6 Best Shopify Back In Stock Apps for Restock Alerts

Best Shopify Back in Stock App
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In eCommerce, nothing frustrates customers more than finding a product they desire, only to discover it’s out of stock. You have to stay on top of inventory management to ensure that popular products are always in stock.

However, things happen in business. And, during peak sales seasons such as Black Friday Cyber Monday, you may find a lot of your products out of stock, which may result in lost sales and revenue for your store.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this common challenge: Back-in-stock apps. These invaluable tools offer a lifeline to online retailers, enabling them to effortlessly keep customers informed about their favorite products and ultimately bring them back to the store.

Being a Shopify merchant, you have plenty of back-in-stock apps in the app store that you can use to send automated restock notifications to interested customers. In this article, we have consolidated some of the best Shopify back-in-stock apps that you can consider using for your store.

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1. Notify Me! Restock & PreOrder

Notify Me!

This is another powerful Shopify back-in-stock app that lets you send automated restock alerts to customers. What makes it unique among other apps on the list is that it also allows you to take pre-orders of out-of-stock apps and keep customers notified about their order status.

Using this app, you can send back-n-stock notifications via SMS, email, and push notifications with its direct integration with apps like Omnisend, Klaviyo, PushOwl, etc. The best part is that you can personalize the notification based on customer interests, resulting in better conversion rates.

Key Features –

  • Add a customizable button for back-in-stock alerts or pre-orders.
  • Compatible with popular Shopify themes
  • Send automated restock alerts
  • Accept pre-orders with attractive discounts
  • Supports multi-lingual notifications
  • Provides live reporting on back-in-stock subscriptions & pre-order requests

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows sending up to 10 notifications every month. The paid plan starts at $19.90/month, allowing up to 100 notifications per month with access to preorder features.

2. SC Back in Stock Restock Alert

SC Back in Stock Alert App

If you are looking for a back-in-stock app that allows you to send unlimited restock notifications, this might be the perfect app for you. It allows you to send unlimited email & push notifications, depending on your chosen plan.

Like other Back in stock apps, it enables you to send automated restock alerts to your customers, but what makes it unique is that it provides you with all the essential data that you can leverage to retarget interested customers via paid ads to notify them about the restocked products

This powerful app offers integration with popular marketing apps that help build your email list and provide complete customization control that develops your store brand identity.

Key Features –

  • Customizable notification widgets and pop-ups
  • Mobile-friendly pop-up forms and subscription buttons
  • Compatible with every Shopify theme
  • Send unlimited notifications via email and push notifications
  • Send real-time push notifications on out-of-stock alerts
  • Supports SMS alerts in 200+ countries
  • Supports direct integration with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, PushOwl, & More

Pricing Plans It has a free plan that allows sending up to 50 monthly email alerts. The paid plans start at $10/month, allowing unlimited email and push alerts with access to analytics reporting and integration features.

3. Back in Stock: Restock Alerts

Back in Stock Restock Alerts

This is probably the best Shopify back-in-stock app that enables you to send automated restock notifications via email, SMS, and push notifications. It lets customers easily subscribe for back-in-stock alerts for any out-of-stock product, even they can even choose specific product variants they are interested in.

The app gives you complete control over the customization of buttons, sign-up forms, and email notifications so that you can configure your store branding. It also provides detailed analytics reporting to analyze the performance of your restock alerts.

Key Features –

  • Easily install and set up
  • Automatically send a notification within 60 seconds of the item being restocked
  • Compatible with popular Shopify themes
  • Easily customize default email notifications
  • Supports multi-lingual notifications and pop-up forms
  • Provides insights on most out-of-stock products, and restock alert conversions
  • Supports seamless integration with Klaviyo and other marketing tools.

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows sending up to 10 notifications monthly. The paid plans are mainly based on the number of monthly notifications, starting with the Lite plan at $19/month. These plans offer you a 14-day free trial and access to all its advanced features and integration options.

4.Appikon Back In Stock

Appikon Back In Stock App

With over 1,800 reviews and 4.9 average ratings, this is one of the top-rated Shopify back-in-stock apps that enables you to boost your store sales with automated restock notifications via email and SMS. It is easy to set up and compatible with almost every Shopify theme.

It lets you customize the alert subscription buttons and sign-up forms to match your store branding. You can even customize the notification messages to personalize the content with a better copy. Moreover, it provides real-time performance reporting of your alert notifications, which you can leverage to optimize the copy for better performance.

