5 Best Print on Demand Shopify Apps to Sell Custom Products

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Best print on demand Shopify Apps

Do you want to start a Shopify store to sell custom printed products? 

Or do you want to add a feature on your existing Shopify store where users can place orders for custom printed products?

Whatever the reason is, I must say that it is a great idea. Such stores are called Print on demand stores. In this business model, you can cater custom printed products without having to hold your own inventory.

And it is very easy to start a Print on demand online store on Shopify. You just need a powerful Print on Demand app that helps you with:

  1. Managing and processing orders automatically
  2. Customer can create designs
  3. Print the orders
  4. Ship the orders to the destination

There are plenty of print on demand Shopify apps, and this is the list of the best five out of all.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1. Printful – Most Popular Print on Demand Shopify App

Printful Shopify print on demand app

Printful is the most popular print on demand Shopify app. It offers a wide range of products to customize, including clothing, hats, pillow, towels, blankets, and accessories like laptop bags, cases, jewelry, phone cases, etc.

Feature Highlights –

  1. You can create designs that customers can customize according to their preferences.
  2. Printful also offers warehouse and fulfillment services allowing you to get your products printed in stock and fulfill the orders without any delay. 
  3. You can order samples with 20% off with no shipping cost.
  4. It offers a built-in mockup generator to create mockups of your products and designs to display on the site. 

Limitations –

  1. It provides rapid order fulfillment services in the USA and a few European countries and may take 5-10 days to fulfill orders in the rest part of the world.

2. Printify

Printify print on demand app for Shopify

Printify is a popular Print on demand Shopify app. It is unique among all the apps on the list because instead of just providing you one printing and fulfillment location, Printify connects you with their large network of printing partners based on your preferred location across the globe.

Feature Highlights –

  1. You get 300+ different items to select for your product. This includes things like  T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, bags, and more.
  2. You can create custom product mockup designs easily using their mockup generator.
  3. You get 90+ printing facilities available in the US, UK, China, and other countries. 
  4. They provide a 24/7 merchant assistance service where you can ask for information related to orders. 

Limitation –

  1. Branded customer support is available only for the most expensive plan. 

3. TeeLaunch

Teelaunch is one of the oldest Print on demand apps for Shopify stores. They offer a wide range of products, including those you may not find on other apps like Bluetooth Speakers, Pouches, Stickers, color-changing mugs, etc.

Teelaunch has no setup or monthly subscription fees. They charge you for the products and shipping per orders. So, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start a Print on demand store with a limited budget.

Feature highlights –

  1. You can generate high-quality product mockups and even lifestyle mockups that you can use as your marketing materials.
  2. They don’t charge you any upfront cost. You pay only when you get paid by your customers. 

Limitations –

  1. Teelaunch product catalog is minimal in comparison to other apps on the list.

4. JetPrint Fulfillment

Jetprint Fulfillment Shopify Print on demand app

JetPrint is a specialized Print on demand Shopify app for custom-printed watches. They also provide printing on t-shirts, blankets, dormant, and more, but the catalog is minimal.

There’s no setup or monthly subscription fees with JetPrint, and the best thing is they provide free global shipping. 

Feature Highlights –

  1. You can generate high-quality product mockups, which you can also use for marketing.
  2. They offer automatic order processing and detailed product specs to add to your product description to improve conversion.

Limitations –

  1. They offer free global shipping, but it takes a longer shipping duration. You can opt for express shipping, but that also takes 5-9 days to deliver. 
  2. Products are expensive in comparison to other apps
  3. Products are printed and shipped from China only.

5. Printy6

Printy6 print on demand app for shopify

Printy6 is also a free Print on demand app with no monthly subscription fee. One of the reasons why people prefer Printy6 over others is because of its easy-to-use and straightforward user interface, It allows you to customize your products before you add it to your store.

Feature Highlights –

  1. They offer free worldwide shipping
  2. You can order a free sample that you can sell as well.
  3. They offer affordable products in comparison to most of the apps on this list.

Limitations –

  1. They don’t offer custom branding other than the brand mentioned in the billing information.
  2. Products are printed and shipped from China only. 

6. SPOD – Shopify Print-Dn-Demand

Spod is a reliable print-on-demand Shopify app that enables you to easily customize the products just the way you want. It offers a library of 50k+ creative designs that hooks the eye-balls of your customers, thus making yours the best-selling product.

With their factories in the USA and Europe, it offers a faster production in 48-hours and low shipping costs.

Feature Highlights –

  1. It offers a clean dashboard to manage your orders effectively.
  2. It offers a customizer tool that allows customers to customize their own products.

Limitations –

  1. Some users feel that the print quality that customers receive has to be improved and doesn’t meet their expectations.
  2. Providing reliable customer service is a big question mark that frustrates the users.

7. Apliiq – Apparel Print on Demand App

Apliiq is a Shopify print-on-demand app that lets you design apparel like Pocket tees, Liner Hoodies, Custom joggers, etc. The best part about Apiiliq is that you can use woven labels made up of polyester threads that help in enriching your apparel designs to the next level.

Feature Highlights –

  1. It removes the manufacturer’s labels, and you can sew the products on your own, which builds your brand image.
  2. It automatically sends your orders to the manufacturing area and gets shipped to your customers within a week.

Limitations –

  1. Sometimes the shipping process takes too much time to deliver the products to the customers.

Wrapping Up

There you have the five best Print on demand apps that you can use in your Shopify Store. All of them are best in their own way. Everything that matters is which of these apps fulfill your business needs in your budget.

I hope this article helped you pick the best Print on demand app for your store. Are you also looking for a guide to help you set up your online store? Check out our Shopify Tutorial to create an online store.

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