6 Best Shopify Appointment Booking Apps

Best Shopify Appointment Booking Apps

Do you want to add an appointment booking feature to your Shopify store? Are you looking for the best Shopify appointment booking app? If so, this article is for you.

Setting up a flexible appointment booking system is highly important for any service-based business you might run using your Shopify store. It makes your customers feel comfortable scheduling their preferred dates in the best way possible.

So to give your customers a smooth online booking option and make your day-to-day tasks highly productive, Shopify provides you with many appointment booking apps that you can instantly connect to your store.

And to help you with this, I’ve compiled a list of the top Shopify appointment booking apps you can use to add a booking feature to your online store.

Ready to explore? Let’s get started.

1. Easy Appointment BookingBest Shopify Booking App

Easy Appointment Booking is one of my best discoveries on the Shopify App Store. This Shopify appointment booking app offers a fast and intuitive way to collect bookings and manage appointments. It allows you to send auto-reminders to customers about upcoming appointments via email, SMS, and calendar invitations.

Easy Appointment Booking app for Shopify

The app is super easy to use and should take less than a minute to create events and start accepting bookings instantly from your store. The best part of this app is that it automatically syncs bookings and availability with Google Calendar to avoid double bookings for any of your team members. To save more time, multiple locations and teams can manage bookings on their own portal.

Easy Appointment Booking app enables you to take appointments from any store page by adding the “Book Now” button anywhere on the store, including product pages. You can also customize the text and design of the button as per your store branding, and emails can be sent from your business name.

Key Features –

  • You can send automatic email notifications: confirmations, rescheduling, cancellations, and thank-you emails and SMS.
  • You can view your bookings in the list, agenda, or Google calendar.
  • It lets you accept virtual or in-person appointments for offline and online classes and workshops.
  • It supports multiple languages, including French and German.
  • You can allow self-cancellation or reschedule the appointments.
  • Team members and locations have their own portal to manage bookings, with sales and booking reports available
  • Supports integration with Zapier, allowing you to connect your bookings, appointments, and customer details to other tools.

Pricing and Plans – It offers a free plan that allows you to add only 1 service and take unlimited bookings, with timezone support. The Standard plan starts at $12/month, which allows up to 10 events, and the Pro plan costs $25/month, allowing up to 50 services with other advanced features like Google Calendar.

2. Sesami – Popular Booking App for Shopify

Sesami booking app is recognized as one of the best intuitive calendar apps for your Shopify store, as it offers a personalized booking service for your customers. It provides integration with the Shopify POS so that you can increase your revenue as customers will instantly pay for booking appointments with you.

Sesami - Best Shopify Appointment Booking App

It can run smoothly on any device where your Shopify store is supported and offers appointments either one-on-one or as a group. It also lets you send email messages to customers who have booked their dates along with a calendar file (.ics) attached.  

Key Features –

  • It broadly supports multiple languages and is flexible to convert into various time zones to match your customer preferences. 
  • It offers synchronization with Google calendar so you can be productive and track all your daily appointments efficiently.
  • The store admins can also interact with customers regarding the rescheduling and cancellation of events.
  • It offers buffer time to clean up after the appointment or let you be ready for your next meeting. It is displayed on your store calendar but not on the booking page. 
  • You can also link Zoom, Google Meet, and other conferencing tools for convenience. 

Plans & Pricing – It offers a free plan which allows you to schedule unlimited appointments, and the paid plan starts at $19/month.

3. Booking Commerce – Book Appointment for anything

If you run a service-based business and have a Shopify store, then Booking Commerce would be the best choice to add appointment booking features and provide a seamless experience for scheduling appointments.

Booking Commerce - Shopify Appointment App

It lets you add different booking systems, appointment types, rent types, and concert and event-type bookings in your store. It also enables you to add the interface to embed booking features on the product pages, allowing customers to book any product by selecting their preferred Timezone and Booking Date.

