Shopify Apps

Best Shopify Wishlist Apps

6 Best Shopify Wishlist Apps [Reviewed]

Are you looking for an app to add a wishlist feature in your Shopify store? Well, that’s great! Wishlists have proven to be an effective tool for online stores to boost customer engagement & conversion rate.

Best Shopify Back in Stock App

5 Best Shopify Back In Stock Apps [Compared]

What happens when your customers eagerly visit your Shopify store for viewing their favorite products and end up seeing the label ‘not in stock’?   Definitely, they will feel disappointed..! Not all customers will have a

Best Shopify chatbot apps

Best Shopify Chatbot Apps (Reviewed)

Are you looking for the best Shopify chatbot app for your store? This article is for you! Chatbots are AI-powered digital assistant tools that enable you to interact with website visitors and customers to generate

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