6 Best Shopify Back In Stock Apps [Compared]

Best Shopify Back in Stock App

What happens when your customers eagerly visit your Shopify store for viewing their favorite products and end up seeing the label ‘not in stock’?  

Definitely, they will feel disappointed..!

Not all customers will have a regular check on your ‘out-of-stock’ products. They might come back again once, twice, and not more than that.

There are high chances that they might find similar products in other online stores and eventually, your existing customer base begins to shrink.

This is where you need to think of implementing a back in stock alert feature for your store.

Why Shopify stores need Back In Stock Apps?

Back in stock apps allow customers to subscribe to receive product restock notifications via any preferred channel like email or SMS so that they can come back to your store and make the purchase.

Back in stock alerts can help you strengthen your customer acquisition strategy and let you gain more reputation with your existing customers. 

That being said, here are a few more important reasons to add back in stock apps to your online store on Shopify.

1. Your Sales Pipeline Gets Fulfilled

When your customers receive automated back in stock notifications for their subscribed products, they’ll definitely opt to buy those items from you not immediately but certainly. This in turn boosts your sales rate and your customer journey with you prolongs for a lifetime.

2. Get more loyal customers

Customers provide their consent to receive back in stock updates for their most lovable products. In this way, you can analyze which type of products are fast-moving and strategically work on selling such products in your store. 

So in this way, customers will be highly delighted and start subscribing more, with which they tend to become the most genuine shoppers for your products.

3. Seamlessly build email lists

By collecting your customer details via product subscriptions, you can tactically send personalized email campaigns and perform retargeting across multiple platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. This will allow you to notify the users even though they miss your email or SMS notifications.

Now, if you agree that adding a back in stock app can help you grow your eCommerce business, I have compiled a list of the best Shopify back in stock apps you can use for your store.

Top Shopify Back In Stock Apps

Here’s a quick overview of the back in stock apps that I’m going to walk you through –

Shopify AppsFree TrialShopify Ratings
Back in stock: Restock AlertsYes4.9
Back in stock: Customer alertsYes4.9
Now Back In StockYes4.0
Back In Stock Product AlertsYes4.7
Sender Back In Stock EmailsYes5.0
Back In Stock AlertsNo4.4

1. Back In Stock: Restock Alerts

This is one of the top-rated Shopify back in store apps that lets you send product restock notifications to your customers via multiple channels like email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and web push notifications.

You’ll never even lose a single customer as you can enrich the subscription process for your Shopify store by allowing customers to receive restock notifications even on product variants. 

When customers subscribe to more product variants, you can potentially analyze their taste, needs, and preferences to achieve personalization, which boosts your store revenue.

This back in stock app is optimized for both mobile and desktop versions.  Another added bonanza is that even if you run your store inventory from multiple locations, your customers will get notified only if the particular product is again restocked in that specific location. So you need not scratch your head in bewilderment and control all the operations efficiently.

It offers customization options that improve your store branding and also let your email contacts get overflowed by integrating with the most popular marketing apps.

Apart from sending restock alerts, you can also display product recommendations to your customers as it integrates with the Wiser app.

Plans and Pricing:

It offers a 7-day free trial and a free plan where you can send only 20 emails/SMS/FB Messenger alerts per month. The Starter plan starts at $14.99/month, allowing you to send up to 500 emails/SMS/FB Messenger per month.

2. Back In Stock – Customer Alerts

When the subscribed products are back in stock, your customers will be quickly notified via email or SMS so that it takes just a few minutes for them to come back to your store and make the desired purchases.

Customers can subscribe to both the products and their variants, which aid you in increasing the average order value for your Shopify store.

With the setup process being done in a hassle-free manner, you can also do wonders and extend the functionality using the Javascript API. The email templates can also be customized using Liquid, which is Shopify’s open-source template language.

This app also delivers meaningful analytics and reporting insights, which you can analyze and understand your Shopify store’s performance and how customers react to your restock alerts.

However, this app is best suited for getting pre-orders, upcoming flash sales, or to launch the coming soon collections for your Shopify store.

Plans & Pricing:

It offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan which allows you to send only limited email campaign notifications. But in the upgraded plan, you can send up to 100 email campaign/SMS notifications starting at $19/month.

