7 Best Shopify Wholesale Apps for B2B Merchants

Best Shopify Wholesale Apps
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Shopify is one of the best B2B eCommerce platforms that provides built-in features and functionalities that cater specifically to wholesale operations. However, you will have to set up a dedicated store for B2B customers if you want to cater to retail customers as well.

It means you will have to maintain two separate storefronts—one for retail customers and another for wholesale customers. This approach can be intricate, time-intensive, and financially demanding.

That’s where Shopify wholesale apps come into the picture. These app can help you streamline the wholesale operations for your B2B customers without altering your primary Shopify storefront, which is designed for retail customers.

I tried some of the popular B2B wholesale apps from the app store and here are the best ones for your consideration.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla

Wholesale Gorilla is probably the best Shopify wholesale apps, developed by actual merchants on the Shopify platform. Its user-friendly interface, easy setup, and robust features, has gained the trust of over 14,000 stores.

Designed with B2B wholesalers in mind, Wholesale Gorilla offers an array of powerful features such as wholesale pricing, volume discounts, quick order forms, order limits, and product exclusions. Through Wholesale Gorilla, you can seamlessly create a dedicated wholesale portal within your Shopify store, allowing approved customers to access wholesale prices directly.

Key Features –

  • Elevate sales with B2B custom pricing, discounts, and efficient inventory management.
  • Enhance efficiency through automated order processing, net terms, and customizable shipping rules.
  • Smooth integration with your existing store.
  • Utilize features like CSV uploads, advanced product exclusions, and page locks.
  • Noteworthy customer service that adds the final touch to the user experience.

Pricing Plans – Wholesale Gorilla offers two premium plans: Standard and Professional, priced at $39.95/month and $149.95/month, respectively. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial.

2. BSS B2B/Wholesale Solution

BSS B2B Wholesale Solution

B2B/Wholesale Solution distinguishes itself with a remarkable feature, allowing merchants to offer custom pricing on selected products. It is an all-encompassing Shopify app designed to deliver an exceptional ordering experience for B2B customers.

As an all-in-one solution, it ensures a seamless shopping journey for B2B customers while equipping merchants with essential tools for efficient management and insightful analytics.

This app allows you to tag B2B customers, displaying special wholesale prices without the need for multiple Shopify stores. Offering professional features like order minimums and quantity breaks, it provides everything a business requires for successful wholesale operations.

Key Features –

  • Enable custom pricing, quantity breaks, and additional fees for tailored B2B transactions.
  • Incorporate a Wholesale Registration Form to simplify onboarding for wholesale customers.
  • Automate customer and order categorization, streamlining management tasks.
  • Set quantity limits for ordered products, ensuring effective inventory management.
  • Implement automated processes for VAT exemption to comply with tax regulations.
  • Introduce discount codes for wholesale buyers, fostering customer loyalty.
  • Access a Public API for seamless integration with external systems, enhancing overall functionality and connectivity.

Pricing Plans – B2B/Wholesale Solution offers a free basic plan, and for enhanced functionality, premium plans are available at $25/month, $50/month, and $100/month, each with a 14-day free trial.

3. Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B

Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B earns its spot as a standout solution by offering a myriad of options, including flexible discounts, tiered pricing, wholesale shipping rates, and more. This unique set of features enables highly personalized selling experiences for your customers.

With WPD, you can easily add a Wholesale section to your store and even provide a dedicated signup form for B2B customers. Every customer registered through the B2B registration form will be tagged as a Wholesale buyer, allowing them to place bulk orders with higher discount rates.

Key Features –

  • Provide percentage (%) discounts (e.g., 25%) or specific prices (e.g., $72.39) for select customers.
  • Extend volume/tiered pricing and quantity breaks for customers making bulk purchases.
  • Simplify the process with bulk import/export of individual variant prices and volume discounts.
  • Utilize a customizable Wholesale Signup Form to gather potential wholesale accounts.
  • Offer Net Terms (Net 30/60/90) for flexible payment options to cater to your customers’ needs.

Pricing Plans – Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B presents three pricing plans at $19.99/month, $34.99/month, and $44.99/month, each accompanied by a generous 21-day free trial.

4. B2B Wholesale Club

B2B Wholesale Club

B2B Wholesale Club introduces a distinctive feature that allows you to offer wholesale or VIP pricing to specific customers through account tagging. This personalized approach enables you to tailor offers to businesses, fostering stronger connections and increasing deal closures. 

As one of the premier Shopify wholesale pricing apps, B2B Wholesale Club stands out for its efficient pricing features designed to support B2B business functions. This remarkable app eliminates the need for a secondary Shopify storefront, offering advanced features such as net payment terms, quick order forms, product visibility, and more – providing all the necessary tools for effective management of Shopify wholesale operations.

Key Features –

  • Utilize account tagging to extend wholesale pricing to specific customers.
  • Generate discounts tailored to different groups of wholesale customers.
  • Implement volume discounts and order minimums tailored for larger orders.
  • Exercise granular control over pricing with custom prices and product visibility.
  • Access B2B standards such as net terms, quick order forms, and additional fees.

Pricing Plans Merchants can initiate their journey for free with B2B Wholesale Club, and for enhanced functionality, opt for paid plans priced at $39/month, $69/month, and $99/month. Each plan includes a complimentary 30-day trial period.

