15+ Best WooCommerce Plugins to Grow Your Store

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WooCommerce is one of the best eCommerce website builders – it is free and highly customizable. But to build a fully-functioning online store, you will need some of the best WooCommerce plugins. 

Since WooCommerce is based on WordPress, you will get access to its thousands of free and paid plugins that you can use to customize and add functionalities to your online store, without requiring any technical expertise.

In this article, I have hand-picked some of the best WooCommerce plugins recommended by experts to help you with building the store to sales and marketing.

So, let’s get started.

1. Elementor – for store designing


If you are not a coder or designer, you will require a visual page builder to easily create and customize the store pages per your store branding. Elementor is one of the best WordPress page builder plugins with a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create new pages from scratch or customize the existing ones.

The best part of using Elementor is that it is perfectly compatible with WooCommerce and provides all the essential design elements to create product pages, checkout, and others. It is also compatible with most of the popular WooCommerce themes and plugins.

Alternative  – Brizy & Beaver Builder are two great Elementor alternatives packed with similar features.

2. Weglot – for translation


I have put Weglot in this position on the list because if you are just getting started, you can make a decision if you want your WooCommerce store to be multilingual and design accordingly. 

Weglot is the best WordPress translation plugin that automatically translates every text on your WooCommerce store in 100+ languages, including your widgets, menu bar, and checkout page.

It also provides a translation interface, where you can review the translated content and edit them if required. Weglot follows the best Google SEO practices to ensure your translated pages rank higher on search results.

Alternative – TranslatePress is another popular translation plugin you can consider

3. All in One SEO – for SEO


You cannot win in eCommerce if you are solely relying on paid ads to drive sales from your store. You must invest in SEO for long-term benefits like higher ROI with low CAC. WooCommerce is an SEO-friendly platform and you can easily optimize your store pages using the All-in-One SEO plugin.

AIOSEO is one of the best WooCommerce SEO plugins that automatically generate a sitemap for your site and allows you to optimize page content for target keywords. You can also set up rules to automatically create SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions of pages.

Overall, using this plugin, you can ensure that your WooCommerce SEO checklist is fully marked and the site is ready to be indexed and rank higher on SERPs.

Alternatives – Rank Math and Yoast are two popular alternatives you can use for your store.

4. MonsterInsights – for analytics


Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool that almost every website uses to track traffic and understand customer behavior. However, if you don’t know how to set it up to accurately track important eCommerce metrics, you can use MonsterInsights. 

MonsterInsights is one of the best WooCommerce analytics plugins that enables you to easily connect your website to Google Analytics and track essential metrics like revenue, cart abandonment, AOV, top products, etc. 

The best part is that it displays all the metrics in a visual format right on your WordPress dashboard, making it easy for anyone to analyze the store’s performance.

Alternative – ExactMetrics is a popular MonsterInsights alternative you can use for analytics.

5. Omnisend – for marketing automation


To run a successful eCommerce business, you need a powerful marketing automation tool that enables you to communicate with your customers and prospects via email and SMS.

Omnisend is one of the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins that comes with an easy-to-use email builder with hundreds of templates and automation workflows that you can easily customize per your store branding and business needs.

It also provides an advanced segmentation tool that enables you to create targeted customer segments to send personalized email and SMS campaigns for higher conversions. 

If you want to learn more about its features and functionalities, you should check out our detailed Omnisend review.

Alternative – Klaviyo & Brevo are other two amazing email marketing platforms for WooCommerce stores.

6. PushEngage – for push notifications


In addition to email and SMS, there’s another powerful marketing channel that lets you communicate directly with your customers and visitors without asking for their contact details. That’s called push notifications.

You can read our eCommerce push notification guide to learn everything about it. In gist, push notifications are proven to be very effective in sending time-sensitive messages to customers like limited-time offers, discounts, and more that encourage them to take action instantly.

PushEngage is one of the best push notification plugins that allows you to send personalized push notifications based on their behavior, location, and other attributes. You can also send triggered cart abandonment reminders to boost your conversion rates and generate more sales.

Alternative – OneSignal is another excellent push notification plugin you can use to send web notifications.

7. OptinMonster – for popups


Do you want to display popups with personalized offers and discounts to your customers? If yes, OptinMonster would be the perfect pop-up plugin for your WooCommerce store.

With OptinMonster, you can create and display different types of pop-ups, including gamified wheels and floating bars. It lets you target visitors with relevant promotions on the right page at the right time to ensure high conversions.

For instance, you can display targeted card-abandonment recovery popups right before the customer is most likely to leave your store without completing payment. You can use it to offer special discounts or offers like free shipping to encourage them to complete the checkout instantly. 

Similarly, it offers you many other creative ways to grow your email list and boost conversions for your WooCommerce store.

Alternative – Elementor & Omnisend also provides a pop-up builder. So, if you use any of these plugins, you may not require OptinMonster, unless you want high-lever personalized pop-ups.

8. ThriveDesk – for customer service


With marketing, you might be able to drive traffic and generate sales for your store, but if you want to build a loyal customer base for repeat purchases, you need to focus on providing an excellent customer support system. 

ThriveDesk is one of the best customer service plugins for WooCommerce stores, which allows you to interact with website visitors and customers via live chat. While chatting, your agents can view the customer’s order history and easily edit the order information right from the dashboard. 

In fact, with ThriveDesk live chat, customers can check their order status right from the live chat box, allowing your agents to focus on other important chats.

Alternative – LiveChat is a popular live chat software that you can use to provide live customer support from your store.