Key Features –

  • Highly customizable buttons and sign-up forms
  • Compatible with all Shopify themes
  • Mobile-friendly sign-up pop-up form
  • Realtime back in stock alerts and performance reporting
  • Integrates with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, PushOwl, and more

Pricing Plans It offers a 7-day free trial and a free plan where you can send only 20 emails/SMS/FB Messenger alerts per month. The Starter plan starts at $14.99/month, allowing you to send up to 500 emails/SMS/FB Messenger per month.

5. Swym Back in Stock Alerts

Swym Back in Stock Alert

This Shopify back-in-stock app lets you add a “Notify Me” button on your product pages that enables customers to easily subscribe to receive restock notifications via email or SMS. You can also connect it with your preferred email service provider to grow your email list and leverage it to deliver more personalized marketing communications.

The app also provides you with real-time reporting that you can use to analyze which products are in high demand and how much revenue is generated by using the app. Using these data, you can also efficiently manage your inventory and make sure that popular products are readily available to customers at the right time.

Key Features –

  • Easy to install with a faster set-up process
  • Compatible with almost every Shopify theme
  • Enable Facebook & Instagram retargeting ads
  • Allows in-line and pop-up subscription forms
  • Provides detailed analytics reporting with an intuitive dashboard
  • Support seamless integration with Omnisend, Klaviyo, and other email marketing & social media platforms

Pricing Plans – It offers a 30-day free trial. You can opt for the free plan allowing you to send 50 alert requests/month. The Starter plan starts at $14.99/month to send up to 250 alert requests/month.

6. SpurIT Back in Stock Alerts

SpurIT Back in Stock Alerts

This is another Shopify app that lets your customers subscribe to restock alerts for specific products and notify them automatically when the products are back in stock. You can enable it to automatically display a “Notify Me” pop-up when customers visit out-of-stock products.

It comes with various pop-up and badge designs that you can easily customize to match your brand style. It also allows you to customize the email copy and create its different versions in multiple languages, allowing you to communicate with your customers in their regional language and boost conversion rates.

With its detailed analytic reporting on the products & the number of subscribers and sent notifications, you can analyze which products are in high demand and optimize its stock inventory to avoid the chances of losing sales because of out-of-stock.

Key Features –

  • Fully customizable design of the notify me pop-up and button
  • Automatically display pop-ups for out-of-stock products
  • Customizable multi-lingual email notification templates
  • Realtime analytics reporting on the products & the number of notifications

Pricing Plans – It has a free plan that allows up to 10 subscriptions/month created by customers, and the paid plan starting at $19.95/month allows up to 500 subscriptions/month with access to all its features.

Why Shopify Stores Need Back In Stock Apps?

Adding a “Back in Stock” alert feature to a Shopify store can be beneficial for both customers and online stores for several reasons. Here are the key advantages –

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Seeing the product they want out-of-stock can frustrate customers which can lead to a negative shopping experience for your store. By adding a back-in-stock alert feature shoppers can easily express their interest in out-of-stock products and receive notifications when they become available again, leading to a more positive perception of your store.
  2. Increased Conversion Rate: When customers receive notifications about restocked items, it creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, encouraging customers to quickly return to your store and make a purchase. Thus, boosting sales and conversion rates for your Shopify store.
  3. Marketing Opportunities: By offering back in stock alert feature, you can grow your email list with customers who are interested in your products and are more likely to buy. Most of the above-listed apps support integration with popular Shopify email marketing apps, allowing you to collect your customer details and use them to send targeted promotions or offers to customers who have shown interest in specific products.
  4. Win Customer Loyalty: Offering back-in-stock alerts demonstrates that you care about your customers’ needs, which fosters loyalty in your brand, resulting in a higher customer retention rate.
  5. Optimize Inventory Management: By analyzing the reporting on back-in-stock alert subscriptions, you can make informed decisions about which products to prioritize for restocking based on the number of alert requests, avoiding overstocking and understocking.
  6. Competitive Advantage: Offering this feature can set your Shopify store apart from competitors that do not provide back-in-stock alerts, attracting customers seeking this convenience.

In summary, adding a “Back in Stock” alert feature to your Shopify store can lead to improved customer satisfaction, enhanced customer engagement and loyalty, better inventory management, and marketing opportunities, and gives you a competitive edge to attract more customers and grow your business.

Wrapping Up

Back-in-stock alert is one of the most effective eCommerce CRO strategies that you must leverage for your Shopify store to recover lost sales because of out-of-stock products and generate more sales.

To make the most impact with back-in-stock alerts, we highly recommend using SMS, email, and push notifications to send alerts. You can even consider using the subscriber lists to run retargeting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant marketing channel for better results.

Finally, we hope you got the complete over of back-in-stock apps and how it can help in growing sales and revenue for your store. Now, if you are looking for more Shopify apps to drive more sales, here are a few hand-picked articles you should check next –

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