5 Best Shopify Chatbot Apps for Your Online Store

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Best Shopify chatbot apps

Looking for the best chatbot app for your Shopify store? 

A chatbot is an AI-powered chat app that enables you to chat with your store visitors and customers 24/7 and answer some of the common queries like delivery charges, joining loyalty programs, redeeming loyalty points, etc.

Chatbots work round the clock which enables you to serve your customer even when you’re sleeping. It’s amazing, right?

Here’s more – Chatbots can help you in growing email lists, recommending the right set of products to your customers.

If you are here, I guess you already know what is chatbot and how it can be useful for your business. So, without getting into details, let me show you some of the best Shopify chatbot apps available in the app store.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Gobot – AI Chatbot + Quiz

Gobot is a powerful Shopify chatbot app that delivers exceptional service such that your entire customer journey is personalized by conducting AI guided selling quizzes. 

It will proactively ask questions thereby understanding customer needs and makes on-spot product recommendations that assist them in selecting their favorite products. It works 24/7 and simultaneously links up to your helpdesk.

Feature Highlights

  • It helps in collecting your customer details by displaying conversion-friendly opt-ins that automatically syncs with the email and SMS apps.
  • It provides in-depth analytics wherein you can monitor conversion rates, question-by-question engagement, drop off, etc.
  • It offers integration with klaviyo, drip, SMSBump, Google Analytics, Postscript, zendesk, etc.
  • It can assist your customers by updating their order status, initiate returns through the portal, resolve order issues, etc.
  • It enables you to send personalized welcome emails which are truly based on your customer needs and preferences.  

2. Tobi SMS and Messenger Marketing

With the ever-growing daily users in Facebook and messages being the most vital component of communication, Tobi leverages this as it connects with the SMS and Facebook messenger to deliver promotional offers, order updates, send abandoned cart reminders, etc.

This fantastic Shopify chatbot app asks your customers for reviews via SMS, rewards new visitors, sends order receipts via SMS and messenger, and the list inevitably grows up.

Feature Highlights

  • It offers pre-written message templates and gives access to reports like the number of orders, total money spent, customer location, etc.
  • It uses smart technology to track and monitor customer behavior which enables you to send messages when they are ready to take some action.
  • It promptly reminds your customers by sending abandoned cart alerts and order delivery updates via Facebook Messenger.
  • It lets you send order confirmation details and bring back lost customers by providing them attractive offers via SMS.
  • It provides good customization options for setting up messenger bots and allows you to build segmented SMS marketing campaigns to drive more conversions.
  • It provides actionable performance analytics and lets you retarget customers through SMS and Facebook messenger.   

3. IntelliTicks 

IntelliTicks gives a competitive edge to your Shopify store as it combines the strength of human and artificial intelligence mechanism to seamlessly deliver an amazing customer experience that in no matter brings in more sales and lets you close deals.

It enables you to prioritize your leads by identifying whether they are hot, warm, or cold leads in the live traffic which helps you to make strategic decisions which in turn can have a potential impact on your customer journey.

Feature Highlights

  • It lets you analyze deeply by delivering actionable insights thereby you can witness how your visitors are converted into potential customers.
  • It offers three types of chatbots namely website bots, messenger bots, and Whatsapp bots.
  • It saves your time by answering the most repetitive questions asked by your customers.
  • It offers integration with major platforms like Zapier, Google Analytics, and CRM.
  • It also sends real-time alerts via desktop, emails, or mobile whenever there is a fresh update about your prospects.

4. Ochatbot – AI Sales Booster

Ochatbot is one of the best Shopify AI chatbots that helps in driving more conversions for your store by providing timely assistance for your customers in recommending the right products, manages and handles inquiries, and helps in recovering abandoned carts.

One of the biggest perks you can enjoy is that it offers boosted engagement tools like exit popups, mobile banners, offers sliders, pre-built forms, etc which in no matter blasts your Shopify store sales to the next level.

Feature Highlights

  • It shows the product text and images in the chat window thereby allowing customers to quickly add to the cart.
  • It lets you import all your product SKUs and alerts customers if they didn’t complete the checkout process.
  • It offers a question module wherein you can ask any type of question to your customers which gives you a clear perception of their needs, taste, and preferences in choosing your products.
  • It completely automates your workflows as you can connect to dozens of CRM and email apps by integrating with Zapier.
  • It does not require any coding to install and provides meaningful insights that shape up your online store strategy.

5. Relish Shopping AI Assistant

Relish is the best virtual assistant for your Shopify store as it completely eliminates your burden in managing multiple customers by proactively guiding them from start to end. It offers optimized sales and support templates that help in boosting your store revenue.

It highly interacts with your customers by offering newsletter signups, back in stock notifications, exit intents, etc which eventually fills up your sales pipeline by attracting more actionable leads.

Feature Highlights

  • It can potentially handle all areas of customer support and delivers quick answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • It helps in recouping the lost sales by reminding you about the abandoned cart and offers personalized promotions to your customers.
  • It provides real-time order tracking updates and instantly switches over the existing conversation to your teammates for even better assistance.
  • It offers an intuitive dashboard to manage all your tasks and guides customers to find the exact one they were looking for.
  • It offers integrations with top platforms like Yotpo, Gorgias, ReCHARGE, Loyalty Lion, Klaviyo, etc.

Choose the best Shopify chatbot app

Chatbots seamlessly level up your Shopify store as it has completely added a new perspective of how you communicate with your customers in the most creative way possible.

How does it feel to have an amazing virtual assistant that does all the tasks for you and lets you sit at ease by counting your store bills? This is really the supreme potential of having a chatbot in your Shopify store.

It’s high time that you should definitely incorporate a chatbot into your Shopify store and this list of the best chatbot apps shall truly suffice your needs. If you are looking for more Shopify apps to improve your Shopify store, here are few articles you should check –

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