7 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins & Software

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When you start an eCommerce business, Shipping is the most important aspect to deliver an excellent shopping experience to customers and drive repeat purchases.

It can also be the most challenging area for the store owners as you will have to ensure a smooth and faster delivery process. If you are a WooCommerce store owner, things can be a bit easier for you as there are some of the best shipping plugins and compatible software that you can use to streamline the shipping process. 

So, in this article, I have compiled a list of the best Shipping software and plugins that can help you with the following aspects of your WooCommerce order management –

  • Order fulfillment
  • Multiple carrier connectivity
  • Shipping rate calculator.
  • Inventory management
  • Order tracking
  • Printing shipping labels

And more… By the end of this article, I am sure you will have chosen your best WooCommerce shipping plugins. So, keep reading till the end.

Best WooCommerce Shipping Software

In this section, we will look into some of the reliable shipping service providers and software platforms that integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce and allows you to automate the shipping process for the store.

So, let’s get started.

1. Easyship


Easyship is a global shipping software that connects you with leading courier service providers and helps you with everything from taxes, customs fees, and paper works to ensure smooth clearance and delivery to customers. 

With Easyship, you can display multiple shipping options between the fastest, cheapest & best value with accurate shipping prices, allowing users to choose based on their needs and affordability. 

Overall, Easyship is a powerful shipping software with direct integration with WooCommerce, which enables you to offer faster delivery and the lowest shipping cost to your international customers. 

Key Features –

  • 50+ international courier partners
  • Display accurate shipping rates at checkout
  • Automatically generate shipping labels and documents
  • Pre-pay custom duties & taxes
  • Create rules to automate shipping processes
  • Send automated tracking updates via email

Pricing Plans – Easyship has a free plan that allows up to 50 shipments per month. However, you will have to pay the shipping rates. The paid plan starts at $29/mo with a 14-day free trial. The paid plan allows you to display shipping rates at checkout, custom branding, and other additional features.

2. ShipBob


ShipBob is another global shipping solution for WooCommerce stores that lets you ship products faster from the US, UK, EU, Canada, and Australia to anywhere in the world. However, it is well-known for its 2-Day Express Shipping across the United States, which makes it ideal for US-based store owners, serving local customers.

Using ShipBob, you can set up rules to choose the fastest shipping options based on product types and destinations. You can even display charges for different shipping options and allow customers to choose their preferences.

Key Features –

  • Fastest 2-day delivery options within the US
  • Calculate and display shipping rates at checkout
  • Offer multiple shipping options to customers
  • Create custom-branded shipping labels
  • Allow customers to print gift notes 
  • Real-time inventory management

Pricing Plans – ShipBob has no subscription fees to use its software. You will only have to pay per product delivery based on their dimensions, weight, and destination.

3. ShippingEasy


ShippingEasy is a dedicated US-based shipping service provider that enables you to automate shipping services with two popular courier service providers, UPS and USPS at a discounted price.

It provides a simple user interface to manage all your orders and allows you to automate the entire workflow from shipping, tracking, and returns. It also provides a branded tracking page that you can share with your customers via its built-in email builder. 

Bottom line? If your target audience is based in the USA, ShippingEasy might be the most affordable shipping software for your WooCommerce store. However, it doesn’t provide a faster delivery process as ShipBob does.

Key Features –

  • Lowest shipping rates for UPS & USPS services
  • Deep discounts on shipping insurance
  • Easily combine, split, and re-combine orders
  • Branded Shipment tracking pages
  • Automatically email shipment & delivery updates
  • Automate your returns with a single click

Pricing Plans – ShippingEasy offers a free plan that allows up to 25 shipments per month. The paid plan varies based on the number of shipments per month; the cost starts at $19.99/mon for up to 200 monthly shipments. 

The shipping fees will be charged separately based on the product size, weight, and destination.

Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins

All the above-listed shipping software are perfectly compatible with WooCommerce and provides almost everything you need to streamline the shipping process for your store. However, if you are looking for dedicated WooCommerce shipping plugins for specific tasks, here are some of the best ones you can use.

4. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping 

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

With over 15,000 sales on Envato, this is the best-selling WooCommerce Shipping plugin that allows you to create your own shipping costs. That is, if you are not using any major shipping service provider, you can use this plugin to create your own shipping rates based on ‘Weight’, ‘Volume’, ‘Country’, ‘State’, and other conditions.

Key Features –

  • Easy to use
  • No coding skill required
  • Create unlimited shipping methods
  • Create shipping costs per product/category/class

Pricing Plans – The plugin is available on Envato at a cost of $23 for a regular license with 6-month tech support from the developer.

5. AfterShip Order Tracking


AfterShip provides an incredible order-tracking plugin for WooCommerce that enables you to send automated shipment updates to customers. It supports seamless integration with 900+ courier service providers. So, whether you are using local or international courier partners, you will most like find it compatible with AfterShip.

Using this plugin you can send shipping & delivery notifications to customers through Email & SMS, and the best part is that you can also include the link to the tracking page in notifications.

Key Features –

  • Embed the AfterShip Track Button on store pages
  • Connects you with 900+ shipping providers globally
  • Customizable order tracking page
  • Send automated shipping updates via email & SMS
  • Send internal notifications through Email & SMS
  • Analytics reporting on shipping performance & notification alerts

Pricing Plans – You can find its plugin for free in the WordPress repository. However, to generate API for integration, you will require its paid plan, starting at just $11/month and going up to $239/month.

6. YITH WooCommerce Order & Shipment Tracking

YITH WooCommerce Order & shipment Tracking

This is another popular WooCommerce shipping plugin that lets you share tracking updates with your customers after they complete their purchases. It allows you to display the shipment tracking data on their order page and order emails. 

YITH WooCommerce order tracking plugin is compatible with over 450 shipment service providers globally. You can just have to connect your preferred shipment partner and the tracking data will be automatically added to customers’ order details. 

Key Features –

  • Provides shortcodes to create a tracking page
  • Display tracking data in order details, packaging slips, and order emails.
  • 450+ supported shipping partners
  • Provides custom integration service to delivery partners

Pricing Plans –  This plugin has a free version available in the WordPress repository. The premium plugin costs $65/99/yr in the YITH store.

7. Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Table Rate Shipping

With over 20,000 sales on CodeCanyon, this is another WooCommerce shipping plugin that lets you create different shipping methods and pricing based on shipment dimensions, weight, and other 10+ conditions. 

The plugin is compatible with almost every WooCommerce theme, which allows you to offer multiple shipment choices with their pricing at checkout. 

Key Features –

  • Create multiple shipment methods
  • 15+ conditions to create shipping costs
  • Offer multiple shipment choices to customers with pricing
  • Compatible with any WooCommerce theme
  • WPML compatible to create a multi-lingual site

Pricing – This plugin is available on the Envato market at the cost of $25 for a regular license & 6-month tech support from the developer.

Wrapping Up

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce platform, but to create a fully-function online store, you will have to invest in some plugins. By using the above-listed shipping plugins, you can easily streamline the process of order fulfillment to provide an excellent user experience to your customers.

In this article, we walked through some expert-recommended WooCommerce shipping plugins & software that most successful WooCommerce stores are using. Now, it is your turn to pick the most suitable ones for your store and set them up for a smooth shipping and delivery process.

I hope this article has been helpful in guiding you to the right shipping plugins for your WooCommerce store. If you are new to WooCommerce, you should follow our beginners tutorial to create your online store and follow this SEO checklist to optimize it for a high ranking.

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