7 Best WordPress Invoice Plugins (Free & Paid)

Best WordPress Invoice Plugins
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Are you looking for the best invoice plugin to generate invoices for your customers?

For eCommerce sites, invoices play a significant role in building trust and providing better customer support. That’s why you need to make the invoicing process highly flexible such that your customers can claim for a quick deduction, easily download the invoices, have a note on tax levied on the products, and the list goes on.

Though it seems sophisticated, in reality, you can make these processes to be effortless and straightforward by using the right invoicing tools that can manage all the transactions on your eCommerce site, generate invoices and send them to the respective buyers.

Why Use WordPress Invoicing Plugins?

A good WordPress invoicing plugin can make it easy to automatically generate invoices for orders placed on your site and share them with customers. It is crucial for any online business to automate the process to deliver a seamless user experience to customers.

Here are a few benefits that come with using an invoicing plugin –

  • Get rid of maintaining lengthy and confusing spreadsheets
  • Within a few taps, you can easily create professional invoices and also get paid via them
  • The ability to accept/receive one-time, recurring, or subscription payments
  • Receive timely notifications or emails for collecting payment dues
  • Increased ease of collaboration between employees and clients
  • Integration with multiple payment gateways that facilitate high convenience
  • Easily manage all the tasks from the dashboard without switching multiple tabs. 

7 Best Invoicing Plugins for WordPress Sites

To help you pick the best WordPress invoice plugin for your site, I have selected the top plugins you can use to generate invoices and manage your financial records.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Sprout Invoices

Sprout Invoices is the best WordPress invoice plugin, offering power-packed features that enable you to create unlimited estimates and invoices for your clients without any complexity. It has the prestigious status of being rated as the best WordPress invoice plugin. It provides reliable support and ensures you have a good payment experience with your clients or customers.

It allows you to accept payments via popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, etc., and supports offsite payments too. You can also bill invoices for subscription payments and schedule payments by creating a defined set of terms that indicates the due date for the payments.  

This powerful plugin helps in boosting the functionality by providing extensive add-ons that you have never imagined. These add-ons revolve around payment processors, feature extensions, invoicing requirements & customizations, form integrations, etc.

Key Features –

  • It provides a user-friendly dashboard that allows your clients to access their outstanding bills, estimates, and payment history, etc.
  • It helps in improving your workflow by automating tasks and reducing the manual burden.
  • It allows you to customize the estimates and invoice templates as per your design needs.
  • It lets you integrate with 300+ apps powered by Zapier which includes Quickbooks Online and WooCommerce.
  • It can quickly track your project time and import billing time into the invoices.
  • It offers advanced reporting which enables you to make strategic business decisions.

2. Sliced Invoices

Sliced Invoices is a free and flexible WordPress invoice plugin with a range of both free and paid extensions. It lets you create professional invoices and quotes to send to your clients and makes the payment process smooth.

Your clients can process credit card payments via Paypal or Stripe and set custom information for offline payments. It also shows detailed reporting with monthly and yearly to date with total invoices, total amounts paid/unpaid, and graphs for getting more clarity.

This plugin is simple and intuitive as it allows you to create your templates by keeping the branding elements in mind. To break down the process even more simply, you can clone existing quotes and invoices to reuse them for a profitable purpose in the future.

Key Features –

  • It enables you to add a predefined list of items like amount, quantity, description, etc., for processing invoices quickly.
  • It allows you to export your invoices and quotes in CSV format.
  • It offers extensions in different categories like email & PDF invoices, translates recurring invoices, deposit invoices, etc.
  • It can send automatic payment reminder emails to your clients.
  • It lets you set the default due date in X number of days from the invoice date.
  • It enables you to set a global tax rate or a rate per line item. 

3. FreshBooks 

FreshBooks is one of the best accounting & invoicing software that caters exclusively to small businesses. With its WordPress invoice generator plugin, you can quickly create professional-looking invoices by adding a logo that wows your clients.

It comes with easy-to-use double-entry accounting tools that generate accurate P&L calculations. With this data, you can predict your revenue, know the cost of running your business and make informed decisions to optimize the cash flow. 

Whether you want to reward your customer or refund a client, FreshBooks lets you do so by tracking credits. It helps in monitoring prepayments, overpayments, and credit notes. Besides, you can keep track of credits for specific clients to get clarity on your accounting activities.

Key Features –

  • It updates your most recent spending activity that streamlines your entire financial movement.
  • It enables you to mark your business expenses as billable, add markup and automatically pull them onto the invoice for your client. 
  • It lets you clearly outline your project’s scope, timeline, deliverables and transform custom estimates into ready-made invoices.
  • It allows your customers to pay directly via the invoices and automatically records them in your account.
  • It enables you to publish checkout links on your site, social platforms, or anywhere to create a seamless purchasing experience.

