notifications to reorder inventory. Over that, its smart algorithm automates your fulfillment process to elevate your bottom line. 

Overall, ShipBob is best suited for Shopify store owners who want to enjoy faster fulfillment with a hands-off approach.

Key Features –

  • Access to a broad range of fulfillment services 
  • Affordable two-day shipping
  • Split your inventory across ShipBob locations
  • Comprehensive order management
  • Fulfill global orders from the US, UK, EU, Canada & Australia 
  • 100% 2-day shipping coverage across the continental US 
  • Provide 2-day badging and estimated delivery dates on product pages
  • Allows for multichannel inventory and order fulfillment
  • Ship to other countries via standard & expedited options

Pricing Plans – ShipBob charges for receiving your inventory, storing it in warehouses, and shipping. You’ll have to request the fulfillment pricing by specifying all the details in the form, and their team will reach you shortly.

3. Sendcloud


Sendcloud is Europe’s most popular Shopify shipping app that lets you boost your store’s shipping operations via powerful automation. You can print shipping labels in bulk, choose from 80+ carriers, and create custom automation rules to set the right shipping method for each order. 

With Sendcloud, you can boost sales and drive social fans via its tracking page as it lets you include your Instagram posts and even a banner ad to promote your products within the tracking page. Thus you can deliver a remarkable branded tracking experience that converts. 

In short, Sendcloud can be your best option if your target audience is UK-based. It enables you to exceed customer expectations via expedited delivery and unlimited automated shipping & return rules.

Key Features –

  • Smart shipping rules
  • Access to pre-negotiated prices to lower shipping costs
  • Pack & go order picking solution 
  • Branded tracking emails 
  • Multi-language support in emails 
  • Display best delivery options at the checkout
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Fully automated return process

Pricing Plans – Sendcloud has a free plan suitable for starters who ship less than 100 parcels/month. You can use Sendcloud’s discounted rates, 2 shop integrations, 1 branded tracking email, creating return labels, email & live chat support. 

The list of paid plans is as follows – 

  • Small Shop Plan – €45/month – stores that ship between 100 and 400 parcels/month
  • Large Shop Plan – €99/month – stores that ship between 400 and 1000 parcels/month 
  • Business Plan – €199/month – stores that ship 1000+ parcels/month
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom Pricing – for high-volume stores

4. ShippingEasy


ShippingEasy is an affordable Shopify shipping app suited for businesses of all sizes. It is an easy-to-use, feature-rich app that encompasses everything you need for successful shipping. You can manage orders, automate shipping with rules, organize packing, and even use Alexa to ship by only using your voice. 

It supports USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Global as carrier service providers and automatically maps the best one based on your customer’s delivery preferences. This ensures super-smooth, flexible, and fast shipping, which drives loyal customers. 

ShippingEasy offers a Shopify seller suite, a complete package to help you with automated emails, shipping & feedback – you can send abandoned cart emails, enjoy the lowest shipping rates, print labels and automate the shipping process.

Key Features –

  • Huge discounts on USPS shipping services
  • Sort, combine, split, and re-combine orders 
  • Print labels, packing slips, picklists, and custom forms 
  • Create rules for weight, delivery preference, package size, etc
  • Run comprehensive shipping reports or segment by destination
  • Flat-rate green cubic pricing 
  • Ship from multiple locations
  • Route orders to FBA 
  • Shipping rate recommendations 
  • International consolidator support

Pricing Plans – ShippingEasy has 6 pricing plans based on monthly shipments. Now let us view the pricing breakdown –

  • Starter Plan – $5/month – 50 monthly shipments
  • Basic Plan – $29/month – 500 monthly shipments
  • Plus Plan – $49/month – 1500 monthly shipments
  • Select Plan – $69/month – 3000 monthly shipments
  • Premium Plan – $99/month – 6000 monthly shipments
  • Enterprise Plan – $159/month – 10,000 monthly shipments

You can also try ShippingEasy for free for 30 days. If you find it your best fit, get a hands-on experience by signing up for the free trial. 

5. Shippo


Shippo is an excellent Shopify shipping app that lets you easily manage all your shipping needs. You can connect to around 80+ global carriers and save 90% of costs by printing shipping labels, tracking shipments, automating international documents, and facilitating hassle-free returns.

You can easily sync orders and track information regardless of where you sell, saving your time. On top of all, you can potentially avoid losses due to failed deliveries via its in-built address validation tool. So it is ensured that your shipment reaches the specified customer’s address quickly. 

Regarding international shipping, Shippo lets you cruise through the process quickly. It takes care of everything – pre-filled custom forms to speed up the label generation and paperless trade to prevent commercial printing invoices. 

Key Features –

  • Access real-time rates from carrier networks
  • Unlimited carrier accounts
  • Automate label creation 
  • Schedule a carrier pickup with USPS or DHL Express
  • Branded tracking pages
  • Send shipping notification emails 
  • Batch label printing 
  • Split order into multiple shipments for back-ordered items
  • In-depth analytics and reporting

Pricing Plans – Shippo has a free plan that does not incur any monthly fees, the best discounts on USPS, UPS, & DHL, email/live chat support, 5¢/label with your connected carrier accounts, and free if you use Shippo’s default carriers.

The details of Paid plans are as follows –

  • Professional Plan – starts at $10/month – for 60 labels 
  • Premier Plan – Custom pricing

Shippo also offers a 30-day free trial for the Professional plan. So you can signup and try out its core functionalities to gauge a fit.

