5 Best Shopify Size Chart Apps

Best Shopify Size Chart Apps
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When customers make online purchases for apparel, they cannot touch, feel or measure the clothes or shoes to see if it is the right for them.

They rely entirely on your product images and description to judge the product quality. And in order to pick the right product size for them, they may need help with size charts.

So, if you are running an online clothing store on Shopify, you must add a Shopify chart app to display size charts on product pages. This also plays a vital role in decreasing product return rates as customers can purchase apparel of appropriate sizes and measurements.

Many Shopify clothing themes come with a default size chart, but you can use size chart apps if you have already built the store. And in this article, we have picked some of the best Shopify size chart apps that you can choose from for your store. 

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1. Kiwi Sizing

Kiwi Sizing is one of the best and most high-rated Shopify size chart apps that do a lot more to your store than acting as a simple size chart guide. It displays a powerful size chart, acts as a size recommender, and provides an advanced sizing chart table that makes your life much easier.

It also offers three different types of size recommendations:

  • Advanced Apparel Recommender: It uses machine learning to predict the body size by asking simple questions and then recommending the suitable size.
  • Generic Table Recommender: It displays the size of products for which prediction cannot be made accurately, like, children & pets.
  • Custom Size Recommender: You can develop your own logic for recommending size guides based on your store requirements.

One of the biggest perks that Kiwi offers is the freedom to craft a size chart of your choice. You can add multiple tables, images, tabs, and even videos to deliver a luxurious customer experience. The entire size chart appearance can be customized, ranging from different kinds of styles to the type of text you use.

Feature highlights –

  • It allows your customers to enter the size input of their choice, and Kiwi will automatically convert it into the desired measurement.
  • It can automatically detect the size unit based on your customer’s location.
  • It enables you to merge cells, create weight/height parameters and set different units.
  • It facilitates importing your existing size chart guides if you manage multiple online eCommerce stores.

2. AVADA Size Chart (FREE)

Avada helps design simple and beautiful size chart guides for your Shopify store that helps customers pick the products of their size.

It offers 11 ready-made templates to display different kinds of size charts for men, women, kids, and more. You can easily customize these size chart templates by adding, removing, and editing the needed fields

If you sell multiple products in your store, it allows you to create different size charts for different types of products like bags, shoes, clothing, etc. 

Above all, it offers two ways to display size charts – Floating size charts and In-line size charts. The floating size chart always floats on the screen, whereas the latter allows you to add the size chart icon with a link to the size chart popup.

Feature highlights –

  • It allows you to customize the background color, border radius, text color, etc., and upload the size chart with engaging videos.
  • It enables you to apply the size chart for all products or specific products by applying certain conditions like product vendor, collection, product type, etc.
  • It allows you to apply both inline and floating size charts at the same time.
  • It is completely mobile responsive and offers support to Google Analytics. 

3. BF Size Charts and Size Guides

The BF Shopify size chart app potentially helps in reducing the return rates of your Shopify store by designing a size chart that is meaningful and responsive.

It allows you to display size charts only for the products that your customers are actively looking for. Besides, you get the power to choose what products, collections, etc., your size chart has to be displayed.

The size chart for your Shopify store can be easily customized such that you can change the size chart icon, choose between different size chart buttons like small/medium/large, and create your own size chart guide for your customers.

Feature highlights –

  • It allows you to add custom titles, descriptions, and images to the size chart guide.
  • It enables you to copy & paste your existing size chart details into this app which fosters a high level of convenience for you.
  • It displays the link to the size chart guide for the chosen products respectively.
  • It offers advanced size chart layouts and lets you design multiple size charts per product.

4. Size Matters

Size Matters is one of the simplest Shopify size chart apps that helps in specifying the exact sizing requirements for all your products. It lets you create unlimited size guides that are easy to customize and look great on your product pages.

As a Shopify store admin, you can create custom size charts based on the available information or select from different choices of templates to build a beautiful size chart that compliments your store’s branding efforts.

Though you create an unlimited number of size charts, your customers will feel highly comfortable as only the relevant size charts will appear on each of the product pages.

Feature highlights –

  • It allows you to create a size chart and add them to your pages via the product tags.
  • It enables easy editing and expansion of the size charts.
  • It allows you to extend the functionality of your size chart guides by enabling CSS to fit into your store’s needs and requirements.   

5. Ultimate Size Chart

The Ultimate Size Chart is a user-friendly Shopify app that is perfect for creating size charts for fashion or clothing stores. It offers flexible customization options such that you can enable or disable the size chart and modify the size chart description as per the product requirements.

It offers excellent compatibility with third-party apps, which helps in extending your size chart functionality. Also, your customers can calculate their exact sizes by filling in the height and weight of their selected products. 

You can also add size charts to both product pages and collection pages. For product pages, you can create size chart guides and add relevant images. For collection pages, you can create size charts for a particular collection, and it automatically gets added to all products of the same collection.

Feature highlights –

  • It facilitates in converting the size chart from centimeters to inches and vice versa.
  • It enables you to create a floating size chart that appears on the right side of your product page.
  • It allows you to create a tabbed size chart to add a maximum of 4 tabs.
  • It offers predefined size chart templates from which you can select any one and view the different sizes.

Choose the best Shopify Size Chart App

Whether it is clothing, shoes, t-shirts, or other premium accessories, your customers always want the best fit that ideally adds value to their beauty.

Keeping this critical aspect in mind, you need to compulsorily incorporate a perfect size chart guide that facilitates customers in each stage of their shopping process. 

With the help of these best Shopify size chart apps, you can effortlessly create on-branded and responsive size charts that help your customers get a clear view of which size suits them the most.

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