4. GetPaid

GetPaid is a versatile payment and invoicing plugin for WordPress. It lets you collect both one-time, recurring payments and is compatible with popular gateways like PayPal Express, Stripe, WorldPay, etc. 

One of the user-friendly ways of getting paid is via payment forms. These optimized checkout forms can be added to the landing pages on your WordPress site. You can use this to sell products and accept donations, thus enabling users to set their desired amount. 

Key Features –

  • It offers a free quotes add-on that lets you accept quotes, send quotes to customers, and integrate with form builder add-ons. 
  • It enables you to sell items with a free trial, fixed price, subscriptions or allowing buyers to name their price.
  • It lets you generate buttons for multiple products, which boosts your profit levels.
  • It facilitates creating and sending invoices from your WordPress dashboard.
  • It allows customers to settle your invoices instantly on your site or to use offline payment gateways.

5. Invoicing and Payments Plugin

The Invoicing and Payments plugin is a lightweight and reliable solution for generating invoices for your clients so that they can make quick payment transactions. It lets you manage taxes efficiently, accept payments and create invoices programmatically from other plugins.

It offers powerful built-in integration with multiple gateways like PayPal, WorldPay, Authorize.net, etc. It accepts recurring payments to manage subscriptions, export payments, and other data through a flexible reporting system.

This plugin also provides you with the best-handpicked add-ons that make the invoicing process truly a breeze. You can convert a quote into an invoice, send PDF invoices to download via email, integrate with the AffliateWP plugin to access affiliate marketing tools to increase your revenue.

Key Features –

  • It allows you to add items to your site via BuyNow buttons so that customers can choose to purchase through different payment gateways.
  • It enables you to create an inline checkout form to promote your items on a landing page.
  • It lets you send an invoice or quote when a user fills out a form. This is accessible with the help of the add-on.
  • It can be used as a payment system with a checkout page by any plugin. 
  • It is compliant with the European Union VAT management system.

 6. WooCommerce PDF Invoices

If you run your online store on WooCommerce, you need to manage all your customer’s transactions. This tedious task has now become easier as you can install the WooCommerce PDF invoices plugin. It helps generate PDF invoices, packaging slips, and delivers them right inside the inbox of your store customers.

This plugin also has a broad range of premium features that lets you customize the PDF invoices, send customer invoices to multiple recipients, generate PDF invoices in bulk, etc. Also, it is compatible with the WooCommerce subscription plugin emails. 

Key Features –

  • It allows you to attach PDF invoices to multiple WooCommerce email types.
  • It offers date format customization options, and you can add advanced options like a refund, discounts, tax rates columns, etc.
  • It lets you mark invoices as paid which gives you good clarity while processing bills.
  • It enables you to send credit notes and canceled PDF invoices.
  • It gives the option for your customers to decide whether to generate a PDF invoice on checkout.
  • It enables bulk export and download of PDF invoices.

7. WP Invoice (Free)

The WP Invoice plugin is one of the simplest WordPress invoice plugins that lets you create, customize and send the best version of your invoices to the clients/customers right from the WordPress panel.

You can create standalone checkout forms, send quotes with the ability to comment, generate PDF versions of your invoices/receipts/quotes which can be displayed as links. 

The client dashboard displays all the invoices pertaining to the user who is logged in. For users who are not logged in, the invoice details can be accessed with a specific link.  

Feature Highlights-

  • It supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal, MerchantPlus.com, Authorize.net, 2Checkout, etc.
  • It can send notifications to your clients/customers with a secured link back to the web invoice.
  • It enables you to export invoices in XML, JSON formats and import data from other WP-Invoice installations.
  • It provides a clear graphic visualization of your sales by filtering in terms of days, weeks, and months.
  • It allows you to accept recurring payments and get a signature from your client before making any payment.

Wrapping Up

Invoice plugins facilitate delivering a smooth experience for both the owners and the customers. So, forget about handling complicated payment procedures and concentrate on improvising the other aspects of your eCommerce store.

  • If you are looking for robust accounting software that helps you manage all your financial process and genre invoices as well, FreshBooks would be our #1 recommendation.
  • However, if you want a plugin just for the purpose of generating invoices, Sprout Invoices, and Sliced Invoices are the best ones available in the market.

I hope that this article helped you pick a suitable invoice plugin for your WordPress website. If you are looking for more plugins for your WordPress eCommerce sites, here are a few hand-picked articles that you should check –

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