3 Best Shopping Cart Migration Tools of 2024

Best Shopping Cart Migration Tools
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Are you thinking of migrating your existing eCommerce store to a new platform? 

If yes, a shopping cart migration software would be a great help for you. 

Gone are those days when migration from one eCommerce platform to another was considered to be cumbersome. Earlier, people had to manually upload all the product and customer data to the new platform. It was not only tiring, but there was a high probability of losing some of the data.

But now, with automated shopping cart migration tools, everything becomes a cakewalk. You can instantly migrate your online store from one platform to the new one within a few minutes.

Having said that, let me show you some of the best shopping cart migration software available in the market. 

Read? Let’s get started.

1. Litextension

LitExtension Shopping Cart Migration Tool

Litextension is a full-fledged shopping cart migration tool that offers advanced features to make your migration process much easier. With Litextension, you can seamlessly migrate many components from your existing eCommerce store. 

You can migrate products, product categories, customer details, orders, coupons, reviews, customer passwords. Also, it supports a colossal list of 120+ popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Prestashop, etc.

With Litextension, you can migrate your online store from existing to the new eCommerce platform in just four easy steps –

  1. You need to enter your source cart URL and follow the step-by-step instructions to set up the connector.
  2. Next, you need to enter your target store URL and perform the necessary steps required.
  3. Select the entities that you want to migrate like products, categories, customer details, etc. The language and the order status will be matched to display in your new eCommerce store.
  4. Now the migration process begins, and even your browser gets switched off, the transferring process will not be interrupted.

Feature Highlights of Litextension –

  • It allows you to migrate the custom data fields, which is an exceptional feature as you need not miss out on any critical data.
  • It enables you to migrate subscription-based data from your existing platform to other subscription platforms.
  • It enables a smart update in which your source and target platforms will be compared for any differences; if found, those differences will be immediately resolved.
  • It helps in migrating the recent data which is found in your existing store.
  • It enables you to redirect your previous products and categories URLs from your existing store to the new store. 

Pricing and Plans

Depending upon the number of entities, Litextension offers two plans: Basic migration cost and All-in-one migration cost. 

In Basic migration costs, you need to follow the instructions for migration and do it yourself via the Litextension platform. In the All-in-one migration cost, the Litextension experts will complete the migration procedure for you from the start till the end.

2. Cart2Cart 

Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration Tools

Cart2Cart is a dynamic shopping cart migration tool that lets you transfer your existing store’s products, customers, orders, images, etc., automatically to your desired eCommerce platform. It supports more than 85 platforms so that you can migrate swiftly to any of your preferred eCommerce platforms.

So, how does Cart2Cart allow you to perform the shopping cart migration process? Here’s the breakdown in 4 simple steps –

  1. You must provide your existing store URL and all the necessary details to establish the connection with your source (existing) store.
  2. You must provide the new store URL and accomplish the connection with your target store.
  3. Select the data types to migrate like products, order details, inventory, etc., to match your target store, and you can choose extra migration options.
  4. Once everything is set up, you can start the migration process, and you can quickly launch your new eCommerce store within no time. 

The best part about using Cart2Cart is that it allows you to sell your products even when your store is under the migration process. This ensures that you will not miss out on any potential sales and magnetize all conversions. 

Feature Highlights of Car- 

  • It allows you to completely transfer all your store data with the help of technical assistance and migration maintenance.
  • It enables you to transfer the recently added data from your existing eCommerce store to your new store.
  • It generates a complete preview of how your store will appear after performing the migration process.
  • It lets you export your data from the shopping cart in .CSV file and migrate data from your database dump.
  • It also allows you to remigrate again back to your existing eCommerce platform at ease.

Pricing and Plans 

The pricing depends on the platform you choose to migrate, the number of products, the number of customers, and the number of orders.

3. NextCart

NextCart Shopping Cart Migration Software

NextCart is an automated shopping cart migration tool that lets you transfer your existing eCommerce store to the new platform. It makes it super easy for you to move products, images, categories, customers, orders, blog posts, pages, and other data within minutes with just a few clicks. 

NextCart facilitates the migration process in just three simple steps. Let me break down that for you:

  • You need to select the migration tool according to your source (existing) and target (new) platform before starting the process.
  • NextCart’s experts and technicians will guide you while the migration process is being held. 
  • After all the processes, the migration to the new platform will be completed, and you can start garnering more sales.

It has a long list of supporting eCommerce platforms for both source and target platforms. Some of the supported platforms include WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Joomla, 3DCart, Big Cartel, EDD, Ecwid, etc. 

One of the best things about its pricing plan is that within a year of purchase, you can perform unlimited migration. This ensures that you can easily switch over to another platform without any perplexity if you find the new platform challenging.

Feature Highlights-

  • It allows you to migrate your data files like SQL, CSV, XML, etc., to your new eCommerce platform as the technicians will create a migration tool to handle the file transfer process.
  • It offers customized migration support for your new store. You need to submit your requirements, and the technical team will assist you.
  • It enables you to import your products to Google Merchant center and Facebook catalogs without any hassle.
  • It guarantees high data security as the migration process occurs on the cloud servers.
  • It doesn’t incur any downtime, and you can process all your store’s activities.

Pricing and Plans

The pricing depends upon the entity limit which you specify during the migration. The entity limit is calculated based on the highest entity number you’ve mentioned among the number of products, orders, customers, and blog posts.   

Wrapping Up

With the help of these best shopping cart migration tools, you can effortlessly upgrade your existing online store by moving to a better and more suitable eCommerce platform. 

Whether you want to move your online store from Shopify to Magento, WooCommerce to BigCommerce, or whatever platform you want to migrate to, these shopping cart migration tools act as a bandwagon in breaking down all complex processes into simple ones.

We hope that this article helped you pick the right shopping cart migration tool for your store. If you want to sell your products on Facebook, you should use Facebook Shopping Cart tools to connect your store with Facebook and sell directly from there.

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