8 Best Shopify Live Chat Apps in 2024

Best Shopify Live Chat Apps
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Your Shopify store is the final destination where customers will view and purchase your products. This is also where customers may need your help with product information, order status, shipping, and other issues, and they expect instant response from you.

This is why a live chat feature is a must-have for Shopify stores to drive more sales and conversions. Live chat enables customers to interact with customer support to solve their queries, which increases their satisfaction and builds a loyal customer base for your brand.

Now, there are several live chat apps that you can try to improve customer service for your Shopify store. But to help you save time and resources, I have reviewed some of the best Shopify live chat apps that you can consider using based on your budget and business needs.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Tidio


When it comes to live chat, Tidio tops the list as it offers the best-in-class features to fuel up your customer satisfaction level. It seamlessly manages all customer interactions and gets all live chat, e-mail, and Messenger communication in one panel from where you can quickly respond to all queries.

If you want to make your chat system ‘smarter,’ Tidio lets you create multiple chatbots that you can use to engage with customers 24/7 and helps you increase sales, reduce cart abandonment, and more. It comes with pre-built chatbot templates that you can easily customize per your needs.

Recently, they launched an AI-powered chatbot, called Lyro that learns from your existing support resources and delivers personalized and quick responses to customers for some of the common queries without human intervention. Read our Tidio review to know more about it and other features.

Key Features –

  • Real-time overview of all the visitors to your store
  • Use custom greetings with prompts and discounts
  • View visitor’s behavior & personalize your communications
  • Dozens of customizable automation & bot templates
  • Detailed analytics on the team’s performance
  • Provides robust desktop and mobile app to chat from anywhere
  • Powerful integrations with 20+ major Shopify apps

Pricing Plans – Tidio has a free plan that allows live chat conversation with 50 users and chatbot conversation with 100 users monthly. You will also be able to view visitors’ info and get access to its ticketing system. For unlimited live chat conversations, you can opt for its Communicator plan, which costs only $19/month ( $15.83/month, if paid annually).

2. Chatra Live Chat

Chatra live chat

Chatra offers impeccable features that help boost your store conversion levels by creating proactive conversations with your customers during the checkout process, which reduces the abandonment rate and provides indispensable support to chat from multiple devices.

It also offers an offline chatbot in its free plan, which communicates with your customers when you are offline. By upgrading to paid plans, you can access all the key features of chatbots in your Shopify store to boost your sales.

Key Features –

  • It lets you answer all the Facebook users’ chats to your Shopify store page directly from the app.
  • It enables group chats wherein your store agents can join the conversation, enhancing the quality of service and strengthening relationships.
  • It provides detailed conversation history so that whenever a customer returns back, the chat starts from the same thread.
  • It allows you to trigger chats based on your customer behavior, acting as the best go-to assistant in solving queries.
  • It offers a live-typing feature and provides beautiful animation effects, and avatars to enrich your store branding.

Pricing Plans – It offers a free plan followed by the Essential and the Pro plan. The free plan offers useful features to get started, and the Essential plan starts at $19/month which unboxes all advanced features to level up your Shopify store.

3. Gorgias


Never worry if your customers reach out to you via multiple platforms, as Gorgias centralizes all the incoming requests in one place, which enables you to provide faster responses to every query. It is more than just a live chat app – it is a complete helpdesk solution for Shopify stores.

Gorgias provides you with a holistic view of your customers and visitors’ profiles, which enables you to establish personalized communication with them. You can in fact prompt live chat to specific visitors to help them with their search and convert them into customers.

With Gorgias, you can extend your live chat support beyond your Shopify store via social media, voice calls, email, and SMS conversations. To learn more about its features and capabilities, you can read our Gorgias review.

Key Features –

  • Provides detailed customer data while chatting
  • Respond in one click using pre-made templates
  • Edit customer’s order details, issue refunds, and reward loyalty points right from the dashboard
  • Triggers live chat and pop-up forms on specific pages of your store
  • Support integration with other popular Shopify apps for loyalty, payment, shipping, etc.,

Pricing Plans – Gorgias offers a 7-day free trial (no credit card required) on all paid plans, which starts at $10/month and goes up to $900/month. The plans are mainly based on the monthly ticket volume limits and access to advanced features.

4. HelpCenter


HelpCenter is a simple helpdesk software for Shopify stores with a robust live chat system. It lets you manage conversations from multiple channels ( email, Facebook & website) in one place and provide real-time solutions to customers.