7. ShipStation – Shopify App for Low Shipping Rates

With over 100k+ merchants, ShipStation is a popular Shopify shipping app. It has an easy-to-use interface that centralizes all the operations – from order management to customer communication, making the entire process hassle-free. 

ShipStation helps enrich your brand personality by adding a logo, sending customizable emails, SMS notifications, and inserting a “thank you” message in the slips. This lets you capitalize on current customers and attract new visitors better.

The best part is that it saves precious time by automating your shipping & order fulfillment workflow. It lets you tag orders, process bulk orders via batching, and split orders into multiple workflows. You can automatically set the shipping service based on which item the order contains. 

On the whole, ShipStation strives to organize and streamline the order fulfillment process by giving you complete control. 

Key Features –

  • Track in-transit shipments 
  • Built-in shipping calculator 
  • Discounted shipping rates from the world’s top carriers
  • Branded returns portal
  • Schedule carrier pickups 
  • Print thousands of shipping labels easily
  • Generate shipping documents
  • Updates tracking info to selling channels and customers
  • Manage shipments anywhere via the mobile app
  • Visualize multi-channel shipping & product analytics

Pricing Plans – ShipStation has 6 pricing plans based on the number of monthly shipments & users. They are –

  • Starter Plan – $9/month – 50 shipments & 1 user 
  • Bronze Plan – $29/month – 500 shipments & 1 user
  • Silver Plan – $49/month – 1500 shipments & 2 users
  • Gold Plan – $69/month – 3000 shipments & 3 users 
  • Platinum Plan – $99/month – 6000 shipments & 5 users 
  • Enterprise Plan – $159/month – 10,000 shipments & 10 users 

ShipStation offers a 30-day free trial that gives you access to 100+ stores, shopping carts, marketplace integrations, inventory tracking, lowest shipping rates, and managing returns. So signup and explore whether it fits your shipping goals.

6. Shiprocket – Best Shopify Shipping App In India

Shiprocket is India’s leading Shopify shipping app with carrier integration with the country’s top 17 courier service providers. It enables you to deliver products to over 29,000 serviceable Indian pin codes and covers the maximum insurance costs for lost shipments. 

An outstanding aspect is its courier recommendation engine. If you find it challenging to choose the right courier partner, Shiprocket’s AI-based engine suggests the best courier partner by analyzing 50+ data points. Some of them include COD Remittance, Pickup & Delivery Performance, Percentage of undelivered orders, etc.

With Shiprocket, you can deliver an exceptional unboxing experience by accessing its in-built packaging solution. You can access its unique packaging materials, map SKUs, and reduce weight discrepancy issues by automatically updating package dimensions. 

Bottom line, if you want to operate in India, Shiprocket can be your reliable Shopify shipping app that lets you cut down unnecessary shipping costs & helps you provide the best shipping experience to the customers. 

Key Features –

  • Ship to over 220+ countries 
  • No monthly/setup fees
  • Multi-functional dashboard 
  • Billing & weight reconciliation 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Bulk order processing 
  • Process undelivered orders quickly 
  • Automated channel order sync
  • Domestic and International Shipping 
  • Intelligent Courier Allocation 

Pricing Plans – Shiprocket’s pricing plans are subject to change based on the selected zone and courier availability. The best part is starting with a free account and upgrading as you grow. 

8. netParcel – Shopify App for Cheap Shipping Rates

If you’re looking for the lowest prices for sending small parcels, envelopes, or LTL freight services, netParcel is the best. You can add your existing account and compare your current costs to netParcel’s discount shipping rates for every shipment.

For every shipment, it provides multiple carriers & service options so you can opt for the cost-effective solution. Once you’ve compared and chosen the carrier, you can schedule a free pickup and print your shipping labels instantly.

To facilitate convenience, netParcel will also send the shipping confirmation email to your customers and the tracking information. 

In general, netParcel negotiates discounted shipping rates across small parcels and LTL couriers using its overall shipping volume to deliver the most affordable shipping rates. So if you want to reduce overhead costs associated with such shipment types, netParcel is your pick.

Key Features –

  • Import orders & publish real-time shipping rates. 
  • Access to built-in rate comparison and shipping calculator
  • Domestic, international, & LTL carrier options available 
  • View the transit days, price, details, and savings for each service
  • Applicable to the US and Canadian eCommerce merchants

Pricing Plans – Since it depends upon your carrier selection, you have to get a quote to process your shipments from netParcel. 

Which is the best Shopify Shipping App for You?

If you want to provide a pleasant shopping experience to your customers, you must focus on the product delivery process. It is your last touchpoint with customers in their buying journey. So, you don’t want to ruin that experience as it will affect how they judge your brand moving forward. 

In this article, we tried to cover every kind of shipping app that can match your needs. So, I hope you find the most suitable shipping app for the store and get started. 

Finally, let’s wrap up the article with our top 5 picks for the Shopify shipping apps  – 

  • Easyship – Best for International Shipping
  • ShipBob – Best for Shipping in the USA, Canada, UK & Australia
  • Sendcloud – Best for Europe-based Shopify stores
  • ShippingEasy – Feature-rich and affordable shipping app

If you are new to Shopify and looking for more apps, here are a few hand-picked articles you may want to read next –

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