3. Now Back In Stock

This is one of the best Shopify apps that send restock notifications to your customers via email, SMS, and web push notifications.

When compared to other back in stock apps, this Shopify app is slightly unique. It lets you send unlimited email alerts to notify about product restock but restrict SMS usage by creating a token system.

To explain more understandably, you can send only a particular number of SMS alerts based on the app’s pricing plan. So if the number increases, you will be made to upgrade to the app’s next pricing level.

This powerful app offers integration with popular marketing apps that help build your email list and provide complete customization control that develops your store brand identity.

Another useful feature to highlight is that it lets you proactively manage your stock inventory levels by seeing how many customers have signed up to get notified about a particular product, which creates a systematic process of controlling the inventory to meet the demands.

Plans & Pricing:

It offers a 14-day free trial. If you wish to send only email alerts to your customers, you need to pay $5/month. However, if you want to use both, you can opt for the Starter plan at $16/month, which allows you to send 100 SMS alerts/month and unlimited emails.

4. Sender Back-in-Stock Emails

Unlike other Back-in-Stock Shopify apps, Sender provides an affordable email marketing platform for much more.

On top of email marketing, Sender offers SMS marketing services, which help you create an omnichannel experience for your customers. As a result, you can automate your back-in-stock emails and SMS to be sent to your customers once you restock the items.

You can also segment your subscribers by their product preferences and purchase behaviors and send personalized emails and text messages to each segment. That helps you increase your conversion rates and boost sales when you restock.

Sender also provides real-time reporting and analytics to help you track the emails and SMS you send and measure how they perform so you can adjust accordingly. 

Plans & Pricing

It offers a Free Forever plan that gives you up to 15,000 emails to send to up to 2,500 subscribers/month. The Standard plan starts at $10/month, where you can send up to 30,000 emails/month, and the Professional Plan starts at $35/month for up to 60,000 emails/month.

5. Back In Stock Product Alerts

This flexible Shopify app lets you send restock notifications via email, SMS. You can also witness more conversions by accomplishing targeted email campaigns as you connect this app to your preferred email service provider.

You can also send follow-up stock reminders to the customers to bring more traffic to your Shopify store.  

A useful feature to highlight is that if a large number of customers subscribed to receive updates for a single product, you can send the restock alerts in batches, in a defined length of time, which reduces your Shopify store’s server load.

This app is highly compatible with Shopify Locations so that even if you run multiple eCommerce stores in various areas, your customers will be instantly notified about product restock updates, which completely helps in boosting your sales.

Also, you can scale up your marketing efforts as this Shopify app offers influx integration options, namely ESP, CRM, Social Media, and Automation tools.

Besides integrations, you can also enjoy the perks of viewing real-time data for your Shopify store. With the help of these reporting features, you can analyze which products are in high demand and which users are signing up for receiving back-in-stock alerts.

With this data-driven approach, you can efficiently manage your Shopify store inventory and make sure that products are readily available to customers at the right time.

Plans & Pricing:

It offers a 30-day free trial. You can opt for the free plan allowing you to send 50 alert requests/month. The Starter plan starts at $14.99/month to send up to 250 alert requests/month.

6. Back In Stock Alerts  

This Shopify app makes your customers sign up for product restock alerts via a popup that collects all their contact details, and emails are sent automatically when the items are back in stock.

By sending product restock notifications, you tend to engage with your customers more. This process could be enhanced more by exporting the back-in-stock subscriber’s list so that you can create personalized marketing campaigns across different channels.

Customization is entirely at your fingertips as you can design as per your store requirements.  With the help of their analytic reporting, you can track the number of notifications that have been delivered and view the products that are highly popular on your Shopify store. 

Plans & Pricing

It offers a free plan which allows up to 10 subscriptions/month created by customers, and the basic plan starts at $19.95/month, allowing up to 500 subscriptions/month.

Wrapping Up

Back in stock alert is one of the most effective conversion optimization strategies for eCommerce businesses and you must leverage it for your Shopify store to provide a better user experience and generate more sales.

I hope this comprehensive article would have helped you pick the best back in stock app for your Shopify store. In case you are looking for other best tools to add in your Shopify store, here are few hand-picked articles you should check out –

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