Feature Highlights –

  • Customers can quickly book their products/services by looking at the available calendar slots. 
  • The Store Admins can have full control over the online booking system to approve, reschedule, or cancel the entire event.
  • Indicate that booking reservation will not be accepted for specific days and offers flexible payment procedures as it is compatible with point-of-sale systems for your Shopify store.
  • Whatever action is performed by both the admin/customer, email messages are sent to customers so that every action is monitored and tracked. 
  • An online Booking system for products can be added by selecting any product and conveniently making it available for customers to book them. 
  • The store admin has all the privileges, and when customers book a product, the admin of your Shopify store receives the request to approve it.

Plans & Pricing – It offers a 15-day free trial, and the paid plan starts at $18/month.

4. BookThatApp – Easy Appointment Booking App

BookThatApp allows your customers to book their preferable time slots by checking the availability status in real time. The new visitors or the existing customers on your Shopify store can quickly land on the product page, look for available dates and then book it immediately. 

BookThatApp - Shopify Booking App

This Shopify booking app is highly mobile-responsive so that your customers can quickly navigate without any hassles, and it offers integration with iCal and Google calendar to stay on track with your agenda.

The booking formats are available in daily, weekly, and monthly formats so that it is easy for you to manage all your schedules. Also, each booking in your calendar is color-coded. Thereby, you can distinguish between the type of reservations made by the customers.   

Key Features –

  • It is highly compatible with popular Shopify themes.
  • It will remind your customers by sending timely SMS and email notifications per their schedule and ping them again after the session for feedback.
  • It offers excellent reporting features that help you analyze the performance and improve accordingly.
  • Suppose you are not available on certain days. In that case, you can mention those dates by using the ‘Blackout’ settings and specify the opening hours of your store so that customers will know when you are ready to accept new bookings/reservations.
  • Also, when there is a change in your online booking schedules, those dates are automatically updated so that you can stay on track with your customers.

Plans & Pricing – It offers a free plan that allows only up to 10 bookings. You need to upgrade to the Standard plan to gain unlimited bookings, which start at $19.95/month.

5. Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo booking app provides exceptional booking service as you can track all the appointments with detailed booking information like status, date/time, location, etc. It provides outstanding service round the clock, so your customers can access your booking system anytime. 

Tipo Appointment Booking App for Shopify

It offers a unified booking interface, and the installation process is relatively easy as it does not require technical knowledge. It also lets you add different custom fields based on your requirements in the booking section, namely dropdown, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc., to facilitate more interactions with your store customers.

Key Features –

  • You can take control of the entire online booking system by using customizable fonts, colors, and images that complement your store’s unique identity. 
  • It permits both types of bookings, online booking for individuals or as a group.
  • It allows you to access the activity log, where you will be shown the history of all booking activities. 
  • It provides useful analytics and reporting that aids you in making informed decisions for the future.
  • Email notifications are sent automatically to customers if there are issues like appointment rescheduling, pending/accepted dates, etc.

Plans & Pricing – It offers a 30-day free trial and a free plan. The Pro plan starts at $14.90/month.

6. BookedUp – Simple Shopify Booking App

BookedUp is one of the high-rated Shopify booking apps that use Calendly and Acuity popups to facilitate appointment booking for your customers.

The major thing to be noted is that BookedUp is not a standalone booking app. It requires an account with either of the two online booking applications (Calendly/Acuity) to effectively schedule your Shopify store’s events.

Key Features –

  • You can place the event booking button at any preferable section on your Shopify store such that it grabs your customer’s attention. 
  • It protects your online booking actions by enabling double protection and also offers restrictions on the number of daily appointment bookings. 
  • Accepting payments is done mainly via Calendly or Acuity only, as these two apps do not support money transfers via the Shopify shopping cart.
  • It facilitates one-on-one or group events, timezone detection, minimum scheduling notice, etc.

Plans & Pricing – A 14-day free trial is available, and it is one of the most affordable apps, which starts at $4/month.

Choose the Best Shopify Booking App for Appointments

If your business involves customer booking time and consultancy, you need to offer a seamless method to book an appointment, and all the above-listed apps are best in that case.

Now, it is your turn to figure out which of these apps fulfill your business need and install it instantly.

I hope these articles helped you pick the right appointment booking app for your Shopify store. If you’re looking for more such useful tools to add to your store, check out these articles –

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