7 Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins for 2024

Best WooCommerce Affiliate Plugins
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Affiliate marketing is an effective marketing strategy for eCommerce brands. It enables you to collaborate with content creators and affiliate marketers to promote your products among their audience and generate sales for you. 

In exchange, they are compensated for each sale – it can be a percentage of the sales amount, store credits, gifts, or anything that encourages your affiliate partners to promote your products. 

A good WooCommerce affiliate plugin lets you easily set up an affiliate program and manage partners. So, you want an affiliate plugin that –

  • Easy to set up (without coding or any technical hassle)
  • Generates custom affiliate links to partners
  • Integrates with your existing plugins and software
  • Automate tracking and payout process
  • Provides detailed analytics reporting

Additionally, you want a clean affiliate dashboard for your partners where they can track their performance, referrals, and payouts in real time. 

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best WooCommerce affiliate plugins based on the above-listed features and more to help you choose the right one for your online store.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Solid Affiliate

Solid Affiliate

Solid Affiliate is the best affiliate plugin designed and built specifically for WooCommerce stores. It has a simple user interface packed with robust features that enable you to set up and manage your affiliate program hassle-free. 

The plugin gives you complete control, from approving affiliate partners to choosing cookie life and commission rates for affiliates. If you have a subscription business, Solid Affiliate has native integration with WooCommerce subscription, enabling you to set commissions for signups and recurring renewals.

With Solid Affiliate, you can set up automatic payout via PayPal without any extra charges to you or your partners (just the PayPal fees). For those who don’t use PayPal, you can release the payouts manually via other payment providers. 

Key Features –

  • Customizable affiliate registration forms and other templates
  • Approve or reject affiliates in a click
  • Supports lifetime & subscription renewal commissions
  • Built-in referral link generator
  • Generate custom affiliate coupon 
  • Automatic payouts via PayPal
  • Affiliate dashboard for partners
  • Automated emails for affiliate partners & managers
  • Detailed analytics reporting

Pricing Plans – Solid Affiliate doesn’t offer a free trial but has a 30-day money-back guarantee on its two plans, which are as follows –

  • Store Owner Plan – $149/year – Use on a single store, unlimited everything.
  • Agency Plan – $799./year – Use on up to 10 stores, unlimited everything

4. AffiliateWP


AffiliateWP is another powerful WordPress affiliate plugin that lets you set up an affiliate program for your WooCommerce store and manage it efficiently. The plugin allows you to customize every element of your affiliate program – from commission rates, landing pages, and registration forms to onboarding, approval process, payout, and more. 

What makes AffiliateWP unique is its smart fraudulent detection, which saves you from fraud referrals and tiered affiliate rates, which you can leverage to encourage your affiliates to generate more sales to earn higher commission rates. 

AffiliateWP is packed with 17 free add-ons and 16 Pro add-ons (available only for Professional Plan users), which enables you to add advanced features to your affiliate program and makes it more attractive for content creators and affiliate marketers to partner with your brand.

Key Features –

  • Customizable affiliate landing pages & registration form
  • Manual and auto-approval system for affiliates
  • Seamless integration with WordPress form plugins
  • Allow affiliates to create custom coupon codes
  • 1-click payout via Stripe & PayPal
  • Custom affiliate dashboard for partners
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Realtime Affiliate Reports

Pricing Plans – AffiliateWP allows unlimited affiliates & referrals and offers all core features with all three plans, which are as follows –

  • Personal Plan with 1 site: $149/year
  • Plus Plan with 3 sites: $199/year
  • Professional Plan with 10 sites: $299/year

For advanced features like lifetime commission, recurring commission, a dedicated affiliate portal, and more, you must opt for the Professional Plan.

3. SliceWP


SliceWP is a robust WordPress affiliate plugin that integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and other eCommerce plugins such as EDD, LearnDash, etc. It provides an intuitive interface to set up an affiliate program, onboard affiliates easily, and manage them effortlessly.

This affiliate plugin allows you to turn all your customers into affiliates and auto-approve every affiliate application. Or, you can set up a manual process to review each application to decide whether to accept or reject it. 

Once approved, the affiliates get a dedicated dashboard where they can access promotional creatives and track their performance. It also allows them to generate affiliate links for any page on your website. 

Key Features –

  • Customizable affiliate registration form
  • Dedicated affiliate dashboard
  • Custom commission rates for each product
  • Lifetime & subscription renewal commission
  • Mass payout via Paypal
  • Customizable email notifications to affiliates and managers
  • Custom affiliate cookie duration
  • Real-time statistics and analytics reporting

Pricing Plans – SliceWP has yearly and lifetime plans, which are as follows –

Plan NameYearly FeesLifetime Cost
Pro Plus$259$649

Pro plan allows a single website, whereas Pro Plus allows up to 10. However, both plans include everything features that SliceWP has to offer, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Tapfiliate


Tapfiliate is a powerful affiliate marketing software built for eCommerce platforms, including WordPress & WooCommerce. Like other affiliate plugins, it provides a complete solution to start and manage affiliate programs for your WooCommerce store. 