Like Gorgias, HelpCenter also provides you with customer data and chat history while chatting which allows you to provide relevant solutions to the customers. You can also set up an auto-responder for common queries and easily assign agents from your dashboard.

Key Features –

  • Unlimited agents
  • Supports multiple stores
  • Access customer data like chat history, order history, and more while chatting
  • Create FAQ pages to address common issues and questions

Pricing Plans – HelpCenter has a free plan, allowing 1 support agent for live chat. The paid plan starts at just $8/month, allowing unlimited support agents and live chat conversations.

5. LiveChat


LiveChat lets you sell more by sending relevant product recommendations when customers chat with you. It provides more chances of conversions as a button is linked which on clicking takes them to your product pages, and you can guide them through the purchasing process.

It lets you add tags to all the chat conversations, creating meaningful context and filter reports using these tags to get quick access to your customer data. You can also conduct a post-chat survey thereby getting to know your customer satisfaction levels.

Key Features –

  • See customers’ order history while chatting
  • Offer coupons, deals, and announcements via chat prompts
  • Send product recommendations via chat
  • Add a knowledge base to your chat widget
  • Create tickets for complex issues

Pricing Plans – LiveChat has 4 paid plans: Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise. The Starter plan starts at $20/month, and the Team plan starts at $41/month, with a 14-day free trial.

6. Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox

Shopify Inbox is a free live chat app provided by Shopify which enables you to communicate with your website visitors and customers on Facebook & Instagram in real time. While you chat, you can see customer data like products viewed, their cart, and order history to establish a personalized conversation with them.

Using these insights, you can recommend products that offer discounts to encourage shoppers to purchase and increase the order value. The app also allows you to set up automated greeting messages and responses to common queries about shipping, return, order status, etc.

Key Features –

  • Chat with customers from the Shopify mobile app
  • Share custom discount codes over chat to close sales
  • Use saved response shortcuts for instant reply
  • Send automated order status updates over chat

Pricing Plans – The app is free to use with any Shopify plan.

7. Reamaze – Live Chat and Helpdesk App


Reamaze is a complete power-packed solution as it offers live chat, and chatbots and provides quick access to your customer data to manage order returns, refunds, cancellations, etc., in the conversations that help improve the shopping experience of your customers.

It can quickly send the most relevant products while chatting with the customers, which facilitates quick decision-making and lets you create workflows to reply, assign, and tag tickets in your helpdesk. 

Key Features –

  • Facilitates quick response using dynamic reply templates
  • Pre-built chatbots to answer order status and other common questions
  • Predicts customer sentiments to understand their behavior
  • 20+ robust and diversified integrations with Shopify apps

Pricing Plans – It offers a 14-day free trial and has 4 major plans: Basic, Pro, Plus, and Enterprise. The Basic plan starts at $29/month, and the Pro plan starts at $49/month which allows for SMS and VOIP integrations.

8. Formilla


Formilla lets you chat with your store customers by knowing what page they are browsing on your site, and their location, and immediately start chatting with them directly from the app. It also offers both Android and iOS apps thereby you can respond to your customer queries at any time.

To facilitate 24/7 support to your Shopify store, you can enable AI-powered chatbots that automatically respond to the most common customer questions, ultimately saving a lot of time. You can access this by upgrading to the Premium plan.

Key Features –

  • View website traffic in real-time with visitors’ location
  • Request chats with visitors
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to access saved replies
  • Enable chatbots to qualify leads 24/7
  • Mobile apps for iPhone & Android

Pricing Plans – Formilla has a free plan that allows unlimited live chats with 1 agent. The paid plans start at $24.99/month and go up to $69.99/month, allowing 2 agents with chatbots and other advanced features. These plans come with a 15-day free trial.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, customers expect instant responses from brands – they are not willing to wait for hours to get a response via email or phone call. They prefer a simple live chat support system where they can ask questions and get an instant reply.

Remember, providing a great customer experience is vital for any eCommerce site’s success, and live chat plays a crucial role in it. So, ensure that you pick the live chat app that fits right into your Shopify store and level up your customer service.

Having said that, I hope this article helped you pick the best Shopify live chat app for your Shopify store. If you are looking for more Shopify apps to improve your website conversion rate and generate more sales, here are a few hand-picked articles for you –

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