9. Advanced Coupons – for coupons & deals

Advanced Coupons

WooCommerce has a built-in coupon feature that lets you create flat and percentage discount codes. But if you want to offer discounts and deals like BOGO, free shipping codes, free products, and more in your WooCommerce store, you can use the Advanced Coupons plugin. 

It is one of the best WooCommerce plugins that lets you create and offer advanced coupon deals that attract more customers and encourage them to spend more in your store. It allows you to automatically apply discount coupons when cart value matches, and more similar deals. 

Alternative – Smart Coupons plugin by WebToffee is a great alternative to Advanced coupons. 

10. myCred – for loyalty program


If you want to build a loyal customer base for your WooCommerce store, you should start a loyalty program in which they can earn points and redeem them for attractive rewards. You can read our guide on starting a successful eCommerce loyalty program for more insights.

myCred is one of the best WooCommerce points and rewards plugins that let you create an amazing reward program for your stores. Customers can join your program to earn points for every amount spent and redeem them for attractive discounts and offers at checkout.

The best thing about this plugin is that it also allows customers to convert their loyalty points into actual money or they can buy discount coupons. With myCred, you can keep your customers updated with their point status and remind them to redeem before expiry.

Alternative – WooRewards is an amazing myCred alternative with similar or more features.

11. ReferralCandy – for referral marketing


Despite all the marketing channels where you can spend money to acquire new customers, word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing tool for any business to succeed. 

ReferralCandy is one of the best referral program software that enables you to turn your happy customers into brand advocates. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce and allows you to set up a referral program based on your business needs. 

Using this plugin, you can create a referral program that rewards both referral and referrer with store discounts, cash payouts, or other custom rewards. You can also automatically invite new customers at checkout or via email to join your referral program.

If you want to learn how to set up a successful eCommerce referral program, you can follow this guide.

Alternative – You can also use the YITH WooCommerce point and reward plugin as an alternative.

12. Solid Affiliate – for affiliate program

Solid Affiliate

With referral programs, you can entice your existing customers to share their positive experiences about your brand and products among their peer groups. But, with affiliate marketing, you can tap into the follower base of successful content creators and influencers to promote your products. In exchange, they can earn commissions for every sale generated through their affiliate links. 

We have a complete guide on eCommerce affiliate programs that you can read to get an overview of how it works and how it can benefit your business.

Meanwhile, Solid Affiliate is one of the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins that lets you create an affiliate program based on your business needs. You can decide the commission structure, generate unique affiliate links, and coupons for your affiliates, and release the payout right from the dashboard.

Alternative – AffiliateWP is another popular WooCommerce plugin you can use to set up your affiliate programs.

13. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Wishlists are one of the most useful features for eCommerce sites to boost customer engagement and sales. With wishlists, you can allow customers to save the products they like and access them when they are ready to purchase, without searching for products all over again.

YITH WooCommerce wishlist is a powerful plugin that adds a wishlist feature to your online store. It allows customers to create multiple wishlists and share them with friends and family via social media. 

As a store owner, you will be able to monitor the number of products in the wishlist, based on which you can manage your inventory. You can also send promotional emails on wishlist products to give a little nudge to customers to buy.

Alternative – You can also use the free version of the plugin available in the WordPress repository.

14. YITH WooCommerce Quick View

YITH WooCommerce Quickview

Customers don’t want to go to each product page individually to find out details like available sizes, colors, materials, etc. It can be annoying which may lead them to leave your site without taking any action. 

This is where you can add a quick view feature that allows customers to view some of the product information in a pop-up without waiting for the pages to load. YITH WooCommerce Quick View is one of the best plugins you can use to add the quick view feature. 

This plugin makes it easier for shoppers to quickly view product information and if they like the products, they can directly add them to the cart or wishlist. This way they can shortlist the products and complete the checkout faster.

Alternative – YITH also offers a free version of the plugin that you can use as an alternative.

15. WebToffee WooCommerce PDF Invoices

WebToffee WooCommerce PDF Invoices

WooCommerce generates invoices for every purchase which you can send to customers via email. By using this WooCommerce plugin, you can automatically generate PDF invoices, packing slips, and credit notes for all your orders and attach them with order emails sent to customers.

The plugin comes with various customization options, allowing you to design pdf invoices and other docs per your brand guidelines. It also supports multiple languages. So, no matter what language your customers use, you can send the doc in their preferred language.

Bonus WooCommerce Plugins

Apart from the above-listed WooCommerce plugins, which are essential for every store, here are a few more plugins that you may also need based on your business requirements and use cases.

  • WP Rocket – It is a cache plugin that can help you improve the loading speed and user experience for your online store.
  • Sucuri Security – It is a WordPress security plugin that creates a firewall to protect your WooCommerce store from brute attacks or hacking attempts
  • UpdraftPlus – It is a WordPress backup plugin that automatically creates backups of your website data and stores them in remote locations like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can use it to restore the store in case something goes wrong.
  • Social Warfare – If you want to encourage shoppers to share your products on social media, you can use this plugin to add social sharing icons on site pages.

Wrapping Up

By now you know some of the best WooCommerce plugins that can help you build and improve your WooCommerce store in every aspect. Whether it is store designing, marketing, sales, or conversion optimization, we have covered the best plugins in every category.

Now, it is your turn to pick the ones you need the most, install them and optimize your WooCommerce store to drive more sales and conversions. If you are a beginner and haven’t started a store yet, you can follow our WooCommerce tutorial for a step-by-step guide to creating an eCommerce website.

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