5. Wholesale Pricing Now WOD

Wholesale Pricing NOW WOD

Wholesale Pricing Now WOD leverages the power of incentivizing customers, leading to increased sales. This unique approach sets it apart by offering a wholesale pricing system that encourages bulk purchases through tiered discounts. This app empowers you to cater to B2B customers without the need for a separate wholesale storefront.

Wholesale Pricing Now simplifies the wholesale management process for Shopify merchants. With its unique wholesale pricing system, it encourages increased shopping through tiered discounts. Instead of dealing with multiple wholesale sites, this tool seamlessly integrates wholesale and custom pricing directly into your primary store. 

Key Features –

  • Override shipping and tax charges for wholesale orders.
  • Offer Net 15/30 terms tailored to specific customers.
  • Utilize an order form that adds multiple items to the cart and applies discounts.
  • Apply multiple wholesale discounts simultaneously.

Pricing Plans The B2B wholesale Shopify app provides four pricing plans – Free, Basic, Standard, and Advanced. The first plan is absolutely free, while the others are priced at $14.95/month, $24.95/month, and $39.95/month, respectively.

6. SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale

SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale

SparkLayer B2B & Wholesale secures its position on this list with a high level of automation essential for enterprise-level B2B selling. From automating B2B operations to enabling customers to place orders, manage accounts, and repeat orders seamlessly, SparkLayer stands out for its commitment to efficiency.

The B2B and Wholesale solution by SparkLayer revolutionizes the way your B2B customers interact with your Shopify store, introducing powerful B2B wholesale functionality. This app facilitates seamless B2B ordering, enabling your customers and internal sales team to effortlessly place B2B orders, manage accounts, repeat orders, create B2B “shopping lists,” and more. SparkLayer provides all the essential elements for a streamlined B2B experience.

Key Features –

  • B2B price lists, pack sizing, tiered pricing, sales agents, and quick ordering.
  • Rapid re-ordering, shopping lists, imports, B2B payments, and pre-ordering.
  • Compatible with your existing store, managing both B2C and B2B simultaneously.
  • Ready-made connectors or build custom integrations with the SparkLayer API.
  • Empower your sales team with sales agent ordering.

Pricing Plans – While the initial installation of the app is complimentary, for access to advanced features, upgrading to one of SparkLayer’s three premium plans is necessary. These premium plans are available at $49/month, $149/month, and $299/month, respectively.

7. Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing Wholesale

Bold Custom Pricing shines with its ability to offer VIP or wholesale pricing as a percentage or dollar discount across any group of products. The app provides unparalleled flexibility by allowing the manual setting of individual wholesale prices for each product and convenient upload of pricing via CSV.

Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale is an app that simplifies the creation of a tiered pricing structure for your customers. Applying tiered pricing to your wholesale customers is effortless, as you can achieve this simply by tagging them. The app boasts an auto-tagging feature, adjusting customers’ membership levels as their purchase value increases.

Key Features –

  • Offer various custom pricing tiers, allowing for multiple wholesale and tiered pricing options.
  • Automatically adjust customer prices based on spending, purchase frequency, or manual adjustments.
  • Apply dollar ($) or percentage (%) pricing modifications across your entire website, specific collections, or through CSV uploads for simplified management.
  • Access detailed pricing settings for customizing prices on individual products or variants.

Pricing Plans – Bold Custom Pricing offers three pricing plans for its Shopify wholesale solution, priced at $20/month, $39.99/month, and $59.99/month.

Is Selling Wholesale on Shopify Worth It?

Yes, Shopify can be a good platform for wholesale businesses. It provides you with every feature and functionality you need to establish smooth online wholesale operations for your B2B customers.

Here are a few key advantages of using Shopify for selling wholesale –

  • Time and Effort Efficiency: Unlike traditional eCommerce platforms, where you have to set up a dedicated B2B site for wholesale customers, Shopify simplifies the process. It enables you to serve both retail and wholesale customers from a single site.
  • Sales Boost: Leveraging Shopify’s B2B wholesale functions empowers you to streamline the entire order, shipping, and payment processes, ultimately boosting your sales.
  • Profitability Drive: Shopify aids in cost management, allowing you to keep expenses in check. Through increased sales and controlled costs, Shopify becomes a tool for driving profitability in your business model.
  • Inventory Rotation Enhancement: Shopify provides an avenue for enhancing inventory rotation. By leveraging Shopify wholesale channels, you can kickstart sales, contributing to increased inventory rotation.
  • Process Automation: Automation is a forte of Shopify. The platform allows you to automate the majority of your e-commerce site’s processes, contributing to operational efficiency.

The best part is that as your business grows and you want to scale your operation further, you can upgrade to Shopify Plus, which allows advanced customization and gives you more flexibility to offer advanced features and customer experience.

Wrapping Up

As you have seen, Shopify has everything you need for a wholesale business, and by using one of these third-party Shopify wholesale apps, you can harness its power to meet the unique demands of wholesale operations.

Every Shopify wholesale app comes with unique features such as custom pricing, order minimums and maximums, and a dedicated wholesale channel that can elevate the shopping experience for your B2B customers.

So, whether you want to bring your wholesale business online or looking to generate more sales from your existing Shopify stores, these wholesale apps can empower you to take the next leap for your business.

I hope that this article has guided you in selecting the right B2B Shopify app to set up a wholesale business on the platform. If you are new to Shopify, here are a  few hand-picked articles that you might want to read next –

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