The plugin comes with an easy onboarding process and an advanced dashboard for affiliates where they can access their links, reports, and marketing materials. You can also add shareable social media posts that affiliates can share directly from their dashboard. 

Finally, Tapfiliate is easy to use and lets you set up a simple affiliate system for your WooCommerce store. Moreover, it is cheaper than the above-listed plugins, which can be ideal for small businesses or starters to test the impact of affiliate marketing. 

Key Features –

  • Item/Category-Based Commissions i
  • Custom signup field
  • Create affiliate tiers
  • Set performance bonuses
  • Lifetime or recurring commissions 
  • Shareable social media posts
  • Six supported affiliate languages
  • Real-Time Reporting 
  • Integration with automation software

Pricing Plans – Tapifiliate offers a 14-day free trial on its plans, which are as follows –

  • Starter Plan: $59/month
  • Essential Plan: $89/ month
  • Pro Plan: $149/ month

These plans come with a cap limit on the number of impressions, clicks, conversions, and affiliates. If you exceed the monthly limits, an overage fee will be added to your monthly billings.

5. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

Ultimate Affiliate Pro

With over 14,000 sales, Ultimate Affiliate Pro is the best-selling WooCommerce affiliate plugin on Envato Market. It is an All-in-one solution to set up and manage affiliate programs for WooCommerce stores. 

The plugin lets you set up different referral modules, which include CPC, CPM, CPL, and more. You can even set up an MLM program to encourage your existing partners to invite new affiliates to join your program and earn rewards. 

Overall, Ultimate Affiliate Pro brings everything you need to set up an affiliate program at the most affordable price. Moreover, it offers some amazing features that most affiliate plugins don’t.

Key Features –

  • Customizable registration form
  • Tiered-based affiliate program
  • Multi-level affiliate program
  • Lifetime & recurring referral commission
  • Direct payout via PayPal & Stripe
  • Allow affiliates to spend earnings on store
  • Customizable email notifications at every stage
  • Detailed Analytics reporting

Pricing Plans – The plugin costs $69 with access to all features for a lifetime, and you can use it on unlimited websites. However, for regular updates and tech support, you may have to renew support annually. 

6. SUMO Affiliates Pro

SUMO Affiliate Pro

SUMO Affiliates Pro enables you to set up an engaging WooCommerce affiliate system using its 50+ modules, including social sharing, PayPal payout, affiliate wallet, and more. 

The plugin comes with an advanced account management system for affiliate partners, where they can manage their affiliate earnings, sales, URLs, and access promotional materials.

SUMO Affiliate Pro is a simple affiliate plugin at an affordable price, packed with advanced features. However, the user interface is old-fashioned, which may be uneasy to use for beginners. 

Key Features –

  • Affiliate link customization
  • Generate affiliate links as QR codes
  • Custom landing pages for affiliates
  • Direct PayPal Payout
  • Shareable social media pots
  • Detailed affiliate reporting

Pricing Plans – SUMO Affiliate Pro plugin is available on Envato Market at just $49 with 6-month tech support from the developer.

7. Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is a powerful eCommerce affiliate marketing software that seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce via its WordPress plugin. It is easy to deploy and provides an intuitive dashboard to view and manage your affiliates. 

The plugin has many features, such as a robust tracking system, different commission methods, promotional materials, mass payments, and more, which allow you to manage your affiliate program and partners Smoothly.

Key Features –

  • Map overlay report
  • Define multiple actions for commissions ( CPL, CPC, CPM, etc.)
  • Split commission for first & last referrer
  • Lifetime & recurring commissions
  • Multiple languages & currencies
  • Integrates with various tools and payment processors
  • Fraud protection system

Pricing Plans – Post Affiliate Pro has two paid plans, allowing unlimited affiliates and access to all its core features. It offers a 14-day trial for both plans –

  • Pro Plan – $129/month
  • Ultimate Plan – $249/month

Which is the best WooCommerce affiliate plugin for you?

Choosing the right affiliate plugin is quintessential as you want it to track the clicks and referrals accurately without downtime. Moreover, you want a plugin that makes it easier for you to manage affiliates and automate the process for you.

Although the above-listed plugins are the best in their way, Solid Affiliate would be my #1 recommendation as it is specifically designed for WooCommerce and provides you with every core feature you need for an affiliate program.

If you fall short on the budget, you can consider Tapfiliate or Ultimate Affiliate Pro. Both come in an affordable pricing range yet are packed with advanced features to run affiliate programs.

Once you choose your preferred affiliate plugin, you want to read our comprehensive guide to starting an eCommerce affiliate program – you will find best practices and ideas for your affiliate program.

I hope this guide helped you find the best affiliate plugin for your WooCommerce store. If you are looking for more WooCommerce plugins to grow your business, you should also check our list of the best WooCommerce plugins.

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