Best Shopify Image Optimization Apps for SEO

Best Shopify Image Optimization Apps
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If your Shopify store pages take more than 3 seconds to load, you will potentially lose 90% of your visitors and potential buyers.

When it comes to page loading speed, image size plays a very crucial role. The heavier the images are, the more time it takes to load.

This is where you need a powerful Shopify image optimizer app to reduce the size of product images by compressing them and stripping unnecessary data.

Image optimization apps help you reduce image sizes efficiently and make the image search engine friendly by adding alt tags and image titles.

Now, to help you pick the best image optimization apps for your Shopify store, in this article, I have reviewed the top Shopify image optimizer apps.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

1. Minifier SEO Image Optimizer

Minifier is a powerful Shopify image compression app that also helps in image alt text and title optimization for search engine ranking. Minifier uses an industry-leading image optimization algorithm used by renowned brands like Tesla, Microsoft, Dell, Nvidia, Kaspersky, etc.

The best thing about the Minifier app is that it doesn’t install any code on your store, and the optimized images belong to you even after uninstalling the app.

Feature Highlights

  • Allows you to select the best optimization preferences, so once it is set up, your store images are rapidly optimized by switching to Auto-optimization mode.
  • You can create a 30-day free backup for your product images. 
  • It offers both lossy/lossless compression facilities, which you can adapt according to your preferred image requirements for your Shopify store.
  • Provides tools for faster page loading and lets you convert images from PNG to JPEG, which is the best-supported format.

Plans & Pricing: In the free trial, you can manually optimize up to 60 images, and the paid plan starts at $4.08/month, which offers more features. 

2. AVADA SEO Image Optimizer

This Shopify Image optimization app is completely free. Still, it is better than most of the paid image optimizers.

Apart from image compression and optimization, AVADA also offers some SEO features like site verification, HTML sitemap generator, and structured data, which are essential for the store’s overall SEO optimization.

Feature Highlights

  • You can automatically add ALT tags for three main pages on your Shopify store: product pages, blog posts, and collection pages.
  • It helps redirect the 404 pages to a specific URL so that you won’t lose the chance of getting de-indexed from Google. 
  • Allows for meta tag optimization to get viewed on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc. 
  • Provides in-depth SEO analysis for the product pages which points out the key areas to be improved.
  • It provides an HTML sitemap generator, with which you can list the sub-pages of your site so that visitors quickly navigate to all the sections of your Shopify Store. 
  • It Integrates seamlessly with popular page builders like Shogun, Pagefly, LayoutHub, etc.
  • AVADA also eases your efforts by helping you verify your website authority with major search engines like Bing, Alexa, Google Search Console, Pinterest, etc.

Plans & Pricing:  It is absolutely free to use.

3. Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO

Bulk image edit is a Shopify image optimization app developed by one of the leading Shopify experts, Hextom.

This app is explicitly designed to improve image SEO and help Shopify stores rank higher on search results. It automatically adds alt texts and descriptive file names marked with product titles and vendors’ better visibility on search result pages.

Feature Highlights

  • Bulk image SEO reduces the image file size with just a few clicks without compromising the original image quality. 
  • It lets you insert the product names and other relevant details so that the images are perfectly optimized for getting more exposure.
  • You can perform various operations like trimming, cropping, resizing, etc. to make the image fit in the exact size. 
  • Protects from piracy attacks by adding text or image watermarks to your product images.
  • Ability to review the changes made to the images as it provides neatly structured logs for quick reference. 
  • It also optimizes social media images and automatically updates newly added images with defined ALT-text and file name templates.

Plans & Pricing: The Starter plan is free – allows up to 50 image edits/month. The Basic plan starts at $9.99/month – allows up to 1000 image edits/month.

4. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

This image optimization app transforms your page loading time by compressing your images by up to 70%, without reducing their quality.

Additionally, TinyIMG can improve your site’s SEO structure and speed, resulting in higher search ranking and more organic traffic to your store.

Feature Highlights

  • Reduces your manual burden as it can automatically optimize the newly added images in your Shopify store.
  • There is also an option to restore your images to their original state if needed, and you can also manually update the images later. 
  • Also, this image optimizer app provides insights on the web page speed and illustrates SEO-related issues to fix them immediately.
  • Provides critical insights about the metadata so that you can rectify those issues and optimize it for better store conversions.
  • It can readily solve technical SEO issues and redirect your store visitors to other pages from broken links automatically.

Plans & Pricing: It offers a pay-as-you-go plan, and the monthly plan starts at $4.99/month.

5. Image Optimizer

This is another well-established Shopify image optimization app with 4.9 ratings on the Shopify App Store. Image Optimizer app automatically compresses the existing images to minimize file size without degrading their visual quality. 

Feature Highlights

  • As JPEG is the most recommended image format for the Shopify store, this app helps in the instant conversion of PNG to JPEG and minimizes the file size.
  • Scan all the images for optimization and fix your product images’ filenames, which is an added factor in boosting your store rankings on Google.
  • Create a backup of the original images of your Shopify store before implementing the required changes. 
  • Automatically rename the filenames of your store images with simple templates, which helps in driving more natural traffic from Google.

Plans & Pricing: It offers a free plan – that allows up to 50 images (one-time). The Basic Plan starts at $4.99/month – allows up to 1000 images/month.

6. Image Optimizer + Compression

This app is one of the most recommended image optimization Shopify apps. It was formerly known as Crush pics, which literally refers to crushing the image size. 

Along with image compression, this Image optimization app also offers intuitive ways to optimize your images for SEO by renaming your images and ALT tags to describe the product in a descriptive manner.

Feature Highlights

  • It helps to rename the ALT-Tags and image filenames that boost your store images for Google search results.
  • Work on improvising the crucial images that ideally make up your Shopify store’s theme.
  • A backup of your original store images is created for 30 days, and owners can restore even a single image or all the images directly from the dashboard.
  • It also lets you manually upload and compress any image on your Shopify store. 
  • Once the compression settings are decided, the process is fully automated; thus, compressing all your store images is completed faster.

Plans & Pricing: It offers a free plan but to access more advanced features, you need to upgrade to the paid plan, which starts at $4.99/month.

Wrapping Up

If you have been looking for ways to optimize your Shopify store product images for faster loading speed and SEO, I hope this article helped you pick the best image optimization app for your store.

You should also refer to our Shopify SEO checklist to ensure your store is well-optimized for search engines. You should also consider using a Shopify SEO app to help you with it.

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